I've become a criminal to help my longlungs !

Hello peeps long time no see,hows you all doing so many new names.

Well long story short haha! The last time I was here my whole world seem to be collapsing around me so needed to step away from everybody and re evaluate my life and start again! Blimey i've anarf done that alot ,never say die me .It sure is a funny old life ,one door closes and sure enough another opens .This is what happened.

After crying alot,constant arguments with boys probs with daughter my health declining and thinking 'come on i've had enough' I found myself wanting out of this world.I was meditating eating healthy and trying to exercise.Thank heavens I realised 'I dont wanna die'...

Then everything changed my eldest boy got himself a good job he hadnt worked for a year so this was very good news my other son got new contracts ,again great news when they work or any of us it makes you feel part of society can hold your head up and take part in the living of our lives there is definitely a feel good factor to it even if we moan about our jobs .My daughter has some health issues on all different levels and Im happy to say she is addressing each of her issues and is under going various treatments now.So this is a great relief will take time but she has plenty of that.

So to me, a friend told me about FECO (full extract cannabis oil) and the benefits for people with copd.It was very very interesting .In the past I had smoked quite alot of it but really thought it was as bad as smoking cigarettes! I had never looked at this as a medicine! Well immediately I was on the internet researching as much as I could, the more I read the more interesting it all got,this really is an amazing medicine.The very sad thing is its been demonised so most people only see it as a naughty illegal drug!Before prohibition this was widely used as a medicine all round the world.Those westerns we have all watched where there is always some quack with his bottles of medicine that could heal all that was cannabis tinctures.It was always given to people with asthma as it is a bronchodialator (spelling) Anyway I wont go into all the different benefits of which there are many coz I might just bore the pants off of you .This friend of mine was in America and offered to get and send me some of this FECO It is recommended to take a high Thc content aswell as a reasonable amount of cbd aswell.I was told that if i didnt want the high that goes with it until you build a tolerance which doesnt take long ,you can make suppositories with coconut oil which avoids that high feeling. So I agreed to give this a try and my friend was able to get me some that was a few months ago now.Well it arrived and I started it within a very short half hour my lungs opened right up and i was able to take huge deep breaths which was lovely my now very longlungs seem to really fill up with that lovely air .Well so many things have started to improve my kidney function as improved they had started to not be bad exactly but having a wee wasnt as easy but now Im peeing for England, pain that i suffer with in my neck and spine can be quite debilitating has gone to almost zero headaches gone ,panic attacks gone ,sleeping like a log huge difference for me i used to be waking every 2 hours.Because it is anti inflamatory it seems to addresss all those issues in our body.We have in our body what is called an Endocannabinoid system (spelling sorry) we have these receptors all over our body,so when you take cannabis it latches on to these receptors its as if this were a made to measure medicine for humans and animals.There is even cannabinoids in mothers breast milk! Well iam now walking arounsd the green outside of my house which i havnt been able to do for a few years now.I have cut sugar out of my diet now added sugar that is this is recommended along with cutting out dairy because of mucus Im lucky I dont really produce much of that so i still have my dairy but more thoughtful about my intake.I feel fantastic i feel like i have dumped a huge weight.Im feeling healthier.I dont know about cure and it will be interesting when i have my next check-up,I dont like the numbers as a rule coz it makes me too panicky but this next time i will be interested to see if there is a difference.Others on the same have come off all their meds and doing really really well. I couldnt be any happier with this except for it being illegal and I have made the decision to continue this treatment even if that means growing it myself I shall already half prepared to do this.

America has just admitted to its cancer benefits not just that it helps the patient cope with Chemo (which can give you cancer) especially with their sickness and appetite,and for some it is curing cancer it causes cancer cells to commit suicide and leaves healthy cells healthy Chemo kills good cells aswell as cancer cells,seizures,dementia,crohns,pain is a biggy can you imagine the savings for all if only they would legallise ,parliament has said they will look further into research for medical cannabis I really hope they mean it.

Sorry it turned out to be a long one .If you got this far thank-you.

Be happy and breathe easy.


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  • Hi

    Long term cannabis causes schizophrenia FACT

    So you may benefit in other ways but your brain dies!!

  • Thank-you for your reply.You are referring to young peoples brains which are still developing and the use of cannabis.This has been noted and accepted and more research needs to be done for sure .One of the queries is was that young person already going to suffer?The strange thing is that cannabis has been shown to actually help people with this condition.I am not saying that this is for everybody and with young people we must always be extremely careful .But I hope you dont think that this gives every young person schizophrenia because it doesnt and that is FACT. This is a medicine that can benefit so many you cannot overdose and it cannot kill you,Please tell me of any other substance that can say the same you will struggle to find any.The sad thing re our youngsters is that they take this regardless like they do alcohol cigarettes and many more illegal things.That unfortunately is the way it is .If it was legal there might just be more control prohibition doesnt and hasnt worked but it has cost the tax payer a lot of money.Your brain certainly doesnt die.

    Peace Janexx

  • That is rubbish!Fact!

  • That is not a fact Hungryhorse63. Modern research and intelligence has proven cannabis oil is very effective in helping COPD patients and cancer patients.

