Finally seen in the respiratory clinic :)

Hi everyone been a long time since i posted. I finally saw the consultant last monday as some of you may remember that i have been having a problem with a tickly cough since march time, but nobody could understand why had tests that always come back normal and did not get rid of my cough. I had a x ray that was clear.

Monday i saw him and he did a spirometry test with normal FEV1,FVC, peak expiratory flow rate and FEF 25-75 god knows what that all means lol but he said pretty good resuts!!! before i left he told me to have another x ray to be sure as its been 3 months since i last have one i just got those results and they read normal sized heart and lungs were clear... I guess this still leaves me wondering what the hell this cough is and why i still have it.

The consultant said that it probably the result of the years of smoking and i may always have it OMG really i cant live with it surely?.

He said he thinks i have an element of Irritable airways ( first i heard of this) ? Hes sending me for a spirromertey plus reversibility test and i got to go back in 4 months so really not really a result but he does not think i have anything serious. I am still on my antidepressants which really does help so until 4 months its just getting back to the normal.

Thanks all for listening to me and all your advice in the past. Mel xx

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I had tad of that with iodine i had with contrast ct scan .. Where its relavent is throyde can make you cough i felt a tingling that made me cough

This is what i have a tingly throat drives me nuts!!! not to bad at moment, but i wish it would go but told it may never go xx

Only thing i can surgest is you ask doc to check that

Av you started any new meds or changed diet

No i am on meds of heartburn and indegestion my consultant said that can also cause a tickle xx

Ad still have it checked out tho the can be real

Pain and enbarasing

Hi glad you are getting sorted, please let me know how you get on.

Thank you very much Mel xx

Hi my sister had a tickly cough for years which doctors couldn't get to the bottom of. She doesn't have lung disease and is otherwise healthy.

She wondered if it could be caused by dairy so cut it out completely then started reintroducing items one by one. She found if she stays off cows milk and ice cream the cough stops completely. She can still eat cheese etc. Maybe that would be an answer for you? She buys almond milk now. x

I have always worried it could be that. I do eat a awful lot of cheese everyday and A loads of cups of tea which i only started having for about a year so it could be... I do not think i could live without cheese or diary tho. Maybe i should try. That is a really interesting theory tho one i cant rule out. Mel xx

You might well find, that like my sister, you can still eat as much cheese as you want. You can also get goats cheese as well.

I had a coffee out with her a few weeks ago and after when she was talking she started coughing. We then both realised she had without thinking had milk in her coffee! x

If it is a tickly cough you could try a spoonful of honey to soothe your throat. Or, could it be your inhaler(s)? Do make sure you rinse well as soon as you take them.

I have tried honey did not do a thing :(. I was given a preventor inhaler because of my cough to help and try to stop it so its not that because that is the only thing that has really helped. Mel xx

I've just put up with 3 weeks of a prickly cough. I already have a reflux med but, last time I was coughing like this, the Docter upped my Lanzrapole and added Gaviscon 4 times daily. The coughing stopped. This was about 6 yes ago.

I mentioned this, after my doctor checked my lungs and said all was well. So, she as changed my reflux med and the cough stopped within 2 days.

Might be worth asking your doctor if it could be reflux. xx

Hi thank you for your post. Yes when i saw the consultant he said my reflux is probably not helping either. What do you think the chances are for them upping mine i am on 30 mgs a day. Also is it ok for me to take gaviscon when i am taking lansoprazole? I will make an appointment tomorrow i get worried about keep bothering them as i keep telling them the same thing, but i really do not think how horrible it is having a cough everyday xx

Soor i meant i do not think THEY know how horrible it is having cough every day. Well since they are certain there is nothing wrong with my lungs i have to look somewhere else to why i have it. Mel xx

I use Lansoprozole and am also prescribed Gaviscon.

Thanks i think i may get some and then when see the doctor ask if he can up my meds. Mel xx

Hi, yes, it's fine to take them with Gaviscon, just make sure to leave 2 hours after Lanzerpole before taking Gaviscon.

I was on 30 mls for a few years before it flared up and he doubled it to 60 a day but, only for about 3 weeks.

He told me to make sure the last dose of Gaviscon was right before going to sleep. No more drinking after that so it coated my throat.

I'm on a new anti acid now ( Begins with a P.) 40 ml. It has calmed the cough right down.

I've to report back after a month. xx

Thanks for your advice. I think i may get some gaviscon and try taking in the evening to see if it helps, as the consultant said that my reflux certainly wont be helping the situation and i notice it does get worse sometimes if i feel i have overeaten. I take my lansoprazole at about 11 am everyday. Mel xx

Sorry it wasn't the news you expected Melrose, but maybe now you can concentrate on things to control the cough as you know it is not anything serious. They may even do further tests to see what is causing the cough for certain, but it doesn't sound like it from what the doctor says. If it gets worse go back to the doctor. Best wishes

Hopefully because its not something i think i can put up with for life. They are going to try to get to the bottom of it, but the consultant thinks its just damage from years of smoking. Mel xx

Thanks for all your wonderful advice this site is the best. Been on so many others and people are really unhelpful and been quite nasty to me so this place is a breath of fresh air. Mel xx

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