He's home!

I'm so pleased to say that my husband is now home from hospital 😊. He's still quite poorly but he's starting to be grumpy sometimes which is definitely a good sign lol. He's very determined and wants to do more than I feel he should be doing - it's so difficult because I don't want to keep reminding him of how ill he is but neither do I want him to do too much. I'm trying not to fuss but it doesn't come easy. Anyway, again thank,you all for your support - it was so good to know you were there for me - and for my husband 😍. Jan xx

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  • Really glad he's home Jan! Please send him best wishes x

  • That constant dilemma - needing to do more to improve, but not so much that it sets you back. Good luck, Jan and hoping your husband continues to get better.

  • Hello Jan

    How lovely to have him home....and grumpy is a good sign he is on the mend !!

    Can't wait to get my husband home from hospital....grumpy or not, don't we miss them.

    I like you have had masses of support from the Guys and Gals on this site....Three Cheers for them all....Their kindness has been brilliant.

    You must remember to take care of yourself, it's very easy to overdo it when you are nursing a loved one...

    Sending love and best wishes to you both.

    Velvet xx

  • So pleased to hear he is home. And such a difficult time - he does need to to do things but as you say not to do too much. Wishing him a speedy recovery and you lots of patience, lots of love TAD xxx

  • All my best wishes to you and hubby. If he is grumbling he is getting better. When you start grumbling at him you will know things are back to "normal" LOL

    Love and hugs to you both.



  • What wondefull news! So glad for you both. Wishing him a speedy recovery & you take care of yourself. It's hard work nursing an invalid just out of hospital. Best wishes to you both x

  • Glad your hubby is home. I had a spell in hospital in March an when I came out my wife mollycoddled me. Most of the time I listen., this Wednesday I didn't and overdid it at pulmonary rehab session. Hope your hubby listens as you have his best interests at heart.

  • Glad your husband is home I hope he keeps improving. Look after yourself as well.

  • Wonderful news I'm so pleased he's home Jan, hope he continues to improve and he doesn't stay grumpy for long!😁 huff xxxx

  • glad to hear he is home , we had same problem regarding over doing things with my 80 year old dad he has heart problems and copd asthma but quiet fit apart from that , but soon as he gets out of hospital straight in garden doing things step mum worry but doctor said if he wants to do it let him not to keep going on to him about it trying to stop him , take care

  • Great news Jan tell him little steps are the best, better not to rush things, I am sure he won't be grump for long.

    take care

    polly xx

  • That's good news Janann. Maybe agree to let him do things but to ask you if he needs help? I agree fussing might make him annoyed but it's very hard not to isn't it? x

  • So happy he is home Jan. 'grumpy' probably show's he wants to do more and is fed up with his patient status. But when he tries he finds he needs to gain more strength , hence cycle of grumpiness. On the rare occasions my husband is ill, I Enjoy the opportunity to mother him but he all too soon.gets his macho man back. Take care x

  • Good news Jan. So glad you have your dh home. Don't forget to look after you too.

    love cx

  • Hi, Jan, so glad to hear you have your Hubby home, may he continue to improve. I know hoe difficult it is to try not too fuss too much, but he'll know it's for his own good. Make sure you take care of yourself too.

    Take care,

    ChristIne. XXX

  • Thank you all so much for your replies. He's definitely feeling better - he was watching me putting in winter bedding plants yesterday and was telling me in no uncertain terms that I was doing it wrong 😀😀. Jan xx

  • That's very good news Jan - I can see the dilemma re how much he wants to be doing etc. Hope he's back to full strength soon. You take care too. xx

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