  • My father had copd and was given cannabis in the later stages of his life ,he lived in Berkshire

    Take care


  • Hello Dorothy how are you its been a while? Did it help your father at all?Its a shame big pharma dont want us to find any cures re cannabis and other industries re hemp production we could stop chopping trees down makes better materials all round when you start researching all of it it is a crime it was demonised in my opinion that is haha an emotive subject but good to get people to look further and see for themselves. Keepwell Dorothy peace Janexx

  • Hi Jane I am around most days , my father was given it for pain he died from cancer ,so don't think it helped his breathing unfortunately I wasn't with him the last few weeks becacause of distance job and family I was with him Boxing Day and he died New Year's Day so whe I saw him his breathing was bad

    Take Care


  • Sorry to hear about your father Dorothy I do hope it eased his pain and so sorry his breathing wasnt helped.Cancer is a wicked disease I really do hope that they can learn about this and its benefits for cancer and prescribe and help people more quickly and at earlier stages having said that there have been a lot of stories with people at stage 4 and sent home as no more can be done ,they have taken this oil which is a very specific protocol of taking 1 gram of full extract cannabis oil high in thc a day for 3 months and hopefully it has the desired effect allowing you to cut down to take a maintenance dose.Still loads to learn they have D orothy. Really lovely to see you.Peace Janexx

  • Sorry didn't make it very clear ,I was with him Boxing Day and he died new year ,that was 1980


  • 1 gram a day is for cancer patients, not COPD. COPD patients take two doses per day each one being the size of a grain of rice.

  • Hi Brondana yes your right I was actually referring to Dorothys father who had cancer.Yes perhaps I wasnt clear the protocol i was referring is for cancer.For me I take 3 doses a day each the size of a grain of rice.We again have to remember that we are all different and react accordingly some might need more some alot less.One of the reasons being that the product has many varieties and different strengths of course.Peace Janexx

  • Longlungs I hope the oil will offer some improvement for you. I agree the about finding the correct dose for ourselves.

    Please keep us posted on your journey with the oil. Best of luck.

  • nice to see you have improved so much , if they done medical cannabis prescription only think it would have many advantages controlled properly , but wouldn't like to see the smoking cannabis legalised as when I was 38 the consultant was convinced that the reason my lungs were so bad for my age with emphysema was from smoking cannabis I told him I didn't smoke it and never had only tobacco he said he wouldn't expect them to be like that just from tobacco , he also knew I had been a heavy smoker from age 12 , hope you keep improving ,take care

  • Thank-you mmzetor yes you are right i do believe this is only a question of time.The sad thing is there are a lot of people suffering unnecessarily .It is a huge subject for sure.It has been proven now according to the doctor in Israel who actually lead the way with cannabis that pure cannabis smoked doesnt cause cancer or copd ? Personally I would never smoke it now i have the oil and put it under my tongue plus i have a vapouriser that I can use as a reliever it doesnt combust the cannabis you are able to inhale just a mist.My ventolin has never lasted so long. Peace Janex

  • Its the tobacco that causes all the lung damage though smoking anything is not a good idea. My guess is your lungs are in this condition because you were a heavy smoker from age 12yo.

  • Thanks for sharing. I am in Oregon and soon it will be legal here with a medical card. Now to see what the Doc`s think about this.

  • Hi Pattylusk I think a lot of docs are on board but scared coz of its unfortunate status.Cant blame them really.Hopefully with more studies and patient trials we will all be able to get it one day.Peace Janexx

  • Hi LL, lovely to 'see' you on here. And so happy to hear that you are doing so well, for whatever reason. Old Gertie will be getting the boot then as you gambol around the green? Peace be upon you also my love. xx

  • Toci good to see you too hows you doing keeping well I hope? Iam a tryer Toci if nothing else haha yes life is improving and my dominoes are standing back up.Ahhh my Old Gertie bless her has breathing problems actually ,we trundle along at top speed :P and then suddenly its like she stops breathing and we slow right down to a standstill.I then say "noooo not now not here we're in the middle of the road!!" then panic about any traffic approaching switch her back on ,she starts thank-god then blimming stops again ?we play this a few times and then she starts and we off and home then.I must call the little man out keep forgetting whilst im jogging round the block lol :) I wish, but you never know Im getting quite a stride though haha oooo get me.Peace Janexx

  • Bless, she sounds to be in the same state as me! ;)

  • Comparative risk assessment of alcohol, tobacco, cannabis and other illicit drugs using the margin of exposure approach: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...


    '. . . For individual exposure the four substances alcohol, nicotine, cocaine and heroin fall into the “high risk” category with MOE [Margin Of Exposure] < 10, the rest of the compounds except THC fall into the “risk” category with MOE < 100.

    On a population scale, only alcohol would fall into the “high risk” category, and cigarette smoking would fall into the “risk” category, while all other agents (opiates, cocaine, amphetamine-type stimulants, ecstasy, and benzodiazepines) had MOEs > 100, and cannabis had a MOE > 10,000. . . .'

  • Thank-you stilltruckin you are so good with your replies you took the words right out of my mouth, not haha. They need to do loads more real trials that will be accepted and research needs to be funded.I heard the other day in a documentry they were saying if we had just discovered this people would be overjoyed at this new wonder drug .

    How are you keeping well I hope? Peace Janexx

  • I'm doing ok, good to see you're back.

    Re cannabis and schizophrenia: theguardian.com/society/201...

  • Yes all the medical grows are trying to reintroduce cbd back into their plants.I dont know but from what i understand a good mix of both the largest compounds are needed together to work to their best ability ,thc and cbd .That place in England is grown for the Americans i believe aswell not sure though.

    Glad to hear your all good you have an excellent regime .Im slowly looking at natural remedies.Finding it difficult to make choices as to whats best etc etc where its such big business you have to sift through which is where im at.Will see how these changes go first and then add.Thanks for the info its all good to read and learn .Peace Janexx

  • Good post and great to have you back Jane, how's Gertie these days?. Tony x

  • Hi Tony nice to see you too hope your fitting fit and defying all the docs I hope? Ahh my Gertie has breathing problems herself she starts off good and we race down the road and then she just peters out.I was saying to Toci Ive neglected her a little and havnt the man round which i must do cos im doing good but pacing myself you know how it is slow slow quickquick slow.Alls very good though .Stay well Tony whats happening re transplant? Peace Janexx

  • You may be a criminal Jane but your a smooth one at that. Where do we meet up and how much bread do I need to bring man.

