Great South Run looming 24th !

Hi all

Hope your all keeping away from the bugs?

I've been training hard everyday now in Gym or Run. Running 5K (3.1 miles) quite well now with no stops even up the hills every Saturday in 45 mins.

I'm running for the BLF and IOW Breathe Easy Group.

I have a crowd funding page on just giving if anyone would like to support me. I have had some highs and lows with training but feel my fitness is much stronger now. I just wish that others with shot lungs would give running a go. It's made such a difference to my life.

My donating page is


Please look at my page and if you decide to pledge. I thank you so much and those that use the BLF will be eternally grateful too.

I will run my socks and lungs out and give it my all.


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  • I'll throw in a bit HH, I think what youre doing is great. It think it would be better to put that as a link though so people can just click on it? Robin

    ed: I just tried to get on it but am getting "404 Not Found". I changed it to www of course instead of Www but no luck

  • Thank you.

    I don't know how to do that?

  • Just go to the site, click on the web address at the top (this highlights it), then right click & choose "copy" from the drop-down list. Then go into your post, right click again and choose "paste". Rob

  • Think I've found it on Justgiving -

  • No its under the www.justgiving/crowdfunding/Dawn-Elderfield-1


  • I've just been on your page & donated, and the "crowdfunding" part doesn't come out in the web address, though it does if you google it. Check your page and you'll see what I mean. R

  • Thank you. I am doing for both BLF and Breathe Easy so it looks like I have two going which isn't a problem as I also have a red pot for local support too. It all goes into the big pot at the end xx

  • That page I've donated on is fine, it says it's for BLF and my message is showing :)

    I should mention that the link you've put above (the justgiving/crowdfunding one) results in a page saying "Problem loading page" so I dont think it can be right

  • Thank you so much. It encourages me to keep training hard. Although I only have 50% lung capacity it feels like I have 200% in comparison to how I used to be! I just want so many more people to try it.

    I will try and get this link thing sorted xx

  • Just donated. It's such a good cause & should benefit us all hopefully! Good luck with the run 👍

  • Thank you xx

  • Thank you

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