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Having an extra 10 minutes in bed ,,,feels cold this morning ,,,,,had a cough most of the night ,,,,,,fingers crossed it's not the start of something ,,,,,,,must get up now though cold or not ,,,,,,it's gym day today and I'm doing the help the aged sit down exersises aswell as my hour in the gym ( giving the sit down group a try first time ) , Then I'll be back home where I can put my feet up for the rest of the day .

Have a nice day everyone ,,,,I'll let you know his the aged exersises go ,

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Quite an energetic day ahead then! Exercising will certainly keep you from feelings cold but watch you don't overdo it if you're feeling a bit out of sorts.

I always think when the temps drop the germs come out! 😂

Have fun at your class & rest up when you get home, take care 😀

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Well I managed it ,,,,,2 hours exersise ,,,,,don't think I'll be doing it again though ,,,,you'd think sit down exercises ,,,,simple ,,,,NOT ,,,,,shame it's on the same day as gym class ,,,,,2 hours DEFINATELY toooooooo much ,,,,thankfully hubby took me out for a late lunch ,,,so at least I didn't have to cook ,,,,,then a relaxing afternoon feet up on the couch with my blanket watching a movie ,,,,,what a day ,,,, early night tonight as out with friends shopping and lunch ,,,,,then it will be back on the couch with the blanket hahaha,

Hope your keeping well ,take care.

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Well done! You should be proud of yourself! 👍

A lunch, feet up & a film..... Excellent therapy! Take care 😀


Hi Nanny

Well done you X

It's hard sometimes but I always find after "I'm glad I did"

Exercise gives you more energy after the initial recovery time lol xxHH

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Glad I did my workout yesterday ,,,, gave me the energy for my day out with friends today ,,,,,gym again tomorrow ,,,,,,,,


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