    No really, it sounds as though it has done wonders for you so long may it continue and you avoid that knock on the door :) . Lets hope that for medical purposes this becomes a legal high that can help us all.

  • You do make me smile Tony bless you.You know your music for sure I love listening but forget titles Im the same with films,even if Im watching one the boys will ask what im watching "a film! cant remember what its called but its good or its rubbish" they get the miseries with me haha.

    So I'll meet you at costas for a coffee bring fousands :P

    Peace Janexx

  • Hello Jane, it's good to see you back and feeling much better too! It doesn't surprise me that the c.o. is doing you the world of good 😁 if you go on youtube there is a video called Run from the Cure which I think you would find interesting and helps to explain some people's pre conceived ideas about it.

    I watched Mondays parliamentary debate on de-criminalizing cannabis on the internet this morning ( some very good points were discussed ) there were more 'ayes' than 'nays' at the end of the debate for the use of medical marijuana...😜I would definitely like some oil with plenty of thc in it instead of my monthly pharmaceutical prescription hahaha!

    Keep on feeling better and better 😀 huff 😘💕 xx

  • Hello huff how the devil are you ? Yes it really is the amber nectar .I never knew this side of it,I have become totally engrossed in learning about it and its compounds im fascinated by. I would love a long conversation with the chap in Israel about it.Ive got so many questions,bliddy nosey me.

    Yes i watched Run from the Cure very interesting watch.Yes I tried watching and saw some but it kept cutting out and i didnt get to hear the very end and summing up as it were.But have heard its a little step in the right direction. Yup thats my plan to off my meds have stopped blood pressure and statin.all vey slow one at a time when i think its time to see need to get stronger still.do you know what else its done it has to be that cos nothing else is different, my skin has been very very dry for ever and now its not bizarre lots of funny little things.It an adventure and a good one so far .Im not expecting to be cured but if i can stay even with this improvement im happy Iam improved and normal meds not helping much anymore.Love it!

    Whats really bonkers is hemp can be farmed for so many different materials from Hempcrete to build a house, make some clothes build the body of a car and fuel it etc etc ,Hemp seeds are considered a super food they have more or the same amount of protein as eggs meat fish,omega oils vitamins enzymes.Then the cannabis for medicine and recreation and thats not to be knocked beats taken amitryptoline (spelling ive always been bad :) ) or sleeping tablets etc .haha yep i bought the t shirt book now own the shop lol .Peace Janexx

  • Hi Jane how great to see you, it's been ages. I have read good things about cannabis oil as well and think it is a pity it is illegal. I am sure I have read somewhere of doctors legally prescribing it for medical use. Maybe it was in the States. x

  • Hi coughalot yes it has im not sure how long but had so much to sort out and deal with.Something I have found difficult to deal with as im sure everyone does.The amount of sadnesses i found it hard not sure how to deal with it I think in my life last year there were 30 odd people i know of that have passed its too many.

    How have you been?

    Yes i think there are23 states in America that have medical cannabis or are in the throws of its gathering quite a speed now .Peace Janexx

  • Jane I have sent you a pm. You need to edit your post to make it community only, otherwise your post goes viral and could be picked up by anyone. I don't know if it's too late now? xx

  • Good thinking and well spotted cough :) . Wouldn't want our Jane to be getting a visit from the law or any other dodgy characters. x

  • That's what I thought Tony...big brother is watching you. x

  • Thanks coughalot how do i do this? Please remember im pretty simple when it comes to puters. :) Peace Janexx

  • Well well, thank F you're still on this planet Jane. I for one have missed you!

    I chucked out big tubs of cannabis oil after my ex died. At least ten tubs @ £200 a tub.

    He used to get it from some one in london who supplied. I'll see if the kids remember his name and send it on a private message.

    I left London and now living in Gloucestershire where there's less pollution.

    Really great to hear all your news. Pen xxx

  • Haha hello Pen you know me pennies and all that.Im ticketyboo i have to say.Omg ten tubs jeeze.I hope it helped in some way for him I have met a few people now that have had positive results one had brain cancer and now they cant find it.A friend had skin cancer and literally put a tiny dab of the oil on top covered with a plaster and did this daily thats gone .My lovely friend from Leeds was recommended by her oncologist to take it to help with chemo she was getting so weak from sickness and no appetite she tried but felt to guilty bless her sadly she died.

    Its lovely in Gloucestershire my solicitor moved there for a better enviroment.Im sso happy you have found somewhere to be happy now.Hows you family? if I end up in clink will you write and send food parcels oh god i feel very strongly about this and would happily have my say but i really hope not too.I hope i havnt been silly here but it needs to be put out there for people to learn about. See you in pm. Peace Janexx

  • I'd be interested in the name too Peege - if you can PM me would be grateful. Many thanks

  • I would like to try this too x

  • Do you know if he benefited

    from using it!!


  • No, I honestly can't remember, it was an awful few years.

    He wouldn't have any conventional medical attention hence his prostate cancer metastasised to all of his bones. he drank his own urine amongst dozens of other things. Doc originally said he'd last up to 18 months without medical intervention, he lasted 8 years. I have to say those years were hell for our children & I.

  • Thank you for your reply ...

    Living like that could not have easy for you and your children. ..

    The real life of coping with copd is hard to put into words...I say sorry to my children a hundred times a day..

    I think if I was able to breathe when they talking to me it would help us all.

    That's why I was asking abut this oil.

    Kind regards.


  • I'd be really interested in that information too, I have severe COPD, not sure how to send a private message to you with my e-mail address. I live in London.

