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Get it off my chest

Hi all felt like a bloody idot last night cause of steriods my sugar level is going up dwn being a tpye 2 diabetic was 31.7 last night highest it ever been so my machine guves me mess get medical advice so i called 111 they told me to go to a/e spent 4 hours there only to be told we cant give u anything cause we font knw how insin will effect you i explained that i had spent most of september in hospital wit a chest infection and they had given me a couple of doese when it was in the 20s but all this doctor was interested in was y am i taking steriods and how long for this being after i explained three times the situtation with my chest i felt like a right idot . I mean dont get me wrong i have the unmost respect for the nhs but last night o was made to feel.that i wss there to waste their time and for me to go to this is the very last thing i usually try to handle everything at home anyway rant over

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Know how you feel. Don't beat yourself up about it. You are not an idiot. You were doing what you thought was right. Any medical professional who makes you feel an idiot when you are concerned about your health or are asking lots of questions about your condition shouldn't be a medical profession - or needs a couple of days off as they are overworked. You were absolutely right doing what you did.

Hope things are settling down for you now.

Love and hugs




I do sympathise and I can understand that you are annoyed and frustrated.

I hope you contact your gp's surgery today for advice and let them know what happened last night.

Take care.


That is VERY high I think you were absolutely right to called 111. My daughter did a course on caring for diabetics. When my levels got high, she advised me keep awake and walk about to use up the energy from the sugar.

I would think the a&e doctor wasn't as clued up on treating high sugar levels. It may have been difficult to calculate how much insulin would be needed. Especially if you are not usually on it.

Insulin is powerful stuff and could be dangerous if not administered correctly. I hope your GP is able to help. I assume you have a diabetic nurse who you could see.


Your blood sugar was very high and I am very surprised that you were not kept in to be monitored and treated. The A&E Doctor should have got you reviewed by the medical team. Speak to your GP asap, keep monitoring your blood sugars and I would advise to go back to A&E if levels remain high or increase further. Alternatively telephone your local hospital and ask to speak to the diabetic nurses for advice.

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Thanks for your support and advice did go to diabetics nurse on tuesday cause had a appointment even she was shocked when i told her want they done in a and e

The diabetic nurse has now started me on insulin first dose done will update in a few days


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