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On the Road to recovery:

Good Morning all I must say today is my last day of my 14day supply of antibiotics for my pneumonia. I feel alot better then I did 2 weeks ago but still not back to complete self I am sure it wil take time. But I do have to set up a chest x-ray in about 2 more weeks cause my GP wants to make sure it is cleared up the way it should be. I still haven't yet to smoke which I am so proud of myself for that. I have many positive things that are starting to come into my life and I know in my heart its for a reason so I am going to continue with all the good things and know that good things come to good people and sooner or later my struggles will get easier and easier as long as I keep my faith. Thank you to all my new found friends all over the world on this website for giving me a better outlook on alot of struggles I did have..

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glad to hear you are feeling a lot better it does take time , well done on the smoking it can be very hard , glad to see you have a very positive attitude I think that does more good than some of the medication does hope you keep improving, take care


You do right to feel proud of yourself! I hope you are fully recovered from the pneumonia.


Great to hear you are nearly finished your abs course. You will soon start to feel so much better. Your positive attitude will stand you in good stead for the future. Good luck & keep well x


What a great post, I'm so pleased to read you are seeing results, I do believe you are doing very well , stopping smoking is not an easy thing to do you should be very proud of this achievement! Well done and I hope you continue to stay positive and get stronger each day, huff xxx😘💕💕💕


Glad you are feeling better.

love cx


Well done you on stopping smoking! I watched my husband struggle while he tried to kick the habit, not easy but he's not smoked now for three and a half years. I'm sure the outcome of his recent emergency hospital admission wouldn't have been as good, had he still been smoking. So keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing that you're back to,your old self. Jan xx


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