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Sugar free

I have had bronciecatasis since 2007. lost my lovely Dad, recently to emphysema.

I have like most of us been on and off prednislone steroid tablets for years this left me with adrenal gland insufficiency, so now have to stay on the things for the rest of my life, they have now recently diagnosed me with steroid induce diabetes 2 for which I take metaformin.

I have noticed several members here have the same problem. I know of a site which sells lovely sugar free chocolates, biscuits, jams Gift hampers, for (for Christmas and birthdays ) etc.

I have tried most of the stuff on there and its scrummy. A choccie fix without the guilt lol Its not just for diabetics but for anyone looking to eliminate sugar from their diet, theres some good recipes there too. Its called SugarNoNO.

Sugar effects a lot of other problems such as arthritis, IBS weight gain, tooth decay etc so I

I hope this helps.

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Hello Tedthebear, I am so sorry for the loss of your Dad.I hope the pain of him going is easing a little for you now.Sounds as if you have not been very well ,sorry to hear.I seem to have been fortunate not to have had many steroids it seems they sometimes do more harm than good! I will definitely look up the sugar free goodies I have such a sweet tooth and I know it's not good to have tooo much!😁 my Dad loved sugar mice 😀

Sending you a big bear hug, huff xxxx


Thank you for your kind words huff. xxxx


Always my shoulder here Tedthebear 😃 I lost my Mum to emphysema and my heart was broken , I miss her always.😘💕💕💕 look after yourself ,another big bear hug , huff 😘 xxx


sorry to hear of your loss , very hard when you lose a parent i lost my mum 16 year ago , and there are times still when i see or hear something i think oh must tell mum that then realise i cant , so hard with the steroids we have to take them but some side affects can be very nasty, take care


Many thanks mmzetor. As we both have lung diseases, I miss not being able to turn to him for advice.

The steroids are a case of you cant live with them but you cant live without them either I think.

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you know there is always some one here who can help you with advice going through the same problems as yourself health wise but i know its not the same ,


Really sorry you have steroid induced diebetis. I have put up a link which you may find interesting

As someone who suffers from IBS and is resently on a FODMAP diet monitored by a dietician I would say be very careful using these products with IBS. Some of the stuff contains Sorbitol which is one of the Polyols, which are sugar alcohols. Polyols are poorly absorbed carbohydrates and in many people can trigger IBS - like symptoms. This is according to my FODMAP booklet from the dietician.

love cx


Sorry to hear you lost your Dad, Ted. I lost mine 11 years ago and I still miss his calm, gentle nature.

You've got a lot going on health wise, but, I'm sure someone on here will have a bit of good advice.

You might not have your Dad now, to tell your troubles to but, there is always someone on here to give you some support, advice or friendship. xx

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Thank you all for your kind words. I am careful what sugar free products that I buy as my son has IBS. He has been a lot better since he has reduced sugar from his diet, wont cure it but it has helped it a lot.


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As someone with very severe COPD, grossly overweight and newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, only partly blamed on the steroids I must add, I've decided to reject the pharmacological route and try to manage the condition with diet. There are now compulsive arguments available to suggest sugar and high carb diets are responsible for the explosive increase in diabetes in the last century. Prior to organised agriculture and mass food processing, diabetes was virtually unheard of. The big medical problem we are told is high cholesterol, yet despite the exponential increase in statin consumption, diabetes continues to run amok, in part due to dated thinking on the part of the medical profession and ruthless promotion of statins by Big Pharma.

I recently completed a NHS provided gold standard DESMOND training course for newly diagnosed diabetics, and whilst some important lessons were learnt, the standard of teaching by 1 of the 2 trainers left much to be desired, unsurprising as I subsequently discovered anyone employed by the NHS could apply to be a DESMOND trainer. No wonder he couldn't answer awkward questions on the role of fats in our diet.

I've now been on the caveman diet for some months, have lost a stone and a half, and my blood sugar is down from 6.9 to 6.1, without medication. I'm still enjoying my real ale, and apart from the inevitable chest infections, am feeling better than for some time.

Please note I am NOT a trained medic and any changes you make should be after consultation with a health pro. For anyone interested in an alternative approach, I have found the following books to offer an eye opening insight into diabetic control

Pure, White and Deadly by John Yudkin

The Great Cholesterol Con by Malcolm Kendrick

The Calorie Myth by Jonathan Bailor.

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I think what a lot of people don't realise is that sugar is highly addictive. You can have a bar of chocolate and 30 minutes later want another one, and how many of us can just take 1 biscuit from a pack and then leave the rest ? most of us keep going back for more, because the sugar addiction kicks in, this causes us to have mood swings and low energy levels, as the sugar gives us a quick high but then comes crashing back down again. If I eat the sugar free chocolate which I get from the sugarNoNo website I find I only need a few squares, or 1 or 2 biccies, then don't need anymore as I don't get the craving from the sugar fix. My energy levels are better, now and have lost weight since I swapped to sugar free.


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