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InogenOne G2 Oxygen concentrator - £999

InogenOne G2 Oxygen concentrator - £999

Location: Gloucester; Date 14/10/15

InogenOne G2 Oxygen concentrator

2011 InogenOne G2 oxygen concentrator with

Two Batteries

1 Trolley

1 Carry Bag

1 power supply & 1 Car Adapter kit

I would like to sell this here rather than ebay so that someone who really needs it gets first viewing.

My dad purchased this around 2012 to allow him to fly to Spain and travel in the car as well as going out. It gave him the freedom he craved and I hope someone else here uses it to give them the same enjoyment.

It is extremely quiet and you can barely hear it. It is light (3.2Kgs) and is fully airworthy compliant.

The batteries hold there charge completely and will last for over 2+hours each on setting 4.

It has covered only 1380 hours out of its 20,000 servicing hours but my mum had it serviced in 2013 !!!!

In 2011 it cost £3315 and my parents bought it for £1350 but happy to let it go for £999. You should lose virtually nothing as it should hold its value (I don't suspect it will come down in price if its kept in good condition as it is in near perfect now).

I hope someone can make use of it


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Sorry Vinvemacca I was trying to say that although I live near Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey, I'm on the lookout for something along that line. I'm using an Airliquide Compressor at home and portable cylinders whenever I go out in the car etc. I'm trying hard to get funds together so fingers crossed, I'll be in touch asap. Regards.


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