  • Hi longlungs I'd definitely try it

    I wonder how much damage steroids do to our body's


  • Hi Sally your not wrong steroids weaken us and makes us more likely to suffer repeat exacerbations. My doctors have told me to try not to take and I havnt tell a lie I had a little hiccup about a year ago felt very rough took them for a couple of days only then stopped them as I did feel a little relieved it was then down to me I was lucky it was only a shower not a full blown storm . Spiriva is the one I want gone as it's playing havoc with my teeth the dentist told me it was likely the spiriva I'm devastated teeth used to be an asset if mine didn't have many but hey guess I'll have to get falsies . Without our health eh it's a decision that wasn't difficult because it has had a very good effect on me so I obviously want to continue. I wouldn't tell anybody to take it ihave no right but I did want to share I know how we suffer for me apart from breathing better my anxiety levels were through the roof and some days I would just rock from one panic attack to another and that is not good on your system either so to be rid of them is enough for me to continue to take it but I'm seeing much more it's like it's working it's way round my body bringing it into balance again . Isn't it a fascinating subject . Hope you are well. Peace Janexx

  • Having read your note, I'm a COPD sufferer for many years but last 2 years have had panic attacks over the smallest of things. Depression and anxiety too. Very interested in your comments about the steroids we take. Long term are they worth it and I also had to have false teeth. Not a great look if like.me I had to go for NHS ones !!!!


  • Hello SquirrelsHolt nice to meet you.Its horrid isnt it my heart goes out to you,Ofcourse it makes absolute sense that we suffer with symptoms air is our life source so when we struggle to breathe it can be overwhelmingly scary so enter panic.I do meditate everyday which I find keeps me more balanced in my thinking cos Inarf got a wild imagination that goes too far.so this keeps me focused better and now the oil has kinda eliminated them completely.Our brains can be terrible trouble makers if we allow.Steroids are a necessary evil at times.I had already stopped taking them when my doc told me to try not to unless I really thought i was dying.But I dont like them and will avoid .But this is me and hand on heart i couldnt say to you or anybody not to take you must always be guided by your medics,but it is your right to research and question everything.Im at stage 4 with 26% but im not a number and we need to nudge our docs and remind them 'hey Im Jane a human being with a brain and feelings and emotions!' A doc at my practice told me to expect at least 4-6 exacerbations a year because of my numbers.If only they were to look at my notes they would see that Im blessed and dont suffer many infections at all.What is they say 'Assumption is the ..............

    Oh dear the teeth my biggest issue at the moment and i will be like you and have to have nhs ones .I was a dental nurse at one point in my life and oral hygeine is important to me so am gutted blimming medications grrr.

    Keepwell peace Janexx

  • I had a bad experience and stopped taking steroids a couple of years ago, and have felt no ill effects. Like you I rarely have infections and do not have constant mucous so did not feel I really needed them. A friend was impressed and asked her consultant who said "If they upset you, don't take them." He said the only difference would be taking 10 days to recover from an exacerbation instead of 9. xx

  • Well there you go Toci for me its right and for you too.But there are many caught in this unforgiving cycle having to take maintenance doses etc etc.They gave them out like smarties far too easily just like ABs,it feels like a patient conveyor belt churning us out with scripts like robots .If you are lucky enough to find a listening doc who knows his onions or admits he or she doesnt know and send you to adoc that does grab hold tight.

    I also infuse essential oils like frankincense and peppermint pleasant and helpful,I dont have it too strong as i will just cough and cough.

    Well its time for my bed now sleep well.Peaceto you Janexx

  • Wow is that from spiriva I didn't no that, my dentist says always use mouth wash after use x

  • Hi Tracyball good to meet you .I know me neither not happy about it either ,it can cause gum disease apparently,mine have declined very quickly just recently well the last 18mths.

    Breatheasy peace Janexx

  • Longlungs I try to take as little as possible of my inhalers, I don't want loads of steroids. Wish I could get hold of this I would use it for sure

    Thanks for sharing, falsies better then none lol,

    Stay healthy, free and peaceful

    As a very old hippie friend of mine used to say " It's a mean old scene man " lovely guy


  • Hello Sally nice to meet you.The oil is around beware of the internet though there are a lot of scammers out there.The best way is DIY.

    Yes falsies better than a gummy bear not looking forward to it lol.

    Your hippy friend is not wrong it can be but life is grand also.Without the suffering we would not know compassion,love and understanding joy and happiness.Today is a good day.

    Keepwell peace Janexx

  • True very true haha I don't think he thought that really he just liked saying it, he was a complete free spirit lived his life free as a bird, worked for him but not for most, would you pm me details or link,


  • 'Spiriva is the one I want gone as it's playing havoc with my teeth'... you have just answered a question Ive been thinking for a couple of weeks.

    I haven't many teeth (no back ones) but all my front teeth, but just recently I have one front tooth that has loosened and is giving me a bit of jip. will certainly be asking dentist next month about this now. Thanks.


  • Hi there Jjude im not happy at all it is the nightmare i get where all my teeth are melting out of my mouth and now its happening for real. I didnt realise either ive since looked it up and it does mention it. I find the leaflets very off putting cos most medicines have a great long list of maybe reactions and some are not nice cant remember which one now but in the list of one of my meds it says might cause death!! infact most of mine say they can cause breathing problems and yet thats why im taking it in the first place its double dutch really especially when they say no to cannabis which cant harm us has no side effects. What can I say,aint nowt so queer as big pharma.Hope you are doing well breatheasy and peace to you .Janexx

  • Jane nice to meet you, what an interesting post and I am pleased you are doing so well and your life & your family's has turned round completely. I've never used cannabis but believe it should be legalised and sold in the same way as any other product. Then its content could be regulated and consumers could choose a type with high CBD and avoid the skunk which seems so prevalent. I know a young person with cannabis psychosis after using skunk and it is really tragic. Robin

  • Hello Robinell nice to meet you aswell, thank-you for taking time to reply . Bless you for saying you still support given how you know somebody who has clearly suffered. That is a sad and painful road to walk and watch somebody suffer . Had this been legal here they might well have been able to prescribe a CBD oil which is having some success with certain patients I know that sounds completely bonkers but is true as I understand. I do hope there is improvement with them. Yes I don't think it is necessary for extraordinary high high strengths but we do need some strength for some certain ailments like copd cancer also altziemers is also seeing good results with a high THC . Thank-you for sharing. Breath easy . Peace xx

  • Hi Jane great to hear from you again,very interesting post,just be careful who you tell all this to.I totally agree for medical use there has been lots of research going on on the States.Glad you are benefitting so much.You have the right Idea but remember to be careful.Regards D. 💐

  • Hi D good to see you how are you? Thank-you I was a little worried I do hope ive not been silly.It seemed to selfish to keep secret.But I now know of so many with copd that are taking this and feeling so much better.just needed to share the info what people then do is their choice.If it can help anyone how fantastic.I wish I had a truck full and could send it to any who needed.Sadly I dont, where theres a will theres a way they say.

