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Making A List And Other Stuff


Had one of those down in the dumps days today...but it's going now... so that's alright.

No reason of course...nothing horrible has happened in our street...or at home. It's just a little black cloud that occasionally settles over my head and whispers nasty things in my ear...

Away to see the Consultant next Tuesday so I'll tell her and I daresay Lemon Face will raise her eyebrows skyward and heave a heavy sigh...she sort of lurks you see, in a corner of the consulting room...just out of my line of sight, so I can't pull faces at her or wave my hands about, adorned with finger-nails painted in almost black nail varnish, just to annoy her.

Making a list this time of queries and questions so that I don't forget to ask the Consultant important stuff...usually do and remember when we're half-way home. Or when we've stopped for petrol and I'm wondering whether to get a sandwich or not...

Made a list the last time I needed to visit the Doctor...he was desperate to read it himself...I kept it at arm's length 'cos it said 'Don't forget Tatties' closely followed by' ask about saline for neb' and all that sort of thing...I'd put Tena Lady on the list as well and I didn't want Doc knowing about the need for those...not yet anyway. I told him he'd not be able to read my handwriting and shoved the bit of paper back in my pocket quickly...

We haven't been for our 'flu jabs yet...Himself loathes injections and makes an unholy fuss before we go...he only went last year because I told him he'd have to go into hospital if he caught 'flu because I'd never be able to look after him...he said looking at the huge needle in my neck when I was in ICU made him feel quite unwell...told him it didn't do much for me actually. He'll keep looking at his arm when he's had it done you know...half hoping there'll be an enormous blister or an abscess...even a bruise would do.

Then he could say 'I told you so' with a clear conscience...

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I do hope you are feeling a bit brighter this evening. Good luck when you see the consultant. Let's hope that Himself has his flu jab with no side effects! Xx

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If anyone gets the side effects it'll be Himself of course! That little black cloud has gone away to annoy someone else...daresay it'll be back!

Hi Vashti, you've even made a 'down' day sound interesting....I think a lot of us have those low moods for no apparent reason.

I even like the idea of the little black cloud hovering overhead!

Someone's given me over 80 knitted I have been stitching them together to make a charity blanket. I hope tomorrow is a better one for you.

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Heavens...80 squares to sew together will keep you out of mischief for a while...and it'll keep you toasty warm.

Where will the blanket go to when it's many charities seem to appeal for them when the winter sets in.

Had my flu jab last Wednesday, no after effects whatsoever and only the tiniest pink dot to show for it. And that's how I like it. My son had his at the same time and he hates needles, (he has CP) so he gets quite nervous but covers it up by quietly by singing 'up the Wolves', no after effects for him either - thankfully. Glad your little black cloud knows it's wasting it's time whispering nasty things to you!☺️

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I think much is due to the skill of the person doing the injecting...the nurse at our surgery is brilliant...the Doctor is dreadful!

CP...cerebral palsy?...

Little black cloud has gone...for the moment

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My doc's not good with a needle either, good job he's a gp and not a surgeon. Yes it is cerebral palsy. Good to hear your sky's clearer now, hope it stays that way. ⛅️😊

Vashti, even your down in the dumps posts make me smile x

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Seems a bit of a waste of time to be miserable for too long!

I had a lump like a goose egg last year and it was uncomfortable. This year I had it in my left arm, a much smaller lump and small bruise, which went quickly. One of the easiest ever. Much depends on the vaccine itself, as it varies each year.

Doesn't nurse need to see your nails? When you have operations, nail vanish has to be removed, so the anaesthetist can check your oxygen levels at a glance. Couldn't you leave one nail bare and the rest as lurid as you like?

Your black cloud visits me sometimes, it is rather like Winston Churchill's black dog.

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I'm not going for an

Azure_Sky in reply to Hidden

Lemon tits might feel she needs a look at your nails. The chest nurse looks at mine.

Same black cloud comes to visit me sometimes . Had my flu jab yesterday they did it free at Asda pharmacy (get my prescriptions there ) seems to be only place that has all items on script and I hate having to go back for items owing . Didn't notice any ill effect after as I had day out shopping and forgot all about it . Hope today's a better day for you .

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We don't have pharmacies in supermarkets can get the 'flu jab at the actual pharmacy but it costs € in the surgery.

I've never had...touch wood...any ill effects.

Had my flu jab and some strawberry jam leaked out so I got a free NHS plaster magic :-)

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Such a baby...!

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