Cannabis oil,

Cannabis oil has been on sale legally in the UK since 31st July 2015 from Charlotte' Web and several other on-line sites. My question do you take it? It only comes in small quantities, so do you put it on food, in a drink or just drops on your tongue? Sorry if this sounds a daft question but it doesn't come with instructions and I know some of you have tried it. Thanks in advance. XX

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  • Charlotte is a city in nothing Caroline USA that's all I could come up with there a bit more detail you can give me on the sites you mentioned. .

    Be much appreciated.


  • Hi Andy. It came about because of a child named Charlotte who is (was) epileptic and had great results from this. Her family have started manufacturing it under that brand name. Just Google "Cannabis Oil! and it will bring all the sites up, including that one.

  • Hi to you to Nikkers. .

    I knew that it had very good results epilepsy and there was something else. .Some people were moving to the state where it was legal so their children could be treated. .

    Thanks I will look it up.


  • Rick Simpson oil or, google it!

  • Yes, I saw that also but it says it's low in Thc whereas longlungs says it should be high in this and with a reasonable amount of cbd. Not any idea what these are by the way!

  • The TCB is that gets you high, its taken out of the oil

  • GW Pharmaceutical produce the oil and they are based in the UK yet there trials are run in America.........i put a petition on here not so long ago to get the government to allow trials in our country

  • CBD is good medicine for various things, but for bronchodilation you need the THC:

  • Thanks for that ST. XX

  • Nikkers:

    I have not tried it yet but have done research on using it and it's good effects. I read about putting just a toothpick amount on a cracker and eating it. That doesn't sound too bad to me. When I get mine, I will first try it that way. I don't think it would taste good eating it without anything else....

  • Let us know how it goes Winded. XX

  • I am also very interested winded so do please let us know how you get on with it.

    Thanks etch45 xx

  • Hi nikkers yes as stiilltruckin says the charlottes web oil is CBD oil and a fairly low amount of CBD at that .But this does help with many issues and growers are now starting to produce higher CBD oils as it is good for so many different ailments.For years they have been edging the CBD content out but now realise that for medicinal it is very much needed so are now addressing this.Again as stilltruckin said for copd you need a high THC content for it to really help us.The oil that was used for Charlotte was a miracle for her and her parents, her suffering was unbelievable but now she is well :)

    You can put this under your tongue I know people using this and it has helped them a lot with anti inflamatory and panic attack issues also it can help with pain so not to be sneezed at all.The good thing is you cant harm yourself by trying and see how you go.We do now have our very first canna dispensary but only for CBD oils like Charlottes web.Peace Janexx

  • Thank you LL. I was wondering how you take it/ XX

  • Please be careful on the internet there are a lot of people advertising their oils or bud that are scammers. Peace Janexx

  • I've been wondering this also...reading all the answers I'm still not clear as to whether the oil from Charlotte's web is effective for COPD...?



    'Recently studies performed at the University of Sao Paulo using cannabidiol (CBD) have also shown some potential for improving the symptoms of COPD. Using LPS, a component of the cell wall of gram-negative bacteria as an inflammatory agent, they showed the application of CBD resulted in decreased pulmonary inflammation and improvements in lung function in mouse models of inflammatory lung disease.'

  • I am wondering the same thing vashti. I read the link which ST put in but to be honest I didn't understand a word of it. What does THC stand for and what is it please? x

  • Yes it is confusing, I have looked at quite a few websites and the use of terms like 'hemp' confuse me, I don't know the difference between hemp oil and cannabis oil? can anyone name and point to a particular brand that might be helpful to our lung conditions.?

  • See:

    Btw, anything actually labelled 'Hemp Oil' (rather than 'Cannabis' or 'CBD' Oil) is almost certainly hemp SEED oil, which is nutritious but devoid of either THC or CBD.

  • Hope someone answers you romfry I will be interested in that information.