    Yes in the states it really is gathering momentum,people are learning about this and are wanting it and now standing up and voicing.Big pharma has quite a grip still unfortunately but slowly changing.Would really like the powers that b everywhere to get a wriggle on cos there is a lot of people suffering that dont need to be.

    Right Im off my soap box now haha.

    Hows things going at the Brompton with you now?

    Breatheasy peace Janexx

  • Hi Jane,my last lung function test my Fev1 had actually gone UP 3% to 23% not much I know but enough for them to go back to offering LVRS.I,d had test for transplant and they decided my liver would struggle to cope with rejection drugs.It,s funny ,my improvement was due to me getting my mobility car,It meant I could drive to my hospital where I could walk about,struggling,safely on flat ground surrounded by nurses,as I found it easier I did more,the doc was really chuff.My problem at the moment is I,m going gradually blind so find everything even more difficult.Got date 2nd Nov.for cataract surgery,can,t wait,at the North Mid.Then later in November I see the lung docs At the Brompton,so by Christmas I might be a whole new man.I hate wishing time away ,it seems so selfish but my lack of sight is really getting me down.COME ON NOVEMBER! All the best Jane,take care.David. 💐

  • Oh thats good David up 3% every percent counts eh at this stage.How do you feel about the transplant are you ok with their decision? LVRS do well I understand so thats good news for you at least thats proactive .Then when yer eyes are switched back on your be sorted much to look forward too keep yourself fit as you can try eating some hemp seed they are good and they really help to boost your whole system most health food stores sell them you can add them to brekkie eat raw or whatever they are like their very own eco system haha they seem to have most things that we need . :) to have bad eye sight must be rotten you dont realise till you dont have it.But you will and its not far away promiselol. Sending many healing blessing to you stay well now. Peace Janexx

  • Thanks Jane the good thing about the LVRS it leaves the door open for transplant later on when it,s the last resort.Keep safe 👍 D.

  • Absolutely always good to have options D.I bid you goodnight hope you sleep peacefully. Janexx

  • Pure gum turpentine does a very similar job, and is a known cancer cure.

    get it in a glass bottle as it eats other hydrocarbons. start with one drop on some sugar and build up. it kills parasites in you amongst other things so you start with a real small dose as the toxins can be bad for your liver and you won't get toxic shock which is a problem for so many people when they clean the body out.

    some of the active ingredients in cannabis are the terpenes.

  • Hi MM googled this and it is a solvent as follows

    Pure gum turpentine 14 litres

    Pure gum turpentine 14 litres


    Is this the right stuff? x

  • You can get it in an art shop This is where I get mine from as it is the only place that sells it In a glass bottle here is one write up about it the pharmaceutical industry used to use it up until 1979 then it was removed, although the French still use it. projectavalon.net/forum4/sh...

    This herbalist has some amazing knowledge that he passes on to anyone who wants to take the time to heal themselves this is his video on pure gum turpentine.

  • Who is Tony Pantalleresco and what qualifications does he have that enables him to advice people about this sort of thing

  • He is a Herbalist that will tell you way more than any doctor (and does it for nothing what doctor does that) this guy has over 140 videos that he puts on youtube and tells you simple ways to cure yourself


  • so this turpentine stuff is the same sort of thing as DMSO ?

  • they are both taken from the pine tree mainly

    the first stage of extraction takes off the sulphur the second stage takes off the terpenes.

    terpenes are made in your body in the cholesterol pathway and dmso is about half a percent of your body weight in its dry form both really integral parts of your body. you would be dead without either of these things in your body.

    and DMSO is what is in onions its sulphur or MSM, MSM converts to DMSO in your stomach.

  • Very interesting post. I'm a COPD sufferer for the last 5 years and struggling now what with panic attacks and anxiety. Oh and don't forget, the depression!! U seem to know what u r talking about and I'm new to using the computer do finding out all this information on the internet, takes me ages. So you've saved me a lot of digging around so I'd love to know any other stuff you've found out etc. There is hope of something other than more steroids and anti biotics then?

  • Hi machineman nice to meet you .How interesting is that have to admit my ignorance on this re any health benefits,isnt it what we use to clean paint brushes? Or is pure gum turpentine a different product? Cant wait to investigate thank-you.Yes I know about the terpenes in cannabis, is that the same kinda thing then?

    Breatheasy peace Janexx

  • yeah you can use it to clean your paint brushes if you want but there are many uses for things, your body creates terpenes as part of the cholesterol pathway.

    also educate yourself in these methods. serrapeptase enzyme from the silkworm this eats fibrosis in your lungs, also you can get a nebuliser and breathe in iodine and the ultimate in restoring your health is to fast when you stop ingesting calories your body rests and starts producing stem cells in your bone marrow which it then uses to go in and fix any damage in your body if you do fast only use pure water and add some electrolytes into it.

  • Where is the evidence that pure gum turpentine is a known cure for cancer !!!!

