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It's Alright Now...Back Where I Started From!

I found I could go back to Windows 8 with no trouble at all...it took ten minutes and I did it on my own...Reuben was cross 'cos I complained so much about Windows 10...I know I said Windows 11...was a bit puddled.

Apparently you can only uninstall Windows 10 for one month after you've installed it...at least that's what it said.

Everything came back...all my Favourites and everything in its proper place again...yippee!

I do feel very sorry for anyone struggling the way I was...wouldn't be wishing it on anybody.

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you sound like me, and don't like change,


me too

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Well done & you did it without help. Sometimes the new ideas are not so good after all! Happy computing on Windows 8 😀

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does that include modern tvs

Most definitely NOT! 😮Don't you dare try to wriggle out buying your lovely wife a new flat screen TV! 😀

I daren't not with you all on to me

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Hi Windows 10 is making me puddled. Am trying to carry on with it. Have kept favourites by staying on Google for the moment. Have bought dummies book for seniors. Mind you, seem to having senior citizen moments, Trying to do to many things at once. When we changed the bed it looked so enticing!. Kaye

I never got Windows 10 Vashti as we didn't have Windows 8.1(?) to be able to download 10? Confused? I was so stuck with what I have got already and that seems just fine to me. xxxx

That's great vashti well done. I am one of the ones who sat on the fence to see if it was any better before jumping in. I am definitely not going to download Windows 10 (or 11, 12 etc.) now. x

Son works in IT and he always tells me to wait a year before downloading, let everyone else find the bugs plus he doesn't like 10 anyway!

I honestly cannot see the point of all this "updating" rubbish? If you're happy with what you have, keep it. I reluctantly had to change from XP to Windows 7 when I bought a new computer a few years ago, but managed to finally get my head around it.

"If it ain't broke- don't fix it"....end of. XX

Hi Nikkers

Just what him indoors said !

He downloaded 10 - mumbled a lot etc etc. Then reinstalled 7.

The spare one I'm allowed to use has


Personally I like to stick to my good old Samsung S4 Mini Phone.

😁 Ann

Loads of my "virtual" friends have given up on Win 10 - one very knowledgeable IT geek said that the first users to go for these upgrades are really lab-rats for the company! Needless to say I haven't done it - not computer-savvy enough, mercifully!

It does make you wonder, why they keep urging people to get Windows 10? Pre Windows 8 I could get Microsoft Office/Word included, now I am charged an extra £100 a year. Window 10 will probably charge us all extra for emails! All those ridiculous ads about the future leaders owing it all to Windows 10! What kind of world are we living in?

Take care


I too went back to windows 7 as loads of things that I had before did not work correctly on 10 there were some features that I liked but not enough to keep it it was much easier to go back to 7 than to install 10. I installed kingssoft to give me word and exel, you can download for free. HP Packard told me that until the are ready to give us the correct drivers for 10 we will never be able to use all of the facilities it offers.

Open Office has been around for years, and is a feature packed suite of programmes available as a free download which offers full Microsoft Office file compatibility. It does everything you want from Word and Excel and has one major advantage, it's free and so are updates.

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