Whatever happened to free speech?

It would appear that I have had my wrist slapped over comments I made regarding the guy that after 12 years of his partner smoking 40-a-day decided enough was enough! It was headed with a ..".rugged guy with tanned skin" who, ironically, would have advertised Marlboro back in the day.

Seemingly an administrator-"asea" has deemed my comments inappropriate!

It saddens me to have to say this.....but this namby-pamby way of doing things does not sit well with me.

Next thing you know you will be censured on everything. So what is the point of having a forum? next thing is they'll be issuing with hard hats!...and goggles!

However, if I am exiled to.." a foreign land"! .. I wish you all well with your struggles and hope you manage and cope well with what lies ahead.

Kind regards

Dave from Blackpool,Lancs.

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I don't know what comments you have made, but it is a forum and moderators decide if any things inappropriate. from what you say in your post you obviously said something negative. and this forum is about support, no matter what anyone posts. I was restricted myself one time was to do with a troll, but I accepted what I said was wrong.

At least me and wedderburn could smell BS! Which is more than some moderaters! Some self-appointed know-all "Mary Whitehouse"! God help us! And god help you all.....\goodbye!

ah I think I get you now, you both joined within a week. but as I said this is about supporting people. if you think someone is dodgy just ignore. on here its everyones right to make a post, just the the same as you can choose which post you want to reply to. we always get trolls. I get someone trying impersonate me most weeks, do I care no, in fact I feel honoured someone wants to be me lol

he was on this morning tam but think it was removed

Yeah! Way to go Tam... good on you! x piggi

I don't recall what you said, but you haven't been stopped from posting so can't have been that bad. I'd just carry on if I were you but maybe be more careful what you write. Robin

I thought this forum was about support when I read a post like this it's not helping anyone who is suffering from a lung condition which we all have or a close family member has.so the administrative s are right. I personally have found great support from this forum. Sorry if your offended from my comment Dave.

Hi Dave

I can't find the post your talking about..

I did read it earlier. Because I couldn't really say anything positive or encouraging, I just skipped over it.

Thought it was extreme measures to take. Probably much more to it. Don't know what you said. Why not give the site another chance?

Rubyxx 😊

hi as an x smoker i guess what they are trying to say that us x smokers know exactly what we have done and every second of the day i regret smoking and im suffering for it now i dont advice any one to follow in my foot steps but there are hundreds on herar probally thinking the same as me hun

It would have been the skin that got your post deleted. The admins are extremely sensitive about any comments relating to race colour or creed.

I have had my wrist slapped a few times. No point getting steamed up about it. Let it go over you like water off a duck's back.

This site is seen worldwide so the admins have to try and keep a neutral stance on things that might not matter on a UK only site.

There are a lot of wonderful people here who are dedicated to helping others. This includes cheering them up.

Read what appeals to you, ignore the rest is my way, it works for me.

I see the post but didn't see your comments , but don't leave just because of one little issue it might have been the opinion of one moderator but don't mean it was the opinion of a majority of the members , take care

The comments were of a personal nature, making insulting remarks about the looks of another member, so no wonder they were deleted. We do believe in free speech here, but also in mutual respect. I hope you stay around.

It wasn't insulting at all. We live in a multicultural country - by progression, not choice - I feel like blowing my top on here sometimes, but the PC brigade won't allow it.

If you can't stand the heat - get out of the kitchen!

It's nothing to do with pc-ness Nikkers, I remember the post now & I took issue at the time as baseman was being unkind about the guy's photo. You can't make personal comments about people like that, it's just rude. I hope baseman takes that on board and moves on. If WE on a support forum aren't kind to each other then what are we about? R

When a derogatory remark is made about the looks of another member (and there were 2 such remarks) then it has nothing to do with PC. This site is not about all having the same views but it is, and must be, about showing respect for each other and having some manners when we post. And rather than leave 'the kitchen' I will open a window and let out the steam. ;)

It's strange how we see things so different. ..All the remarks that Dave made where smack on...but that is how saw it.

There have been insulting remarks but that was made by Tam...to myself and Dave..For reasons he has to live...

Differences of options is fine

With me...as for the cheap put downs...no comment.


Thanks for the support, Andy...I shall wear it with pride! No, only joking! The whole basis for my "rant" was that this guy had split up from his partner of 12 years on the grounds of her smoking 40-a-day and that he said her second-hand smoke was "killing him"! It seemed an extraordinary course to take and I regarded his action as a bit drastic. Also I detected a whiff of bs about the post anyway. As regards the photo, well it was a bit big, wasn't it? I wonder if that is what he looks like or, indeed, how he sees himself. I guess we all have our fantasies. Ah, well, ours is not to reason why! Perhaps I should be less judgemental. Keep on posting. Regards-Dave

Well am glad you are still with us Dave....

The photo was a bit over the top... and having to change the way he made his living in smoke filed casinos. ...

The post should have read....am free now.

If there was a serious side to that post...I missed it sorry.

And of course if it was a genuine post...Please let us know. ....



Forums are not for the faint-hearted Dave, this one is in fact not very tolerant - I remember the post but not the comments, I know I made one re hoping it wasn't his only reason for ending a 12 yr relationship. My husband tolerated my son and myself smoking and he was a never-smoker, so I found it a tad trivial.

Editing to add by "not very tolerant" I mean re effing and blinding and remarks of a personal nature - some of the others I frquent would make your hair curl! This is a meeting place for people with serious health issues so I think the line taken is good.

Yea, we have lung issues...not brain issues, eh. Thanks for that. Kind regards

Dave my man , you've said a mouth full and good for you. I don't know what you said to be scolded for but as long as you weren't giving a Perscription for medications you've got every right to state your thoughts. You are much nicer in your reply to THE CENSORS than I would have ever been. Tell it like it is censers be DAMNED.

Thanks for that, Papaboy200. It was certainly a surprise to be reprimanded for, what I thought, was a perfectly legitimate comment. I am grateful for your support.

Kind regards-Dave, Blackpool.

Totally agree with you, Dave. We have become totally obsessed with political correctness. Everybody seem to be terrified of saying the wrong thing and offending someone. If I don't agree with somebody's opinion outpourings on a website, I simply ignore it or express my view, because everyone is entitled to an opinion in a so called democracy.

Don't let the ' 1984' G Wells zombies get you down.


I repeat, it was nothing to do with political correctness, as those who READ the comments will know. If you didnt read them you cant know what was said so with respect youre not entitled to an opinion. Baseman was rude about Sparkster's appearance. No civilised person thinks thats ok surely. I didnt report it but I think its right that rude remarks about someones personal appearance are taken down. Robin

So you think that picture was "sparkster"! Goodness gracious! I thought naivete was something you grew out of...obviously not!

You cant seem to resist insulting people.

Whether it was his photograph or not, can we remain polite please? This is a forum for people who are ill, many of whom are isolated, and it is not a place to come to hurl insults.

Toci...We all know that your absolutely right.

I wish some people would stop behaving like old silly billys. ..

People don't always respond to silly snips but most people would be thinking the same as me..

Get a life. ...

Hope you all get up the right side of bed...

Could worsen your condition if not.



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