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What to expect first appointment Royal Brompton

I have sarcoidosis / interstitial lung disease and other blood problems on going since 2011. I have my first appointment at the Royal Brompton coming up and can anyone tell me what to expect concerning tests I may have and what sort of questions. Do they want a full history of your medical condition starting from day one or do they already have this from your local hospital.

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Hi sorry I can't be of help but someone will be along soon who can, I'm sure.

Good luck with your appointment & hope you get the help you need. 😀


Sorry I am no help either! Just wanted to say Hallo,& good luck with it all.

I would assume your records would have been sent over,but hopefully someone will jump on,& fill you in about it all.Hugs Wen xx


Hi, Sunnyday22

I suppose that the tests you will get will be tailored to your problems. To be included on the trial for emphysema/copd repair work, I had

Blood pressure

Full blood count

Spirometry tests

Nuclear medicine lung VQ scan

CT scans in various positions

Height/weight measured (important - by BMI cannot be clinically obese)

Six minute walking distance measured - no oxygen

Complete medical history was not made available to the Brompton, but I got a copy from my GP's and sent it to them. This was not only to check on the history of the copd, but also confirm that I'd had the various flu and pneumonia jabs, etc.

Next will be another full blood count and spirometry tests and, if all goes well a bronchostomy with a camera down the throat to take a peek at my inner being.

Throughout the times in the hospital, I was always treated with kindness and never "talked down" to, and no questions were ever ignored. You should receive a letter detailing the various checks they want to make, in sufficient time to be able to check up on what they mean on t'internet.

Good luck !


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Welcome sunnyday and I can help a little because my hubby Pete has had sarcoidosis for 24 years and does attend the Brompton from time to time. He also has heart problems so goes there for that too.

Firstly, I would say that you can ask them what they need to know and just be prepared with any paperwork you may have and write down any questions you would like to ask. You will probably have a blood test and lung function test with a possible chest x-ray too. The Staff and doctors are all very nice and will guide you through things so don't worry about anything, just relax and you will get through it all.

Are you going alone? It is nice to have someone with you but not essential. Pete uses the transport via the Brompton now as he cannot go on the train but it all works out well. I have no idea who you will be seeing but just want to wish you well and do let us know how things go.

Take care. xxxxx

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Get as much information on your medical history as you can cope with, especially medications that you are on. The letter of referal from your current doctor usually give a precis of your history. It is a good idea to write some notes so that you can put things in some sort of order and to make sure you don't miss any important aspects of your current problems. You are going to the best place for your condition and they will do their best on your behalf. I have been going there for over 50 years and am still ticking.


You have your answers. I just wanted to wish you luck. Kaye


Can't help either, but best of luck. All best wishes x


Thanks for your replies. I have started to put together a history of my condition and I am going to take copies of the letters and discharge notes that my local hospital sent to my doctor when there were key changes to my condition. Will let you know how I get on. Once again thanks for your help.

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