  • Turpentine or terpenes is what nature uses to protect itself from pathogens biologyreference.com/Re-Se/...

    there is a list of different terpenes here so Carotene is one that's in Lycopene which has cancer protecting properties, Digitalis (the heart medicine) is another. and then you have the terpene in cannabis cannabinol.

    if anyone is going to take turpentine start with only 1 drop a day for a week or so then build up take it on some honey (much better if its unpasteurised) or sugar if you have to,

    turpentine kills off parasites in your body and this produces a toxic effect and the chemicals can go through your liver which is why you only start with one drop also drink lots of water turpentine is very good for helping with lung problems.


    here is the science on the enantiomers of pinene, cancer is a fungus this shows that pinene kills fungus mdpi.com/1420-3049/17/6/630...

  • I think anyone who intends to drink turpentine should speak to a doctor before doing it

  • here in England doctors will tell you its a poison so you need to talk to a French doctor as they know it isn't a poison and still use it, it is also what is in the vicks vapo rub researchgate.net/publicatio...

  • What do you mean cancer is a fungus

  • Sounds amazing - will be looking into this in more detail - in what form do you take it and in what quantity? You sound so so positive - brilliant x

  • Hi Dedalus I think its amazing,the first day I took it I was a little scared and excited at the same time.I have my high THC oil stored in syringes and to begin just took apin head amount under my tongue the taste is funky :) :( you do kinda get used to that. It is suggested you do this twice a day and gradually build up to a grain of rice size twice aday.This is a rough guide some people struggle taking it orally and the high. Some peeps are sensitive so it is suggested that you can make your own suppositories it has been said that the posterior is superior,plus you dont get the high.Have to remember that we are all different so you can play around to some extent,less ,more.Also some feel benefits right away and others it takes a little longer.

    Please research Im still researching it all, cant get enough info love it.lol.

    I now take 3 doses aday each the size of a grain of rice.

    Keepwell peace Janexx

  • Thanks so much for that - will definitely be researching into it - sounds great Take care xx

  • Hi long lungs

    I have been looking into this for a while as a number of COPD patients have stated that cannabis oil taken as a suppository has increased their lung function tremendously, in some cases reversing it.

    I can purchase the oil through a contact in America but looking to make my own....just need to find the cannabis without being locked up.

    You should check out Jeff copd waters and gregory karl davis on facebook.


  • Hi Merv its great to hear about it isnt it. Gives us more hope for a longer life with a better quality too.It seems too good to be true almost but Im reaping the benefits so am now a firm believer :)

    Yes DIY is the way to go at least you know your product is clean without anything horrid added.

    I know Jeff Waters site im on there sometimes its good to share with others that are using this we are all learning together.Its a great adventure ,naughty but oh so good shame we should have to feel so guilty over a very safe medicine to help ourselves.Dont know of the other gentleman you mention?

    Goodluck do hope you manage tofind some be safe now.

    Peace Janexx

  • Hi Jane,how lovely to her from you,at long last,was missing your scriblets,& your adventures with Gertie!

    Have never tried the cannabis oil personally,but it has been getting a lot of attention over here in Aus.

    a lot of cases of young kids,that could hardly walk etc.have had amazing results on it,& familys

    desperate to get some sort of government relief for it.A lot of petions & arguments in parliament etc.I have a feeling it will be given the ok,at some time in future.

    Anyway,if it helps you,as it seems to be,good luck with it,it must feel great,to be in a better place.

    Let us know how you get on,don't disappear for so long,next time!

    Take care,& peace to you Jane,

    Love Wen xxx

  • Hello Wen how lovely to see you.How are you and hubby at the mo?

    Haha the scribblets funny you mention that i wrote one for my grandson Jak he has passed his eleven plus so scribbled one for him.

    Yes this is gathering more attention slowly but surely everywhere now.

    I made some salve and my neck was in spasm so thought Id gotta try eh well within minutes my pain had almost gone it was so terribly noticeable it was spooky i found myself contorting my neck trying to find the pain how bloody bonkers! ooohhh it really works. I have to say I do have too chuckle sometimes thinking of all us very mature adults taking our medicine secret squirrel style bless them all.

    Its really really nice to see you Wen thank-you for your kind words.

    Stay well now please, be happy.Peace to you and your fam.


  • This was posted at 6.11pm today

    AUSTRALIAN-grown and regulated medicinal cannabis will soon be available for the first time with the states and the Commonwealth set to draw up procedures to help the chronically ill.

    Full article available here


  • Hi Suze,thanks for that,interesting,I thought they were getting closer,but not that close!

    I am so glad,especially for the kiddies that suffer,& the parents paying out so much money for it "illegally".About time,they got some help.

    Cheers Wen xx

  • Hi Jane, I'm late to join the welcome party - its great to see you here again.

    Like everyone Im very interested in this, especially as Ive also read that cannabis resin can help cause copd, I assume as its sticky and deep inhalation plus holding one's breath to get a bigger hit means it stays down longer and can coat the airways.

    But you are taking it either under the tongue or via suppositories so that gets round that problem. The research gives a lot of hope and Id love to try it.

    You sound wonderful, so happy for you, love and best to Gertie :) :)

  • Hi OTrees thank-you its been good to say hi to everyone the site has sure grown.Do hope you are keeping the medics at bay and keeping well?

    Yes your right it is very interesting and it works so well for so many.Yes I put the oil under my tongue.I havnt tried the back door.But havnt heard any adverse comments at all except to say its much better if your not wanting the high,I think also the suggestion is that this way you get even more of the medicine into your system which is a good think.I dont think that it causes copd .I certainly wouldnt be smoking it ,ido vape it as a reliever instead of my ventolin and have managed ok .But Im stupid and want to rush everything so have had to reign myself in and do one thing at a time . My fitness is what im working on specifically at the moment.hoping that by being fitter i will be in a better place to change my meds etc.I do have to add that a healthy diet minus dairy and sugar is also suggested along with exercise.I have to say when you feel you can its so exciting and novel to me to go out and for a little its not far but its better than before which is zilch.So everything is a bonus loving it Iam .

