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The medical profession is confused world wide

Hi All,

Well after being given the choice by the specialist of open heart bypass surgery to attempt to fix the blocked SVC ( chances not good though) or moving to sea level ( Doc was doubtful that it would really help) and that the medical aid wouldn't pay for oxygen, I went down to sea level for three weeks to see.

First week could walk about, stiffly and suffered from terrible right arm and shoulder pain. Second week could walk further and swelling of face/ body/ limbs had disappeared. Third week felt amazing with everyone saying I had lost weight ( It was the swelling I had lost, unfortunately ha ha) and looked and acted more alive plus I even was able to walk up a hill. (Sats were at 90 to 97 - yeah)

So much for specialists.!

So now we will be moving down to the sea from the big city in a couple of months . (Means my husband leaving his job though - he says he would rather loose his job than me).

Meanwhile back to suffering here in Johannesburg ( Sats this morning down at 80) Limbs, face and feet swelling again, complete with pain and stiffness.

However I have received a letter from my Medical aid that seems to give authorization for an oxygen machine rental. ( It is worded so strangely that I am checking up before I get excited!) Since previously I was told that they wouldn't cover me for oxygen rental, well WE didn't have that cover ( per the information on the computer) I am confused.

Maybe some HUMAN has actually read my case and realizes that it is FAR cheaper than paying for my hospital stays when I collapse.!

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hope the move goes well and you improve once you move , insurance companies can be very confusing I do wonder if they actually know them self's or just say what pops into there head ,


Maybe will not need oxygen with such good sats?


Good luck with moving, it will be worth while if it helps with your health. Tad dare xx


That was meant to say take care! Xx


Wow - that's amazing - good luck with your move and for a bright and rosy future at sea level x


Thanks - just had an estate agent around to value our home and I cried! Been in this house for 20 years (in Johannesburg for 33) and didn't realize how much we had adapted the house to suit us and our animals. I feel guilty as if it wasn't for my health problems we wouldn't be moving and leaving the kids behind but Johannesburg is not for people with respiratory problems.


It's sad leaving any home but it would be much harder with one you love so much.

Your health is more important,

Good luck with your sale and move



Try not to be too sad - just keep remembering your health comes first, and that will be the main priority for your kids too, so don't leave with a heavy heart; just look on it as a new beginning. All best wishes xx


Hi read the science on how to clear your arteries out.

also if you take Quercetin or Resveratrol this helps in other areas of your body and neutralises the effect of sulfation in your liver


the quercetin and resveratrol aid the uptake of sulphur


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