Hi everyone ,,,an update on the leak and new carpet ,,,,positive conversation with insurance company ,,,,,after I suggested ,,,,,if they want to know the size of the holes in the walls ,,,,,and views of rooms from all angles ,,,,( as they requested AGAIN ) ,,,,,,please feel free to leave your comfy office chair and call in and ,,,, measure the dam holes yourself !,,,,,,,,,, so frustrating ,,,,,,but I think I've finaly got through to them as he said he would ring me tomorrow with his final desission ,,,,,,so please ,,,,keep everything crossed.

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  • Hope you get good news tomorrow.


  • Hope your Insurance company pays up. We all pay enough in premiums to warrant getting a claim settled to our advantage. New carpet any day now for you! 😂😂

  • good luck with them I do hate dealing with insurances they quick enough to take the money but not so quick to pay out ,take care

  • Good luck, hope it goes well for you xx

  • Keeping everything crossed for you!

  • Up date ,,,,,FINALLY ,,,,,,good news ,,,,,they will pay ,,,,, ,,hooray ,,

  • Oh that's good, sorry I was a little late with my last reply but so pleased they're paying up. Now for that nice new carpet!

  • Well done you, I do hope they pay up - it's bad enough that you've had all the stress of it without being lumbered with the expense as well. Fingers firmly crossed for you.

  • Hope you get sorted soon. X

  • Thankyou ,

  • Sorted ,check has just arrived ,,,,thanks every one for your support,

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