    Gertie is a bit poorly so am having a full service the week after next so i shall wait for the little man, he is little and a lovely chap.

    Stay well and happy. Peace Janexx

  • I'm VERY interested in your notes as I suffer from COPD and have such bad panic attacks and depression that I don't go out of the house unless a friend collects me or comes inside to visit. I'm going to follow your posts so please keep them regular as it certainly sounds like the USA is way ahead of us in the UK regarding the benefits of this illegal approach. Thank you.

  • Hi LL, was thinking of you just last week when discussing various Lungy things with nursey during hour-long spirometry. How great to see a completely honest, open-minded post! You're definitely on the right track - pity the average Joe can't see that every cure we discover for ourselves is another body-blow to Big Pharma; they are not in the business of cures, just "treatments" which they want us on for life so the coffers keep filling. You sound so different and I, too, research things carefully and have seen so many positive outcomes from cannabis oil use. I don't know how you got this past the censors, but I think we're going to see a great deal more of it. Peace & love and keep us up to date.

  • Hi Dragonmum thank-you.Oh that was a long appt eh are you ok?How right you are re big pharma doesnt it make you wanna spit makes me quite cross cos they know and so do all our governments and make a choice to deny us its outrageous,oooer calm down lady sorry Dragonmum.

    Ive seen the children which suffer terrible drop down seizures up to 2-300 a day can you imagine and then for it to improve and stop and no sideaffects thrown in.How wonderful.It does seem a touch unbelievable doesnt it idont think there is any other compound that help so many different types of diseases,syndromes pain depression our eyes.The icing on the cake is its meant to smooth our wrinkles into the bargain.Haha.

    Its good to research I wish I was brainier though.Its certainly woke me up and thats a very good thing found my mojo ,lol.

    Breatheasy peace Janexx

  • Hi Jane, this is happening with e-cigs even though Public Health England have accepted that they are at least 95% safer than smoking. I believe it is possible to vape cannabis but it cannot be used as an oil, that is a really big no-no - I'm told it has to be baked and pounded then dissolved in propylene glycol, not sure about this and it sounds an awful lot of trouble, but the herb itself is quite innoccuous. It has loads of applications health-wise which is why it has been demonised for so long, but change is on the way. My son, who has used it recreationally said it was the criminalising of it that led to the production of the more dangerous home-grown hybrids. Let's hope our government will see sense, but am not holding my breath - Big Pharma have a stranglehold on anything that affects their markets and they won't let go easily!

  • Hi Dragonsmum You can vape the oil if you have the right type of vapouriser which has the right compartment specifically for cannabis oil.In Colorado in the dispenaries they sell ready made cartridges which are then attached to their own base.I dont vape oil but dry bud mine has 3 temperatures non of which will combust the herb.I personally would only use oil thats been made with food grade alcohol or coconut oil. But thats me.Some of the solvents used although they say they are safe Im not sure.

    I put my oil under my tongue as it gets into the blood system and dilates the tubes the full effects can take upto 2hrs but last longer maybe 6hrs vaping i use like ventolin as a reliever this lasts a lot shorter just an hour or two but helps immediately.They do say that the posterior is better I just havnt fancied that as yet mind :)

    Peace Janexx

  • I'd be interested to try this how do use take it as I really don't want to smoke it xx

  • Hi tracyball you dont need to smoke it you can take it orally or suppositories.In America they have allsorts of edibles.You can cook with it.You can use it topically as a salve i make my own its really good im amazed to say.I too am learning myself.

    Breatheasy peace \janexx

  • If you smoke it it loses the majority of it's medicinal actions

  • As you might expect from me....

    Don't struggle for breath going up the stairs....

    Smoke a spliff and float up !!

    Just thinking funny things again Velvet xx

  • Valvet. . Please don't smoke the stuff..

    I remember once I had some in a cake..

    Not sure how it was done. ..

    Mmzetor knows about cakes.

  • Hi wedderburn

    In my wild youth...how can l say this....

    Been there...done that....and got the T shirt

    Luckily it wasn't for me....all that happened was

    1) l couldn't feel my knees !

    2) My brain knew what l wanted to say...but my mouth wouldn't

    Work !

    3) My pulse felt as if it was going at 1000 beats a minute !

    4) l couldn't stop laughing !

    Velvet xx

  • It slow your reflexes and your thinking. .that's why it took me over 20 years to relies it wasn't for me.

    Though there times when I wouldn't mind going missing for a few days.


  • Hi wedderburn

    Let me knowknow when....l may join youyou !!

    Velvet xx

  • Hmm...................................okay.

  • hahahah....couldnt feel you knees .

    I had it once and im sure every time i do something wrong an alarm bell goes off somewhere because the night i had it the police turned up on my door...i had no idea why they had come to my house but i shot off upstairs and hid in my bed under the quilt fully clothed..........They would never have found me !!!

  • Hi Mandy

    They would have found me easily if they had passed by.....l was with a group of friends sitting in the doorway of sainsburys in the city centre, laughter emitting from a very large cloud of smoke !!!!

    Velvet xx

  • Haha how funny velvet you keep thinking funny things.

    Do hope your keeping well take care .

    Peace Janexx

  • What a head spinning post..

    even if it doesn't help everyone there no doubt in my mind that it is helping a lot of people. ..

    Wish it wasn't illegal. ..

    In so many ways this oil should come under the heading of herbal remedies and freely available.

    So far I haven't read anything negative about it.

    Got me thinking how to get the best with out going to prison for a very long rest.

    That's not a joke.

    I would like to breathe better.


  • Hi Andy yes wouldnt that be great, just popping down to Holland and Barrats buy 1 get 1 free haha.

    Yes being illegal puts a whole different light on the subject for sure.It is very frustrating aswell as annoying.More time and funded studies and trials.Israel seem to lead the way at the moment i think.

