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Breathing Test Went Well.

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I was not looking forward to this full breathing test it was hard enough when I was Ok but going through now when my stats dictate my life was going to be very hard, The nurse said if my stats level dropped below the guideline she would stop the test and inform the Consultant, But as the test continued I relaxed more and I did better than I thought I would do and the nurse said I did very well indeed that it even suprised her and it has done my referal to the transplant team no harm whatsoever. mattcass

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Well done, Matt. xx

Good news Matt.


Great news Mat! xx

glad it went well at least its out the way now , take care

Good news mattcass congratulations

That's such good news, well done you!😁 huff xxxx

That's good news. I had a full breathing test on Tuesday. I don't know the figures but the guy who did the test told me my figures weren't very good. I think I already knew that.

All that worry. Well done and thank goodness for that. Take care


Dozy ☺ 🐀 xx

I bet your pleased Matt and rightly so. Enjoy the weekend. xx

Hi Matt,sounds good,my last lung function test my Fev1 went up 3% checked it three times to make sure .I was knackered after but felt great cheered by the news having been told my liver would,nt handle the rejection drugs for transplant but now I might get LRVS.All because I got my car and could drive to a place I could exercise.I,ve joined the YMCA gym now but have to get a lift as my eyes are so bad.These things are sent to try us and they,re trying me that's for sure,Good luck,D.

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