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Feeling down

Hi everyone I have not posted for a while as well as having COPD I have Psotiatci arthrits and psoriasis since Sunday my scalp eyes and ears have been really itchy my hands are pain full every time I use them and the top of my legs are sore and breathless all the time I am going to my gp tomorrow to see if I can get anything for the itch and I just feel that I can't be bothered doing anything x

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You certainly sound as if you could do with some nice healing ointment for your psoriasis. Can you not go to your GP today to get help to ease the itch & also for the pain you are feeling?

Hoping you will feel better soon 😀

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Thanks jessy tomorrow was the first appointment I could get at my GP x

I thought that may be the case. Do you have any ointment in the house you could use to help you meantime? What about a visit to the pharmacy? They are usually quite knowledgeable about various ailments & could maybe give you something to tide you over.

Thinking of you, take care 😀

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I will do that this is the first time I have felt like this since I was told I have psoriasis x

I went to my GP a couple of weeks ago because the knuckles on my hands keep itching. He gave me Eurax cream which did note help at all.

Sounds miserable. Is there any ointment that you have used in the past?

Surely there must be something?

Hope all goes well with the GP.

Let us know what happens.

K xx

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I hope you are successful with your GP. Treatment for psoriasis has come a long way now so I hope you get it under control. Love Kaye


hi my wifes nan gets psoriasis really bad she use dermal doublebase gel she gets it from doctor but I don't think you have to have a prescription for it , I get eczema /dermatitis I use dermol 500 which you can use as a moisturiser or you can use it instead of soap or shower gel does stop the itching and soothes sore skin , I use to always use head and holders shampoo for years then few weeks ago that started playing my scalp up so been using the johnsons baby shampoo though if its gentle enough for babies it might help and it has ,

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Hi bless, I to have psoriasis, and have done since I was a baby, I use doublebase cream that I get off the doc, good stuff but can be quite greasy so wear old pj's after applying but it does help, hands are always difficult due to constant washing them, get urself some soft white cotton gloves, plaster double base or e45 on put the gloves on it really does help. Xx Sonia xx

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Thanks sonia xx

Big sympathies Bless. As if having copd wasn't enough to deal with. All best wishes.

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