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A Sharp Touch Of Frost...And Clever Artists In Clay

There was a sharp frost when Himself made my early cup of tea and took the dogs out for their walk...thought it was decidedly chilly but didn't dare mention it 'cos he doesn't care for having the window wide open at night...not really wide, that'd be silly...but quite wide. I'll suggest another blanket tonight as frost is expected all this week according to the forecasters...don't know why he grumbles about the window 'cos he has two duvets on the bed and a quilt on top...

Of course, if I'd finished the blanket I've been crocheting for months, I wouldn't need a Heaton's special offer in pale pink which draws pet hair to it like a magnet...the only way the hair will come off is if I put the damp blanket in the tumble dryer with about a hundred of those stinky dryer sort of weaves its way in and won't be shifted with Sellotape or a lint roller...

But the cheaper and most stinky dryer sheets attract the hair like magic...

I've spent most of the afternoon browsing through Pinterest at unbelievably beautiful creations by Polymer Clay artists...the most stunning seem to be made by Russians or people who were Russians...never quite sure about Russia, as to whether it still exists or has all been divided up into countries I've never heard of before...anyway, they have artists who can mould a small piece of clay into fragile Apple Blossom or tiny Pixies with pointy hats...the Steam-Punk creations are to die for...I peer at the screen trying to fathom out how they can achieve such results when my small piece of clay looks like nothing on earth...

Isn't it quite strange though...they have two hands and presumably enough fingers but the art they make is jaw-dropping in its beauty...I have two hands and all my fingers so why can't I achieve the same results...must be the signals sent from the brain that are signals are probably scrambled.

So I rolled out some Air-Drying clay...called Das...big block for €3... and cut out hearts to join together with beads for a thingy. Then had a problem as to where to put them while they dry and become hard enough to paint...the kittens are into everything you see and when they're not knocking stuff onto the floor, they're tramping everywhere and leaving paw prints...or diving behind the kitchen cupboard and creating mayhem among the cake tins.

So I put my hearts on the bookshelf, as high as I could reach...

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I have some animal ornaments that my kids made from Das over thirty years ago.

I have ordered some wool to try needle felting....I don't know if the fibres will be good for my lungs though.

What would I do without You tube and e bay for inspiration

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Well, the wool fibres don't float about really...if you'd told me earlier...or if you'd thought of it before...I could have sent you my felting needles...and wool in different shop had them though. Never mind...YouTube is brilliant isn't it...

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Thanks Vashti for the thought....I have got a pattern for felted Christmas robins.....don't think they would last long with your kittens though.

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Don't think a decorated tree will be on our agenda this year actually!

I just love the sound of your kittens. Never tried working with ckay, used to make jewelry but now my hands shake have given that up, I am giving all my jewelry stuff to my daughter, who has just bought a new sewing machine and is giving me her old one, trouble is last time I had one you turned a handle and this one is one of those multi function things so a new challenge for me. ♥♥♥

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My first time with clay as well...I do enjoy it, but get a bit frustrated!

Bought myself a new sewing machine a couple of years's brilliant...don't have to use the foot pedal!

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The amount of thought that you must have given this is truly amazing, how did you do it, I absolutely loved it and have read it over and over millions of times!!!!!! Mucking Fazing. Babs

Pleased you enjoyed it!

Your hearts should be safe where you put them Vashti and you seem like a very creative person to me, at least you give creativity a good go! it has been getting chillier here and we have the heating on low at the moment. Pete feels the cold more than I do.

We bought our granddaughter a lovely soft teddy bear throw as she loves soft things and "aaahs" all over the place. We were truly glad to see the back of it as it shed pink fluff everywhere! Luckily, our son and daughter-in-law have hard wood floors so shouldn't be so much of a problem.

Be well and stay warm. xxxx

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You were hearts were safe!

Actually there have been few days over the past so-called summer that we haven't lit the Pete, I really feel the cold...suppose it's being relatively inactive.

That cat gym we bought sheds tiny bits when the kittens dig their claws in...the top is soft and furry and the bits go all over the place so I know what you mean by your Granddaughter's pink blanket!

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