Hey guys, since my dad's copd has dramatically worsened in the past month I've found myself trying learn, recognise and associated any symptoms he shows in order to prevent any flare ups.

After being let with no option and against my dad's wishes I rung an ambulance, his face lips and fingers was a dark mauve. I thought Id lost him. Paramedics came his temperature was 41'c o2 level was 54 and his heart Rate was 149bpm. He then went into resus and put on a nippy mask.

They told us last night that he is very ill and to more or less expect the worse. Tgey are aggressively treating him for pneumonia with antibiotics he's on the nippy mask all last night and today and 1lt of oxygen. This morning he looked alot better but as the day has got on he's looking ill again

I didn't realise how quickly things can Deteriorate. I hope he's got the strength to over come this x

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That must be an awful worry for you. Stay strong and pray that he will be a little better tomorrow I'm sure everyone on here will send kind thoughts and good wishes for you xxx Kath

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad tonight. xx

Oh Melissa, I'm so sorry to hear about your poor Dad. I know it's a cliche, but you did the right thing by having him admitted to hospital, he's in the right place for expert help.

He will start to improve when the abs start clearing his infection & he will no doubt be on a high dose at least for the first few days.

I'm thinking of you & sending you both my prayers. ๐Ÿ’–

So sorry to hear this,it must be so tough on you all.

Love & prayers to you all,

Hugs Wen xxxx

Hi Malissa,try not to worry,I know easier said than done.The antibiotics should have started to work by now and dad should start to recover.The human body is amazing give it a little nudge in the right direction and it soon take over the recovery.by tomorrow he should be a lot happier and start to feel better.I had pneumonia and after a week of antibiotics was out of hospital annoying the wife again.All of us here will be sending our love and hopes for a speedy recovery just to help you along,so know you are not alone.Please keep us informed of dads progress all the very best. David. ๐Ÿ’

Thinking of you and your Dad Melissa and really hoping his condition has improved overnight.

Apologising in advance but I can't help wondering about your dad's wishes. did he really wish to be left to it or is his attitude one that he 'doesn't want to be a nuisance'? If the latter you did so well to call 999 and save him. How lucky he is to have you.

I've had the conversation with my kids that I do not want to be resuscitated and will be making a living will

It's hard to talk about for sure xx

Thinking of you Melissa and hoping your Dad has improved overnight, it must be tough for all, your Dad is lucky to have such a caring daughter. xx

Oh I am so sorry for you - at least you know he is in the right place. Lots of love to you and wishing your Dad the speediest recovery xxx

Hello Mellisa, I'm so sorry your Dad is very sick and I hope he starts to improve and gets well , thank heavens he has you looking out for him, sending positive thoughts and prayers to you both, huff xxx

I'm new to using the computer and have only just found this site. I'm a 54 year old Lady with COPD do I fully understand how your dad cab become do ill so quickly. Have faith. Our doctors and nurses do a fantastic job and he is getting the best treatment. Which hospital is Dad at. Squirrels Holt, Chessington, Surrey.

Welcome to the site SquirrelsHolt, we are one big family here and we love squirrels too!huff xxx

This is really scary you obviously did the right thing he is in the right place. I do hope he gets better and you can find out how to avoid this in future. Xx

Princess of Wales Bridgend. He's on antibiotics 1 a day, today the doctor said he needs steroids. He's telling me the doctor won't give him his diazpam because the hospital have to prescribe them but haven't as yet even though he's telling me his nerves are very bad.

He has been using the bipap for the best part of 48hrs aswel as oxygen. Around 4pm his heartrate starts to drop and he looks bad again. I know he's in the right place but I'm going out of my mind with worry and expecting my phone to ring with the hospital at the other end.

Do you think he's dying?

L&l xxx

I'm so sorry to hear how your dad is. You must be out of your mind with worry. Hope by now he is feeling a little better. You did the right thing your dad obviously needed professional help. He's in the right place I'm sure the docs will do all they can for your dad. Maybe you need a chat with someone at the hospital. I've found i

n the past that they can be very reassuring, but will usually explain what is happening. My thoughts and best wishers go to you and your dad. xx

Hi Melissa if you have got some diazpam of his own give him one if you can. I have to take tiazapam and the hospital wont precribe it but Its some thing I have to have and when I go into hospital I take it with me and take it at night. Also don't worry he wil win eventually

Mellisa87 how is your dad doing ? Fingers crossed its good news. LOL.

That is so hard for you but know you were doing all you could for him. We all care on this site even for those stubborn ones. We are with you in spirit.

Hi, Melissa, so sorry to hear about your Dad. I hope things improve for him, and he's soon feeling a bit better. Thinking of you, and sending warm thoughts and prayers.

Look after yourself too.

Love and hugs,

Christine. XXX

They have prescribed them now so thats made things a little better, his anxiety is terrible now he's having things going round in his head. He's more concerned about death this time too. Everything he does makes him breathless from eating to talking, he's on 1ltr of oxygen and took the nasal pipes out while he had a wee (7 mins max) and his oxygen dropped from 90 to 78 and he didn't leave the bed. Again I'm unsure what exactly is going on I'll have to make appointment to see his doctor Monday. His stomach area seems swollen too but he said he's not in any pain.

Thank you all for your kind words and comments xc

Hi Mellisa, how's your Dad getting on. ? Hopefully a little better as it's been a few days since you posted.

Hope he gets threw this but I also hope you get threw it to, because you are both suffering so hang in there.

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