New, Innovative Asthma Control Product

Hello everyone! My name is Connar Mackay and I am currently doing a project in asthma control at the University of Strathclyde. If you have asthma, I would be very grateful if you could fill out this quick survey as it would greatly advance my project. Thanks in advance and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email me at

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Hi Connar you need to run this past BLF before posting anything like this on here. They need to ok it first. You wlll find their number under the red balloon at the top. x

We're all adults coughalot2, we can decide for ourselves whether to respond to connar's survey or not. We don't need BLF to decide for us. Robin

Hi Robinell.

This is in terms and conditions of HU.

12.To support HealthUnlocked’s relationship with its research partners, promotion, research or information gathering on the platform by, or on behalf of, research partners or sponsors of health organizations or other affiliates may be done only with the express, prior consent of HealthUnlocked.

Cal2 x

Cal2, thank you. Ive only seen these terms: Would you mind providing a link to the terms youre quoting from? I'm not doubting you in any way, and I understand what youre saying, but if this is in the Terms I find it rather patronising of HU. Rob

Hi if you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will see Communtity T & C, It's in there. I think it's something to do with the legal liability of HU as they do own the site. It's not because they are trying to treat us like children. x

Ok Ive read that but it seems to refer to organisations etc "with which HealthUnlocked is in partnership and who has agreed to this Terms of Engagement for Affiliates." Not individual researchers. Connar's link is a very simple and (as far as I can see) harmless survey which we can either complete or not. I'm not having a go at you cal2, just think you might have misinterpreted the T&Cs here. But I appreciate your good intentions! Robin

This is the way BLF always deal with these types of posts here Robinell. Maybe you haven't been here long enough to have seen this before. x

Sorry? The site is run by HU not BLF isn't it? It's HU's T&Cs you're referring to.

The site is owned by HU and used by the BLF so both have terms and conditions attached to its use. Most people wanting to do research are happy enough to ask permission first and it's no big deal. :)

I filled it in, but I don't know how our site believes we should/should not! It seems we are not allowed...sorry!

No to worry Lolly it's not a case of not allowed - it's just the procedure BLF and HU have always followed. If you choose to complete it that's up to you love :)

I was just politely providing information for the poster, that's all. No big deal. x

Cal2, apologies that I seemed rattled last night. I was tired & fed up but no excuse. I know you were just being helpful :) Robin

No worries Robinell. We can all get out of bed the wrong side sometimes can't we? :) I hope you are feeling a lot better today love. Hugs xx

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