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An Unfortunate Week...

That wasn't a good week at all...quite glad to have the cottage back to ourselves actually.

But the donkeys are home again and the kittens are endlessly entertaining...Murphy puts his paw into the water bowl, to make certain I suppose that it's full, before he has a drink. He perches right on the edge of the sink when Himself is doing the washing up, watching the bubbles and Molly comes into the bathroom with me when I have a shower...she sits bolt upright on the mat then suddenly takes a flying leap onto the windowsill...her tail hanging over the edge, swishing back and forth.

We have to keep the loo roll on the soap dish in the shower otherwise they rip it to shreds and it's useless having the milk jug out on the table...one of them will have their head in it before your back is turned...

Murphy is such a character...pick him up and he gazes thoughtfully at your face and then pats your cheek with his paw while purring non-stop...his fur is thick and very soft, just right for stroking. He sits beside me when I'm in bed on the settee, kneading the crochet blanket and rubbing his chin over it before sliding a paw under the sheet to pat my arm...

Molly is cuddly as well, but in a different way...she makes her bed on your lap and purrs so loudly I swear they can hear her next door but one...but she doesn't stay long before leaping into the air after a moth or she sits in the window gazing out at the birds and then takes a flying leap onto the floor before racing into the bedroom with her tail up straight and her eyes as big as saucers...back she comes and skids across the floor at ninety miles an hour...

It's just as well we had them here this past week...stroking little Murphy kept me from hurling a hard and heavy object at Reuben.

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ha ha you sound like me when we have some relations stay tell the wife its nice to see them turn up even better when we are waving good bye ,

Oh Vashti so know where your coming from! Enjoy the peace xx

Love to see cats kneading their beds, or anything they may be sitting on,make the most of their antics they grow up so quickly, as for visitors I find they can be very stressful now I am older,like the quiet life now days.

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Have a lovely relaxed weekend with himself and the puddy tats Vashti, a week of visitors is a lot of extra work so I think a nice rest is in order lol!πŸ˜€huff who is extremely knackered out!πŸ˜›πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸˆπŸˆ xxx

You paint a lovely picture of those puss cats, I can almost feel their soft paws. You can enjoy your more familiar routines now that you have your home to yourselves again. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

You were so looking forward to the company, sorry it didn't go so well. Anticipation is often the greatest pleasure. I love your descriptions of the kittens, I can almost feel their soft paws and kneading. I hope you have a restful week. Love Margaret x


It's such a pity you had an unfortunate week with your relations as you were so looking forward to them coming. The two of you just have a lovely relaxing weekend with no stress! Enjoy your lovely pets who bring you so much joy. Keep well & be happy πŸ˜€

They do say that there is only one things better than having guests, and that's when they leave. Give your 2 lovely kittens a big kiss from me. x

We've got the perfect answer here - no spare bedroom so visitors stay in the Premier Inn not far away! I'm just so,sorry though that your visit didn't go,well, you were so looking forward to seeing them. So pleased your fur babies cheer you up. Even though my two are now 8 years old, they still entertain us πŸ˜€. Jan xx

I have visitors for two weeks its only day three and I'm already seething, will have to take a chill pill !

My visitor came on Monday and I am delighted to say is leaving on next Monday, stays about 3 times a year and I am always delighted to see him arrive and always happier to see him leave! Mind you there is a big plus side as he lives in France with a nice pool and can go out whenever I want!

Thanks Vashti. Enjoy your weekend. Neo.

Delighted to hear how well your kitties are, you have done wonders, Vashti. Next time Reuben comes, how about accidentally dropping infernal gadget in a bucket of water?

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