The Likely Lads!

The Likely Lads!

Meet my new friends.The black one on the top is Walter and his pal below is Wilfie.They are not related but are rescue kittens from the same place,both were abused sperately and just seemed to like each other.The crazy cat lady (she would,nt mind me calling her that) said she thought they should stay together as they get on so well and both had an unpleasant start in life.So now they get equally spoilt with hugs and tickles and a comfy place to sleep ( like most cats they sleep wherever they want to) .I reckon Walter will be my night time foot warmer this winter. As for me I,m currently finding being blind a horrific experience,can,t drive,have to have a torch on my head and a magnifier to read anything,both my favourite pastimes.So the boys are keeping me sane (just about ) .2nd November I,m booked in for cataract surgery even asked for a cancellation but Don,t hold out much hope,think the Oramorph is keeping me from going completely mental (it,s almost worse than not being able to breathe ).Ok had my moan now back to tickle duty.Hope you are all coping with the change in the weather,keep warm and dry folks ,all the best.D.

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  • They are beautiful cats & look very contented. I'm sure they'll keep you very good company. Sorry to hear you're having problems with your eyesight. At least after you have your cataract op, you should be able to see more clearly. Take care & enjoy your new friends! πŸ˜€

  • Thank you Jessy.D.

  • Beautiful cats, they certainly look very contented. Fingers crossed for a cancellation for your cataract op. its a fantastic op, totally changes everything for you. I have had cataracts removed from both eyes the results were wonderful. Take care xx

  • Lovely pic of your cats farmer, sorry to hear of that news, and pray that something can be done i,e cataract treatment asap, possible cancellation, maybe even getting your g,p to "push it through"

    its bad enough with breathing problems.but having to cope with this as well must be really difficult.

    my old mother now 92, has worsened with "macular degeneration", she is now concerned with the very little sight she has in her one eye. just of late. almost totally blind.

    Apart from this, and pretty severe osteoporosis, is determined to get out each day.

    i got the shock of my life when she visited me in hospital, told no one, came on her own :) how she found it, god only knows :) i'm no" mummies boy" but off course i do love my old

    mum, Determination seems to be the key.

    Don't give up hope farmer, i do hope_ pray things can be resolved even to some extent

    kindest regards jimmy

  • Hi Jimmy,now you mention it I,m quite lucky I,m only sixty and be getting my eyes fixed soon. " always look on the bright side of life" Take it easy my friend. πŸ‘πŸΏ D.

  • Hi farmer,

    Yes , "always look on the bright side of life " is most definitely the best way.

    Off course with all our different health problems its very often easier said than done. But off course,always best to give it our best "shot".

    It must be terribly frustrating for you , the waiting and wondering etc. i do feel for you my friend, Hopefully this can be resolved sooner rather than later.

    At least "Walter" and "Wilfie" look so contented in that pic. i bet their a lot more contended than they used to be !! ,, and that's seems to be thanks to you.:)

    all the very best farmer, jimmy :)

  • Lovely cats. They look really good now you have them. It's great that they have come from a rotten situation to a loving home together.

    I do hope you get a cancellation. It's bloody awful enough as it is coping with bad lungs let alone your eyesight.

    I think you're very brave and that things pick up for you very soon.

    Annie x

  • Thanks Annie,take care πŸ’ D.

  • Hi Farmer D

    Lucky cats to be living with you and the crazy cat lady....I am sure they will be spoilt.

    Hope you get a cancellation, l didn't realise things were so bad for you with your eyesight.

    My dad has had both eyes done and the results are marvellous... Wishing you well Yah Hear !

    Velvet xx

  • Thanks Velvet,my wife is,nt the crazy cat lady although she is a cat lady and is a πŸ’ D.

