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Hi, I was released from hospital, Friday pm after being admitted with pneumonia. I was given I v antibiotics and discharged with oral antibiotics. The hospital was 300 miles from where I live and I still can't contact my consultant. I have asthma and bronchi ecstasies. Feeling washed out, really no energy and quite honestly can''t be bothered. Still feel a little chesty. My query is, how long should I expect to feel like this and also how long before I return to work. My job entails being on my feet all day. Grateful for any input.

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It's hard to tell I've had Pneumonia twice and it took me about 3 months, but I do have severe Emphysema with very low lung capacity. Just rest drink plenty of water and maybe try some exercises to remove the gunk from your chest, (google huffing) and you'll get better quicker, probably took me longer because I was fighting it.

You have my deepest sympathies I know how horrendous it makes you feel.

Good luck.

Kim xx

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Thanks for your reply, was so desperate to leave I didn't think to ask any questions regarding 'bouncing' back. I just assumed when I finished my antibiotics I would be fine. X

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I was allowed home after 4 days intravenous AB's, steroids and nebulizer, then I had hospital at home for a week run by Community Respiratory nurses. It was then just taking it day by day. First time I had double Pneumonia, if it hadn't been for the 2012 Olympics I would have gone mad.

I hope your feeling better soon.

Kim xx

Hi Teenap, I'll try to answer this but i think you may well get answers which relate to your situation better than mine does, since I'm nearly 70 and stopped working 10 years ago, and have severe copd as well as bronchiectasis. If you're working i think you must be younger and so possibly fitter than I am which could make for a quicker recovery.

When i had pneumonia in March, similar treatment to you with the IV ABs in hospital and oral to come home with, i was told by my respiratory nurse that it would take 2 months to get back to normal, then by the physio on the PR course that it would take six. And six months was how it was for me. Its been very gradual and my exercise capacity has now improved so that Im more or less back where i was before. But i had double pneumonia and respiratory failure and this probably caused recovery to take longer. Hopefully your recovery will be quicker.

I don't know about your work but maybe you could negotiated a gradual return and see how it goes. And get a note from your doctor explaining that convalescing takes a good while after something as serious as pneumonia. Try not to rush it as the fatigue takes a good while to improve.

Wishing you luck :)

ps: I've been trying to post this but gremlins getting in the way. Since i wrote it i see Kimmy has replied and says 3 months. I think it must vary from person to person.

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Thanks, hope your keeping ok. My problem with work will be if your there then your 100% fit. Shocked at how I feel knocked off my feet. Not sure how Sympathetic my gp will be, I see him tomorrow. My consultant hasn't been in touch, he always says contact his ward which I've done, don't want to appear as if I'm trying to appear worse than I am.


I had pneumonia around ten years ago. Then I had normal mild asthma only. I worked as a midwife and was off work for 6 weeks but I would say that it was probably more like 2-3 months before I felt back to normal.

Listen to your body and make sure that you get plenty of rest.

Wishing you a good recovery x


If you feel your GP will not be sympathetic when you are obviously in the wars, have you another GP in the practice you could see? Not necessarily, one you like. When I was misdiagnosed by five of the GPs in my practice over a two year period, in despair I went to the one I hated (he always seemed to be telling the staff off). Best thing I ever did, he is very good at diagnosis. Have you anybody to go with you. when you are not well it is sometimes hard to make yourself clear in a few minutes. If your employers are the sort to expect you to be 100% fit if you can manage it financially do not rush back too soon. They will be even less sympathetic if you go off sick a second time because you went back to soon. I hope you have a steady recovery. Kaye x

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Thanks, that's what I'm afraid of, being forced back to soon and then going sick again. The Dr may be ok, at least I hope so, at work we have a health and wellbeing dept. which I haven't had enough breath to contact. I will see if I can access them after I see the Dr to see what I can arrange . Thanks for your input x

Follow up to previous post. Visited my go, he checked my chest, infection not gone yet. Prescribed 2 different types of antibiotics for 10 days. When I said all I wanted to do was sleep, I feel exhausted he gave 1 week certificate. At the end of this certificate I will be back to the go, I could understand it if I had walked in and asked for 2 months off work..

Sorry somehow I have only just seen your post, You must not go back to work too soon. I am a lot older than you but it took me nearly 6 months to feel back to my old self again. You must clearly state that you are not fit enough to go back to work yet. My daughter had an op a while ago she was off work for two months but the doctor for some reason only gave her notes a week at a time. Take things easy you will feel very tired but it will get better.

Thanks for your reply, I've telephoned the surgery and been told I can have another 2 weeks certificated. Still feel as though I've been thrown against a wall, sleeping a lot and not able to do normal everyday things. Definitely taking it easy, shocked at how exhausted I feel. X

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