  • Some interesting cannabis-related stuff:

  • Morning

    There is a web site called the stoner cook book . com it tell's you how to make it and what to do with it you can cool anything and everything with it in joy happy times

    Hope this helps

  • It should have been cook you can't just eat it you have to make the oil then you can eat it

  • I know how to make it Stephen, but where do you get the plants etc., from in the first place? I suppose it would be one use for my conservatory now I've lost my garden ? Lol. :-D

  • As it's illegal to buy it in the form you would have to find someone who sell's weed and make it the code is smell it they will sell it or know were to get it

  • You smoke it with a vaporiser or special oil smoking pipes u can buy. That's how u get it down into ur lungs I guess. I'm not sure eating it would help ur tubes or lungs.

  • I don't think you're looking at the proper oil. If you're in the UK you'll have to make it yourself or buy from a dealer both are very expensive.

  • That would be rather pointless wouldn't it seeing as smoking caused the disease in the first place. Thanks anyway. XX

  • I'm not gonna argue, u do more research and find out for urself. The oil lines ur tubes and lungs. How is eating a toothpick head full gonna manage that effect. Good luck to u. I hope ur way helps.

  • How else are u gonna get it down to ur lungs except inhaling it.

  • Last comment on this I don't want to get another warning lol. I'd say most of ur copd meds are inhaled to get it where it's needed in ur tubes and lungs, why would cannabis oil be any different. Research and make sure ur right before u go eating it. Like I said its really expensive for a gram.

  • I've no idea how it works, but those that have tried say that it does. It's like all the pills we take for various illnesses do they go to different parts of the body when they're all taken the same way? Lol

  • Lots of pills don't go to different parts of ur body but effect ur brain in some way like if ur in pain and take a painkiller I think it works in ur brain that works ur pain. But this stuff is to line ur lungs with the oil and there's only one way to do that unfortunately. But it could be a lot of fun. Lol. Good luck.

  • I was just joking Harry. The content of painkillers actually blocks the nerve endings (in short) that are causing the pain. If it were all in our brain it would be psychosomatic and we wouldn't need pills ...just a psychiatrist! Lol

  • Haha I do have a psychiatrist lol. All I'm saying is use ur common sense. What is more likely to line ur lungs with the oil. A dab under the tounge or inhaling the fumes. Like I said oil does not produce a big cloud of smoke.

  • appreciate it Harry- now I just have to find where to get it from? XX

  • Haha that's the thing it's hard to get. Usually we order it from the guy and he makes it but it's big bucks. If u learn to make it urself that's the best way to go. Still gonna be big bucks though. Time to say goodbye to my account lol. See ya!

  • well this is what im thinking, how can putting it on your tongue get it to your lungs

  • When ingested rather than inhaled it goes throughout the body - including the lungs.

    Of course a larger oral dose is required than one delivered directly to the lungs by inhalation.

  • Never, ever try to use any form of oil in an e-cig - just a gentle warning folks.

    Edited to say oil inhaled into lungs can result in lipoid pneumonia - I understand the herb has to have the oil baked out of it then the resultant dry residue immersed in propylene glycol then strained of all vegetable matter and particulates. I know there are special vaporisers for it and that should be OK, just don't know enough about them, but not in an e-cig please.

  • Warning: Do Not Vaporize Edible Cannabis Oil:

    Vaping 101: The Proper Hash Oil for Your Pen:

  • By the way a vaporiser does not produce smoke like a ciggie or a doobie. When u exhale very little if any smoke comes out.



    '. Tashkin et al. studied 14 asthmatic volunteers . . . They found that smoked cannabis and oral THC produced significant bronchodilatation of at least two hours duration. . . .'

  • I can't get this link until 21.00 - 5'30: Sky Shield has decided I'm far too young and sweet! Still giggling. I remember opting for parental care so I don't have to get all the boring porny stuff popping up - been, done it, got many tee-shirts!!

  • I think we need an oil that has thc and cbd. Does anyone know where to get it? and is this legal in the uk?

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