  • So sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. Must say I am a wee bit worried about all those gorgeous ornaments and the puss cats bet they could clear the shelves in seconds,, but if they did it would be only to make it easier to dust puss cats do help a lot with clearing things :-) :-) :-)

  • Beautiful cats FarmerD,

    the weeks are flying by for me at the mo and hopefully they will for u too, fingers crossed all goes well and u can get back to normal ( whatever normal is for you lol 😜😜 ) take care xx Sonia xx

  • Hi Sonia thanks,D. πŸ’

  • Beautiful cats - yes, Walter will make a great foot warmer. Hope your eyes get sorted very soon. M

  • Thank you D.

  • What lovely cats and great they were rescued.Have great fun with themπŸ˜ƒ

  • Thanks! d.

  • lovely looking cats , I can see some of them ornaments on your unit going flying soon ,hope they get your eyes sorted soon take care Malcolm

  • DON,T mention ornaments Malcolm! We,re keeping them secret lol.Be interesting to see how many survive lol.Take care D.

  • What lovely new friends you have, I'd love to have some kittens they're so entertaining but my middle aged mog tends to disapprove of other cats coming anywhere near 'her property'. I do hope you get your cataracts done very soon.

  • Hi MP,that,s what I find strange with these two,no " this is my patch get off " they get on so well,could teach us humans a thing or two lol.D.

  • Love your new pals. Good to know that your cataract op is not so far away but it must seem years rather than months. You will be amazed at the difference. When I had my right eye done - - month before the left I was just flabbergasted. I had driven home I the dark from. Y elderly Aunts house (about 6 miles away) on badly lit country tracks the night before. I could see OK I thought but once they took the eye guard off I realised I shouldn't have been driving at all - even in daylight! I found it good to wear sunglasses in artificial light as the beams from the light got refracted all around my retina and it looked like a bright starburst all over my vision. That was the only way I could watch TV. I gave up reading about 6 months before as it was so hard.

    Good Luck.

    Give the kitties a few tickles under the chin from me please.



  • Thanks Sian,D.

  • Hi FD, i didn't realise you were having such a bad time with your sight. Hope the cataract op happens asap. My partner had it for both eyes and they even put new lenses in her eyes so that for the first time in her life she didn't need glasses.

    Im glad you have your lovely cats to keep you sane.

    Roll on 2nd November, or sooner if a cancellation comes up. Take care, :)

  • Cheers 02. πŸ‘πŸΏ D.

  • We've got two rescue cats - absolutely beautiful but they hate each other!! I wouldn't be without them though. And I really hope your cataract operation goes ahead soon. Although I eventually had both eyes done, there was an incredible improvement after the first op. Amazing! Jan x

  • Hi Jan ,I,ve never known two cats to like each other as much as these two ,It,s really sweet.D.

  • Oh I am so sorry you still have a time to go before your op. I too would be lost as reading in my favoutite thing that that keeps me sane. Still hopefully the kitties will keep you amused cat watching. Hope time passes quickly for you

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts,D.

  • Lovely kittens Farmer, they will keep you amused! Not long for your cataracts now, had one of mine done, waiting for the other, but what a difference it makes. Lovely to be able to drive again, when I have the breath to get as far as my car lol. xx

  • Now you mention it ,it does take ones mind off not being able to breathe for a while." Every cloud.....Take careD.

  • oh farmer, you are going through it aren't you, I do hope you get your op very soon and I love your new pals, I never understand how people abuse animals, or anything really but so glad they have a happy life now, best wishes to you xxx

  • Thanks MJ D.

  • Good morning Farmer D, your new friends are beautiful and I am sure they need you as much as you need them.

    I wanted to say that my husband had cataract surgery on both eyes (one at a time, two months apart) and the result was miraculous, we took him in for the first one and when we went to pick him up 4 hours later he saw us coming as soon as we walked through the door, it was amazing. After he had the other eye done he only needed his glasses when the daylight went or if he was in a dim light indoors. So I will be thinking of you having your surgery, and please let me know how you get on, Take care, big hugs xx

  • Thanks Gran,the waiting is driving me nuts,as is the wheel in my jeans pocket lol. πŸ’ D.

  • Beautiful cats. You are entitled to moan re being blin d. I lost some sight in right and dread the same happening to the other. Will be interested to hear how u go on re cataracts Husband just starting with them. Hope both cats cuddle you at night.Kaye x

  • Thanks Kaye. πŸ’ D.

