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Following Iodine Contrast CT Scan Colonscopy + Laxative

Today well since my last post ... I have felt quite great following my colonscopy laxative and iodine used in my contrast ct scan

Most lung disease suffers will get infection from guts belly stomach germs .. as that is where our antibodies are made

This about 500 germs live in our guts ... given how I have been feeling could it be iodine contrast I had with ct scan .. as from my understanding iodine is like antiseptic THAT you use to see on people "purple arms legs" when they cut them self

I might be completely wrong but I think this benefit to be had from use of laxative to clear our bactriea cesspits out given infection rates ... espaly with how good I have been feeling of late

Lung disease and social isolation is the pits SO anything that can help elevate the symptoms isolation defo gets a thumbs up especially as things are set to get worse with cuts and reforms

Here is good piece well worth a read


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The Daily Mail piece is interesting. I had the test for helicobacter pylori because of acid reflux. Given that many of us have reflux problems, I am just wondering if more of us COPDers have helicobacter pylori or it is just that more of us are tested for it.


Hi Toci cheers yer I have had few samples taken but the tell you nothing esp if on maintenance antibiotics

Since I had them done I do feel great .. Do think this something init

What's worse that can happen with that moven laxative stuff RING STING :)

But do have to keep hydrated

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I recently had one of these scans, looking for blood clots. didn't find any thank goodness, but my appetite has been a bit squiffy since. Maybe this is why.


Hi Poemsgalore1 sorry you had such a bad time ... Think way a feel must be reelection of my diseased state or what as been going on with me

Do feel great so something as eather made me feel that way SO must be something to do with hormones and only thing that can do that is antidepressants that a do not take OR it was Iodine

All be defo talking to liver gi doc about it


Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better now and I hope you are not feeling isolated, I felt very sorry for that girl , copd can leave you in a lonely place sometimes. huff xxx


Hi Hufferpuffer cheers yer am ok in fact great I feel ... I know it's not thought of Xmas lol

Tree and perch ... Sure it won't be long before am nocked of it BUT in mean time av been looking at my rank blood and have read stuff on T3 & T4 stuff when it comes to antibodies and that low Igm stuff.

Swings and roundabouts anyway been reading this en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iod...

Is very interesting read

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Hi Daz glad your feeling much better the article was interesting they are coming out with all sorts now even though they have blamed smoking all these years, it was a common thing with GP's don't know what it is must be smoking.

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