Weekend away

Weekend away

Well my time away in my bros caravan was awesome , had a few coughing fits, oxygen use wasn't too bad. We had sun and every night had a log burner on, no oxygen use then though. Just sat there listening to the radio, chilling with hubby. Had a couple of gin & tonics but it didn't agree with me. I felt anxious , I think I was getting worried because I was taking statins and metformin in the evening . But lovely pub lunches , walks by the canal. Visiting mew mills in Derbyshire , me and my children use to holiday up here every year when they were little 😀

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  • Sounds lovely, Kath. :)

  • Hi, it sounds idyllic! Glad you had a good holiday. It's lovely to get away even for a few days. Lifts the spirits & a change of routine is good for everyone. 😀

  • glad to hear you had a lovely time , cant beat a log fire take care

  • Sounds like you had a lovely time Kath, good for the soul x

  • It's so relaxing, isn't it Titchy. We had a battered old camper van.

    Snuggling up in it was lovely. Best times we ever had, just the 2 of us and old Max, our dog. Glad you enjoyed it. xx

  • We have 1970 vw when I was Ist diagnosed we thought we should sell, but not know. Just need to make sure she is maintained, have lots of warm clothing and hot water bottles with us

  • Sounds like a whole lot of fun, best medicine going! 😀 I know my Daughter would give anything for VW , she's always wanted one, it's so good to escape for a while!😀😘💕 huff xxx

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