Dallas? I think not!

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that Eastenders has lost the plot?

Reminiscent of a very diluted version of Dallas "Who shot J.R?" The oh so drawn out storyline of "Who killed Lucy" has now warn so thin it's ridiculous, and does anyone care anyway? She was one of the worst characters ever to have been in it ... an anorexic, lying, cheating junkie that bedded anything that breathed........along with Stacy, they just about had every male in the East end. Now the devil child that is Bobby is set to get away with and leave poor old Max to take the rap - how believable is that? Surely Jane must have realised by now that if one Beale can shoot her and ruin her chances of ever being a Mum, and now a second is showing similar traits....there has to be a faulty gene there somewhere? Somebody please shop the little monster and let's get some decent storylines. Funny how soooooo many people in Walford know that he did it, but nobody has the bottle to speak up, doesn't anybody like poor old Max at all- even his Sisters now gone and left him?

We have Kathy returning from the dead (Dallas again) and nobody looking more than a bit surprised to see her! If that happened for real, just imagine how it would really effect you - horrific, or what?

Jade's obviously been taken much worse by her CF (haven't seen her on here yet) as she seems to have vanished along with Denny who recently had a metamorphosis.

Just thought I'd mention it. Lol :-D

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  • Hi I stopped watching Eastenders when all the characters kept changing. x

  • How wise Coughalot, I think I should have done. xx

  • Haha you are totally spot on about Eastenders! 😂😂 I just wish someone had the guts to shop that devil child Bobby & let us get on to the next unbelievable storyline!

  • bring back lou beale she would sort them all out

  • Or give you Nan a part...I am sure like me she would sort the lot of them out !!!

    Velvet xx

  • oh yes she rekons she is the matriarch of the family only problem is no body take any notice

  • Ha Ha.....I would like to see you tell her that !!!!

    Velvet xx

  • ha ha her daughter does the wife's mum tells her it 2015 not the 40s any more ,

  • order of the day is normally mother in law ring nan for hour to see if she ok , then she ring wife for an hour to moan about when nan moaned to her out I just stay well out of it if I get asked any thing I just say oh I don't know

  • Don't think I can watch Eastenders here. I sure did love Dallas. Watched them all over again, not to long ago.

    They tried to bring it back . Didnt last long. What shows do you guys watch there? Wonder if I get some of them.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I'm sure you'll be getting "Downton Abbey" ( if you've not already)) Ruby, as I know that "Upstairs, Downstairs was a massive hit over there in the 70's? We're on the last series here and it will be missed. XX

  • Whats upstairs, downstairs

    About? Downtown Abbey,

    I've heard of.


  • It was a series in the 70's about all the goings on in a family much like Downton. The title referred to the Upper class family "upstairs" and the servants "downstairs." When I was on a visit to NY in 1975 everyone was raving about it.

    Also, you did used to get Eastenders there, as I recall them saying that a leaflet had been issued with a translation of the "Cockney" language used in the programme, for anyone that watched it! Lol

  • Cannot be doing with EastEnders, they lost the plot years ago now seems as if emmerdale and corrie are going the same way they need to get better writers in fact when you look at it TV is not what it was. Thank goodness to be able to get to a library or is it that I am getting old :-)

  • emmerdale went down hill after they took farm away from the title , plus don't seem the same with all the old characters gone ,

  • Gotta disagree with you there Mmzetor. Elizabeth Estenson (Diane) is a friend of mine and I think she's a good actress. I must admit though, I think all the soaps are scratching around for new plots and coming up with some ridiculous storylines. I do prefer Emmerdale over the others even so. XX

  • If only that were true, I think they stopped looking for plots when they started chasing the ratings. There seems to be a band wagon that all the soaps have jumped on - one plot with minimal variations to be acted out by all the soaps in turn. Not one of which can present it in a believable way because -"hey, they've already started on the next storyline, on the other channel", so none of them is given time for storylines and characters to be properly developed. Lucy's murder keeps getting put on hold (I suspect) because even the writers don't know how to bring it to an end that isn't laughable. And Corrie......it bears no resemblance whatsoever to the excellent program that it used to be. Too many writers, too much concern for ratings and money and too little concern for the overall quality of the production. That's not to discount the quality of the actors- most of them manage to give their characters a reality that the storylines lack, which is probably why we continue to watch them.

  • Forgot to add - in our house Eastenders is known as Happy Families!

