Recovering from pneumonia

Two weeks ago I was hospitalised with pneumonia, ended up staying in hospital for 3 days. Since then I haven't been to work in til this week. The last two days I have been completely exhausted after work, other than feeling congested I have been feeling fine. Wake up this morning and I have vomited several times and I feel (what I presume) what is left of the pneumonia loose in my chest. Once again, not going into work.

Is it normal for this to happen after recovering from pneumonia? I know it may take me some time to completely get over it, it is just the vomiting that has caught me off guard.

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  • Sorry to her you are so unwell.I think you need to go back & see your Doctor,something doesn't sound right .

    Good luck, & hope things improve soon for you,

    Hugs Wen xxx

  • I agree, a visit to her doctors is needed.

  • I'm also out of hospital two weeks ago been on steroids and antibiotics I am not boucing back this time on 4litres oxygen walking from room to kitchen and I am turning blue that's with oxygen on I have got an appointement with consultant in two weeks as I am terminal hope to get some answers from him.

  • Have you finished full course of antibiotics,you may need another course just to clear it out of your system.Get yourself back to the doctor to check.Good luck let us know how you get on?D.

  • Sounds to me that you have tried to go back to work too soon.

    It can take longer to recover from pneumonia.

    I can vomit (in the morning) if I am particularly 'chesty'.

    Think you should have a chat with GP as to whether you trying to quickly to go back to work. GP can also recommend things such as working short hours whilst you recover.

  • It takes weeks to get back to strength after pneumonia in a person of reasonably good health.

    The others are right, you must get an emergency appointment this morning. I've lost count of my pneumonias that didn't clear after one course of antibiotics. It's usually taken at least two courses of strong ones.

    It's so important to get rid of the bugs properly and avoid damage to your lungs.

    Good luck. P

  • Good Morning

    I was on hospital with Pneumonia 4 weeks ago for 7 days.

    Definitely go to see your gp to get checked out.

    The hospital register was insistent I made sure all was clear.

    Take care. ☺

  • ... vomiting does not sound normal ... are still taking some meds at home (antibiotic steroid etc...) ? ... is that making you nauseated, diarrhea ?

  • I was taken ill while on holiday Greece had 5 days confined to bed there & had 2 lots of anti biotics, Came home and seen my GP had another course of anti biotics plus steroids put to no avail I am now on my 5th course of anti biotics plus more steroids. He has also given me Mucodyne to help to clear my chest which is helping I have also lost 22 lbs in weight and have been told it take upwards of 2 months for it to clear. I am exhausted througout the day but I have to press on because I am my wifes carer who has Alziemers. My appetite has wained that much that I dont want to eat but I force myself to try and retain some strenght.I am now awaiting for the results of sputum samples. Also I am using a nebuliser that the doctor advised. Just hang in there keep warm eat well and you will feel better. By the way I am 79 tears old.

  • You are a TOTAL STAR. Being your wife's carer as well ad being very unwell yourself , I only hope you have a strong network of family and friends to ease the load on your shoulders. I am 53 and a single Lady and I rely on my friends and 21 year old son for lots of support. I'd be lost without all of them. You certainly sound like a very determined chap - well done you.

  • Bless your heart. Sounds about like me.

    I Forced myself to drink Ensure, eat small amounts 5-6 times a day. I am slowly putting weight. I never thought that it would be harder to put on vs taking if off. And you hang there too

  • I agree and also drink Ensure to try and keep weight on!! Some others people are talking about the benefits of having probotics which help replace some of the things all the antibiotics takebaway from our bodies. Ever heard of this ? I've got COPD and use oxygen about 12 hrs a day. I'm curious in learning of anything others have found to make the quality of life better. Any suggestions ?

  • Probiotics, plus natural yoghurt. My old doctor always used to recommend natural yoghurt if he'd prescribed antibiotics.

  • Wow! back to work 2 weeks after pneumonia - someone should have told you it takes much longer. I don't know what your general health and fitness is like Notevines, but you definitely need longer. As people have said, see your GP and discuss this, and ask for a sick note.

    Re the vomiting, maybe you are swallowing mucus in the night?

    Also, the very strong antibiotics you need for pneumonia, and steroids if you've been given those, both make your body more acid. Whether or not you suffer from acid reflux, its possible right now its affecting you (you don't always get obvious symptoms like heartburn with reflux) and vomiting is one of the symptoms reflux can cause.

    See if you can negotiate a gradual return to work when you feel ready.

    Good luck :)

  • I would go back to the doctor's. This time of year there are so many infections about. Hope you feel better soon and take care

  • If you are bringing up a slimy vomit not uncommon at all mainly comes after a coughing fit.

  • Yes, I'm forever coughing up phlem of varying colours etc. Better out than in ( although my neighbours living above me, must have to turn their TV volume up at times!!).

  • Dear Notevines, you poor thing :(

    Pneumonia is horrid although, I was pleased to read that you are out of hospital now. However, I must agree with the other writers that to go back to work too soon is really not advisable.

    I had Pleuritic Pneumonia earlier this year and it knocked me back for weeks after my 8 day stay in hospital.

    It isn't just the infection itself that takes its toll on our bodies, it's the IV's and other medication that we are given during our stay that can make us feel so low.

    You haven't mentioned if you have any other conditions or how your health is generally, which would need to be taken into account regarding your recovery.

    What does your GP say?

    For me - lots of rest, taking it a day at a time, drinking lots of fluids and eating lots of protein and veg, along with some gentle walking (when the weather is fine - not damp or frosty) will help to build up strength and immune system.

    Are you taking a probiotic? I'm a huge believer in giving the body back, some of the goodness that antibiotics 'strip out' when fighting any infection.

    I buy Bio-Acidophilus Forte, which has to be kept refrigerated and is expensive but worth every penny. I also take Allicin Max, which is a pure garlic powder in tablet form and doesn't smell.

    Anyway, I hope this might offer you a bit of help; keep well and enjoy the wonderful colours of autumn :)

  • How much dors the bio acidusphorte cost ?

  • Hi SquirrelsHolt

    I buy my Bio Acidophilus Forte from my local health shop - sadly Holland & Barrett don't appear to stock this product - as I said it's expensive but worth every penny.

    It costs £31.40 for 30 capsules or £57.15 for 60 capsules.

    The bottle must be kept in the refrigerator, as it contains the good live bacteria :)

    You take one every morning before breakfast.

    Hope you are keeping well.

  • Hi, hope you've seen the doc or at least stopped vomiting.

    I've just remembered. During my 1st diagnosed pneumonia (had pleurisy as well) I ended up in a&e totally dehydrated from over 24 hours of vomiting. The vomiting was due to my stomach rebelling against all the strong meds gp had given me. They put two litres back in via IV.

    It's dangerous, that's why everyone's saying see the doc.

    All the very best today P

  • So sorry to hear you're not feeling that well but from what I know about myself and recovering from pneumonia- you only spent 3 days in hospital and then I think you are only 2/3 days now at home. So it's early days still to expect your body to have recovered. I think, like another person said, you do need to see a doctor and you really shouldn't be thinking of going to work until you ate fully able. Don't put pressure on yourself as sometimes, pneumonia can be particularly difficult to overcome. You may feel better one day and then not too good the next. Rest and taking care of yourself is Paramount to a good, full recovery. Take care.

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