How old do you need to be?

Hi everyone!

I noticed that some of you have been reporting posts from new teen community members. So, just a quick reminder that people under the age of 16 are prohibited from creating an account and becoming a member of HealthUnlocked:

If you don't know how to report users / content to admins and HU, please have a look here:

Thanks for the help!

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  • Hi

    Not only do they try to impersonate genuine members, they also give incorrect information including age.

    From the information given there in no indication of age or gender.

    More information should be required to less make it less viable to become a member just to cause upset and distress.

    Unfortunately nuisance members do not concern them selves with guidelines.

  • Yes I was one of those who reported the 14 year old as I thought she was too young to be on here. x

  • I don't believe it was a 14 yearold, I think it was someone at it. they put a post up about headaches got couple replies, then deleted it then put another post up to do with there back.

  • Oh x

  • Okay I'm glad you posted this - I felt SO sorry for her cos she was only 14! I just won't reply in future. x piggi

  • I replied to piggi , thought no harm in giving the girl a bit of advise didn't relies was an age restriction

  • Why cannot they just put an ignore button so if there is a troll it can be ignored in one click?

  • i agree, an ignore button would be good.

  • What does locking out say to a young ill disabled person?

    Why not give them their own "room" with no access to the rest of the site until 18?

    This is further indication that my suggestion of making separate forums/areas/rooms would benefit the site.

  • I agree that there are people under 18 that are ill with many ailments but a lot of this is due to a well publicised site that was aimed at young people but it was predated and trolls made some peoples lives hell and made a lot of forums worried that they would be regulated or even prosecuted!

    I am old enough and ugly enough to know that sometimes not saying anything is a better way to answer. The PC brigade do not think I can make that decision on my own

    Be Well

  • Hi Vesa,

    Have you thought of setting a separate link for people under say 21 just a thought


    Sorry stree just seen your comment

  • Aww, I think it's a shame that HealthUnlocked is actually, er, locked to teens living with lung diseases or other conditions. I can understand why, but maybe like someone else said a more comprehensive sign-up process should be available so that teens with genuine illnesses or concerns can use the forums :P

  • I wish sometimes this place was a quick to welcome difference as it is to condemn it.

    One site I visited had an excellent way to deal with questionable posters.....They had a room called "The Attic"and any misbehaviour and there you went with no access to the rest of the site until your ID, age, etc had been vetted or agreed to modify your behaviour. This system worked well.

    However, this requires pro-active and intelligent moderators.

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