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Contrast ct scan + colonoscopy polypectomy biopsy


Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post had a busy weekend

Ya could say I have been poked prodded then had camera stuck up my Arr

Well the colonoscopy was a experience esp as I decided to have no sedation or pain relief

(1) I did not want my respority rate slowing any further

(2) those with emphysema can not have gas or air entonox pain relief

Apart from feeling violated the procedure went well .. I Had 1 or 2 polyp that involved a polypectomy and 4 biopsy taken ... the laxative as put me of lemons for life.

As to the contrast ct scan of abdomen thorax pelvis that went well .. euphoric in fact I felt with Iodine WHY was that eh

Super man marathon runner I felt like ... am just glad am realist BUT I did ask could I have some to take home :)

Anyway is complex BUT have been looking into it as I felt so grat DEFO makes a change from feeling ill

Is all complex business with those pesky amino acids and that butterfly gland thyroid gland .. and stuff like tyrosine a think is a steroid & thyroglobulin I assume is like Immunoglobulin all antibodies plasma cell stuff

Now as I have low Immunoglobulin Igm could Iodine be stimulating my thyroid and is streriode inhaler making my Immunoglobulin Igm low

Like I never knew there was such a thing as Iodine deficiency

As unsale to many questions but not many answers BUT I would not be surprised as like here in UK we have lowest levels Before B12 deficiency is addressed could it all be part of Dumbing down the population

O picture is what contrast dose to your blood cells

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Hi D3nis. Glad you got through the procedure ok. Tyrosine is a non essential amino acid, one of approx. 22 our bodies use to make proteins. Some migraineurs need to avoid foods high in tyrosine and the related tyramine (found in a lot of preserved foods like cheese and salted fish) as they can trigger migraines.

I was really surprised to read that if you have I have got emphysema and when I had my colonoscopy two months ago I was given Entonox because the sedative was Morphine based and I have an intolerance to Morphine, ummm makes you wonder doesn't it?

That last post seems to have lost something in the posting, it should say:-

"I was really surprised to read that if you have got emphysema you can't have Entonox etc." x

For info - you CAN edit your post: click the down chevron next to the 'reply' and 'like' boxes; click edit from the dropdown; change the stuff you want to; click 'edit response'. Et voila! (just back from a week en France)

They listened, they looked, now let us hope the news is good. xx

Hi Dennis, pleased this procedure is out of the way . Not pleasant is it. I had it done in the summer but it wasn't polyps as suspected but Diverticulitis. One nurse suggested gas and air but the other said no, she has copd. It wasn,t too bad but uncomfortable and as you say I felt somewhat violated but the nurses were a great help in making me laugh, not difficult and talking me through what was happening. Hope all is well. Love Margaret.x

Wow Daz you have been given the works there then! Iodine is definitely to do with thyroid as a friend in the USA had thyroid cancer so had it removed and had to have iodine supplements.

I hope things improve a bit for you but don't you go sneaking that iodine out from under the doctors noses.

Take care xxxx

Jeez! Glad that's over then I bet. Good for you Daz.

I'll be interested to learn more about lung stuff and drugs affecting the thyroid, I'm always desperately tired.

Good luck Daz xx

Hi Denis,sounds gruesome.I was given madazalam probably wrong spelling,for sedation.Awake first few minutes then drift off as the embarrassment takes hold.It was uncomfortable enough with that so well done coping without it.Not sure if you learned anything apart from the iodine thing.Hope you can have a break from procedures and a rest until the next lot.Best of luck mate.D.

Glad the procedure went well at least you can have you mind put at rest now

I'm glad your test were clear Daz, at least now you know what you don't have. xx

glad things turned out well , i know well what the procedure is about,, never, never to be forgotten, although i laugh now :D i wasn't laughing then, in my colonoscopy, the equipment malfunctioned, had to be turned off, with the camera stuck in my upper colon!!, without sedation!! ,, and the operator-consultant asked me if i wanted to see it on screen :D no thank you :)

jimmy :)

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