They say it comes in threes, I've had, the birth of my grandaughter, a Blue tit sitting on my finger, and now just had a call from DWP been awarded high rate on both Mobility and Daily living allowance, this has happened to me all in 10 day's, 😊

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well done nice to hear some good news

I bet your grin is splitting your face! :)

Fantastic! They do say good news comes in threes! You can now get a blue badge since you've been awarded enhanced rate mobility. I find it a great help when shopping etc. Take care πŸ˜€

That's brilliant ! I bet you're so pleased. I hope your luck carries on.

Take care,

Christine. XXX

Wow! congratulations, enjoy! xx

hi Karen Congratulations i know about two of them but the third wow that's really great news i'm glad for you, you needed it to help you hope your o.kish today speak to you soon big hug n kiss for you from me your friend Alan xx

Glad for you. Kaye

Great news on all 3. Xx Sonia xx

Brilliant news!😁it should make a difference for you getting about πŸ˜€ I think you should buy a lotto ticket you never know you're on a roll ! πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’° πŸ˜€

Hi huff I may just do that

Great you are having some good luck. Take Care Margaret x

That is lovely

Fab news !!! Love good news. xx

Fantastic news. Well done you xxx

Brilliant news. So pleased for you xx

Brilliant! It's so nice when things begin to go right.

Well done

Great to hear that.

Congrats,great stuff! Try spread your luck,lotto etc.you just never know! xxx

Kazz I would definitely go and get a lottery ticket if I were you. XX

Brilliant news - hope you've planned a lovely treat for yourself x

Well done was this the first time you claimed for PIP or were you on the old DLA

I was refused it last time I even took it to the tribunal and still lost,

Wow that just goes to show you went from being refused to getting high rate on both it just proves this system does not work, when will they reassess you they normally say 2 years even though we suffer with a lung condition that wont get any better

You forgot to ask how long ago it was I applied, it was July 2013 when I was refused pip at that time I was mild copd and o.a in both hips, I am now severe with copd, still chronic with asthma, o.a in my knees now aswell as my hips,

Seems we have a lot in common I also have server COPD, labial tear in my right hip and chronic lower back pain due to budging discs and trapped nerve. I'm being treated under the pain clinic for back and trapped nerve but they can't do anything for my hip I need a hip replacement.

My argument with this system is if someone has COPD they are never going to improve so why we have to go through all this red tape and wait for over a year is just bloody ridiculous and I would like the rules changed. I would also like to see people like us be awarded for life and not be reassessed in two years or so.

Really chuft to hear your good news,now relax and enjoy. πŸ’ πŸ‘ πŸ’ D.

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