    I dont blame you but please research be careful and safe.Wheres your local prison they say you can get more drugs inside than out so winwin,now iam jesting.

    Breathe easy Andy Peace my friend Janexx

  • Thanks for your reply. ..I will be very careful. ..my local prison is Bangkok Hilton.


  • Your very welcome Andy.Oh jimini crackers didnt realise that .Wouldnt fancy that one at all.Be very careful praps the risk is too great out there :O . Peace Janexx

  • Hi Jane a big warm welcome back its great to see you. So pleased to hear your boys doing well and hope your daughter gets sorted soon.

    So much has happened in the time you've been away Sonia had a beautiful baby granddaughter far, far to young to be a Nan and I'm expecting my second a girl in February.

    The last time you posted was about your scooter on fire on the way home from the shop is the new one still going, so much to catch up on take care xx

  • Onamission oh wow congratulations nan how wonderful for you arnt they just so gorgeous another on the way too.Your sounding very upbeat this is good ,its really great to see you.Ahh poor Gertie shes not too good keeps petering out so little man coming week after next for her full check up bless her. We must catch up.

    Keep sounding like you are and keep well hows the pain thing going?

    Breatheasy peace Janexx

  • Hi Jane I do try to keep up beat having a 19 month old granddaughter and another on the way keeps my mind busy.

    I had a spine block back in May a couple of weeks before I had nerve decompression on my elbow to help with pins and needles. I'm told they will see me in the pain clinic November which means I wont get another spine block till January at the earliest so the pain at the moment is bad and the morphine patches don't even touch it sounds like we should get together for a oil party lol.

    I did a PR course that was fantastic what came out of that was exercise so I go swimming as I can't exercise on land because of my back, last night the water was freezing but I did it and felt better for it and slept better so that was a big bonus. xx

  • Hi again sounds like your little one is good therapy.The swimming sounds great and as you say best way for you no weight baring . I like to swim but only on my back i can potter upand down the pool much like a gone wrong frog but can do that for ages i should start it again really would be good.

    I love the idea of oil parties its interesting in America they start little local co op groups and all help each other with the growing and production of said oil very civilised.

    Peace see you soon Janexx

  • very interesting thank you xx

  • Hello Undine lovely to see you how are you these days going well i hope.

    Yes it is all very interesting im still learning all about it too but so far so good cant knock it apart from the legallities of course.

    Getting very chilly here tonight brrr!

    Takecare now. Peace Janexx

  • Jane, excellent reading. I'm going to read it all again so it sinks in. Just wish it was legal like you say. Take care.

  • Hi longlungs

    We are meeting for the first time. Liking your post and am extreamly interested with what you say, ( just wrote a post when it vanished!!)

    I'm not sure how to pm anybody so coughalot lessons please.

    I will look in tomorrow as sleep is rapidly overtaking me.

    Hope to get to know you better.

    etch45. aka. Sheila xx

  • Hi Sheila

    Re..PM someone.

    Click on the profile picture of the person you want to PM.

    You will see an option..l think on the top right..to send message.

    Click on that

    It will automatically go to that person, so do nothing in the box

    that asks who its for.

    In the subject box l put my name so the receipitant knows who its from

    Write your message in the message box

    Press submit box

    All done !!

    Hope this helps

    Velvet xx

  • Sheila l have sent you a PM on how to reply to PM's

    Go onto your profile

    Click on messages

    Velvet xx

  • I have loved reading all the post on this subject

    All very interesting

    It made me think funny things again, as l tend to do

    Are we all budding junkies !!

    And maybe a spliff a day keeps the doctor away !!

    Sounds so much more fun than an apple !!

    Before you guys start complaining....l am only joking ?????

    Naughty Velvet xx

  • Its only illegal because the greedy fat cats saw what an amazing plant it is and can be used for hundreds of other things.

    Like everything else its about the rich keeping rich

  • Its the TCB in the cannabis that is bad and its removed from the oil

  • The THC is not 'removed', it is only present in trace amounts in the type of hemp used to make the oil.

  • How did you use this for your lungs ?

  • Hi Mandy I use a high THC medium CBD Full Extract Cannabis Oil.I place my dosage which is the size of a grain of rice under my tongue I dont get a high now as my body is now used to it istarted by a tiny pin head amount.Some use suppositories to avoid the high in the beginning.I take 3 doses a day.Peace Janexx

  • If its helping thats fab, we all know how hard this disease is x x

  • Hi Jane, so good to see your name on here again, and what a very busy bee you have been. I hope that everything works out well for you and your family.

    Pete has major back problems but is not too bad. Life just goes on.

    Wishing you well and hear from you soon.

    Love, Carole xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Longlungs

    good to hear from you again and have always wonderd about what your saying has i know this sounds crazy but my freind who has severe COPD did try a few puffs of a J a few months ago and we know its wrong for our lungs but he said he felt like he used to has if nothing was wrong with him.

    No problems that lasted for hours and said he had not felt like that for a long time how strange is that.

    Best Wishes


  • Thanks still trucking and has allways from you very intresting/

    very best wishes


  • I knew that victorians used it for asthma I also know it can cause mental problems would like to see trials on medical grade cannabis oil before I try it

  • Hi I am trying to find where I can obtain cannabis oil with cht in it as all the research suggests only this will help with copd

  • Ho. Have been diagnosed with bronchiectasis. Trying to look for something to give hope. researched stem cells, but don't thinkl the technology is there yet. Search came up with cannabis oil. Have been researching this. It appears u need a high content of thc as well as cdb Am struggling how to get these seeds. I believe it is not illegal to buy seeds. Could u possibly give me guidance on what type of seeds I need (as there are so many)! Don't want the high (don't like it only tried it once and I was absolutely paranoid), but believe u can avoid this by takingsupposatories. Thankin u

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