Stubborn husband

Hi my husband went for his annual checkup today and his fev1 had dropped from 64 to 57 nurse said he was a bit chesty but did not listen to his chest of advise that he sees a doctor, being a typical man (sorry gents) he didn't ask any questions especially about pr cours, should I be concerned about the drop in fev1 and should he be given any medication, only symptom he has is breathing slightly heavy and as light cough like he is trying to clear his throat.thanks in advance. Lyn

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  • my results was around the same but I was breathless and was given blue inhaler but it didn't help much but it was only while at hospital that they started me on other inhalers,

  • Thank you, I will keep trying to help her m even though he thinks I'm nagging, by the way I think we live vet in the same county

  • im Norfolk

  • my wife is good at that to especially with the doctors

  • Was in Norfolk now moved to the borders of Norfolk and Suffolk Norfolk sign two miles down the road

  • not far away then

  • he is best to have a doctors appointment maybe you go with him then ask any questions you have too

  • Will try lol

  • My advice would be to twist his arm behind his back and March him back to the docs!! 😉

    I'd be thinking back to his last lung function test, when was it? How long ago? If it dropped 7 in that time and he doesn't make any changes then it could drop another 7 before the next one. Slippery slope, there are so many on here who've improved with exercise and/or learning on PR.

    PR is fantastic. My respiratory nurse referred me for it in London. They thought I had mild copd as well as asthma at the time and wanted to change my future. They did.

    I don't have copd as of June. Think I never did, was just very poorly then for a long time. Greatly improved now.

  • Sent you a message but it has not appeared on screen, so here goes again, thank you so much will have to drag him to doctors

  • OOOH its so maddening! My husband is just the same. I dread the annual respiratory check by a non- specialist nurse who has no idea about current treatments BUT he still goes, asks no questions and inline with our doctors practise who feel that if you are "coping" you dont need a specialist - refuses a specialist! SO I armed myself with as much information as I could. Pulmonary Rehab is fantastic - a six week course, twice a week, two hours run by specialist nurses - one hour monitored exercise and one hour information. But you need a referral from your doctor. I had to ask and ask and ask. Apparently my husband looked too well for a referral! And I have to say it did help my husband to take more control of his illness and understand it.

    I never get too hung up on the results of the tests - I go on how my husband is. To be fair he is now at 27% FEV1 so I leave that result is for the doctors. As your husband is breathing more heavily and he has more of a cough he needs to see a doctor. Good luck - if he is anything like mine! My husband makes me feel as if I am doing him a grave misjustice taking him to the doctor! Take good care of yourself, lots of love TAD xx

  • Thank you Tad mine thinks I'm a hypochondriac lol

  • Sounds like his test would be better, if he felt better.😊 I would say also-- how long ago was the other test? Thats not that big of a drop really.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi Rubyred, last test was a year ago

  • One of the GPs from our practice went on local radio a couple years ago and said the majority of male patients only attended because "nagged" by wives or wives making appts. He said he wished more wives did so as sometimes men leave it so late it can have serious consequences. I have just made an apt for mine. Told him he can cancel if the symptoms disappear. Kaye

  • Good luck with that, hope he sees sense and goes, why are we nagging when we are only trying to help, why can't they see this, oh yes of course men from Mars women from Venus so true lol

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