  • Good to hear from you Farmer D and thank you for the lovely photo of those two sweet cats. How could anyone hurt them? and how lucky they are to have you too. You will all keep each other sane! Hope the cataract op goes really well and that you do get that cancellation, who knows.

    Wishing you well. Take care. xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy,Thanks ,how are you doing,managing the nasty weather?We did,nt seem to get much of a summer this year I did,nt get my shorts on at all,time does fly by.D πŸ’

  • Been a nice day today but definitely getting chillier now. You are right, time does fly by. Take care xxxx

  • Hope you enjoy the cats.

    Where I live I have cat a..rat.

    Ho well.

    Take care.


  • My mother had her eyes done some years back and she often remarks that she doesn't wear glasses and she's 90esh...why do I wear them when am just a BOY.....

    She won't admit she had laser treatment.

    And are you sick again. so sorry


    Yes that's right mum you can't remember.

    Anyway Farmer D there's nothing to the operation and you can LOOK forward to seeing the keyboard properly.

    And if don't reply to this letter then your worse then you thought.


  • With my nose pressed against the IPad I can just manage a reply,cheers. πŸ‘πŸΏ D.






  • If I did,nt know better Andy I might think you were extracting the urine somewhat lol 😜





  • Hi Farmer D.

    What gorgeous cats. How wonderful of you to adopt them. They'll have such a good life with you . How old are they?

    So terrible they were abused. Makes me feel good to know they'll have a good life with you. Sorry to hear your eyes are so bad. Hopefully not for long. 😊😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Ruby,they,re about five months.We,ve only had them two weeks and I swear they,ve doubled in size,so cute.D. πŸ’

  • They are both adorable! (Also love your collection of ornaments in the background - colourful and homely and beats the new minimalism to my mind.)

    Hope you cataract op fixes up your eyesight and returns you to sanity.

    Best wishes Ngaire xx

  • Hi Ngaire,shssss Don,t ,we,re hoping the kitties won,t notice the ornaments,lol.It won,t be long before I,m crawling on my knees picking them all up.Thirty years of Nick nacks,I,m not good at chucking stuff away.Keep well.D.

  • Sorry, I won't say another word - keep up the tickling and petting to distract them.

    I don't throw out easily as well.

    Ngaire xx

  • Nice boys Farmer good luck with your op

  • Thanks Ona.D.

  • Hi Farmer,

    So sorry to hear about your 'troubles.' I also like to read and drive and I really have no idea how I would cope if my sight was gone. At least you know it is not permanent and once you have the surgery, hopefully your sight will be restored. You are very kind to adopt those adorable kittens. After their terrible start in life they have now firmly landed on their paws! I don't know what I would do without my cat? She gives me the motivation to carry on when I am having a bad day,

    Look after yourself


  • Hello Malinka,it,s definitely a two way benefit having cats.They may even give me more than I can give them,a lot of mutual love floating round my house at present.D.

  • I love the cats Farmer, I am sure Walter will keep your feet warm. So sorry about your eyesite and hope it waon't be too long before the cateract removal op, sorts the sight out. In the mean time have you thought about Google voice or Audible? they can read your books and news too you. Love Margaret x

  • Hi Margaret,thanks for the idea I,m hoping I can cope with the "brow torch " and magnifier until my surgery but will keep in mind the audio solution.As always there are plenty a lot worse off than me so I shall grin and bare it.Take care.D. πŸ’

  • Hello FarmerD. I just wanted to say that once you have had the cataract operation your life will change so much. My husband had both of his eyes done (6 months apart) and the difference in him was truly amazing, when I took him to the hospital for the operation he could hardly see at all, and when I went to pick him up he waved to me as I came through the door several away from where he was sitting, and once he had the other one done he didn't need his glasses anymore it was amazing. I really hope that the outcome is the same for you.

    I have just re read your post and I see that the appointment was for the 2nd November so maybe you have had the operation, please let us know how it has gone. Take care xx

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