  • Lol. :-D

  • You are getting old cat :) x

  • Stopped watching Eastenders about four & half years ago but last night I was changing channels & caught the tail end of it . What can I say - it was unbelievably awful - I did know vaguely what has been going on but last night I thought the acting was awful & just confirms I was right to stop watching. Incidentally, I also stopped watching Emmerdale & Coronation Street & from Starveycat's post I gather that was a good decision too.

  • Totally agree Nikkers, the Lucy saga has become such a stupid storyline, how long can they drag this out and when will they realise that we are bored with it. The new Denny! What a ridiculous replacement for the last one, he was wrong anyway. As if Sharon would have a posh little boy with a page boy haircut, she'd have a cockney with a shaved head. The new actor not right either (well, I don't think so). I think we did get a few glimpses of Jade early in the year but nothing since.

    I'm glad I'm not the only person that finds Eastenders ridiculous but still watch it!! Haha!!!

    Joy xx

  • Well said Joy! Lol

  • Thank heavens I never watch it!!

  • So agree, it is over dramatic. I only watch Coronation Street now but it

    Is going the same way. X

  • I only watch Corrie now of all the soaps. My family started watching it when it started and I have never broken the habit. I am glad that Callum storyline has ended though as it was becoming tedius! Will miss Sean Ward as he was quite tasty. x

  • I agree 100% with all that, its getting very boring, how does it keep winning awards!!!!!! x

  • Hi

    Gave up on East Enders as the characters are so depressing and unattractive. Only really liked it when they had the Steve Owen character, serious eye candy. Now I just watch Corrie and Emmerdale as the characters have senses of humour and not all doom and gloom.

    Take care


  • Eastenders is the only soap I watch. Last night was poor, ridiculous the scene with Ian teetering on the edge for ages, and Jane pleading with him. give credit where it is due though and I did think the episode about the death of Shabnam's baby was well acted.

    We lost our first baby, a girl, aged two days in 1958 she was about 5 weeks premature and estimated weight was 4lbs. I am sure she would have survived today, which makes it more painful. I can relate to the difficulties of adjusting to being childless when you are physically all prepared to rear a child - breast milk and all those hormones which make you ready to love and nurture your child.

    lets hope they get some good writers in and improve some of the storylines.

  • I haven't watched Eastenders for years now, so can't comment on that. I do watch Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Some storylines are good and some not so, but what surprises me most lately is how they get away with quite graphic violence way before the watershed.


  • I have to say CD that the violence in the "live" episode really surprised me. Congratulations though to "Sarah Lou" and "Callum" for making it look so real - brilliant acting.

  • Agree the acting is in the main really good a few bits of dead wood who are lucky. The live episode was good and so it should be, they are professional actors. The violence doesn't worry me as a grown up viewer but I still find myself wondering how they get away with it so early in the evening.


  • I agree with you there Lyd ....the acting was first class and heart rending .

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss even so long ago I'm sure time doesn't heal completely -ever. love. Nikki XX

  • ha,ha very good yes agree with the bobby lucy storyline wish someone would shop the little brat is ridiculous now but then always has been - I often want to knock their heads together as they are all so stupid......... xx

  • Eastenders is rubbish. Why aren't you all listening to The Archers? Minimal violence, no murders in living memory, tangled relationships, animals galore, cliffhangers in plenty and the best bit is that you have to make up your own pictures.

    And you can do other things at the same time.

    Good evening to you all,

    K xx

  • I probably don't listen to it because I don't have a radio....except in my car! lol.

  • Hi Nikkers. I listen to the Archers omnibus on catch-up radio on my iPad. then you get one and a quarter hours all at once.

    I alternate it with classics on audio books. That is sheer pleasure.

    Love Kate xxx

  • I don't have an iPad either Kate. XX

  • I can't remember when I last watched a soap but my friend does and we are going to coronation street tour soon

  • I would like to do that, but I live too far away. Hope you enjoy it. XX

  • Digital radio is available through your digital TV. Anything has to be better than Eastenders.

  • Agreed, anything is better! Mind you I cant stand any soaps, or costume dramas, or hospital series, and theyre all over the schedules, every bleeding night! We're being drip-fed this rubbish to dull our brains and keep us quiet. Marx should have said "eastenders is the opium of the people"! R

  • There's lots of other channels to watch also, so no prob's.

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