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MILD COPD i think

Hi everyone.

I think i have ask this question before a few years ago and maybe i am thinking wrong here but i just wanted to know if there is anyone with COPD that may think why take some stronger medecation yet with some of there side affects if they dont feel that bad with there breathing yet and would it not be better to take some stronger medecation later in life when really need it and breathing do get that bad.

I was diagnosed with COPD january 2013 and was told to take seretide 500 twice a day and a blue top ventoline has and when.

After a year i felt good and went to my gp and ask if i could cut down to seretide 250 because of husky voise and bad cramps and putting on weight and he said ok.

And so 4 months later APRIL 2014 but 14 months after the first diagnosed i went for another spirometry lung test and i had not got worse and felt ok still.

So because of the not smoking and exercise in the gym i went back to my GP and ask if i could try and see how i get on without taking any seretide, and he said ok to try but should keep my has and when blue top inhaller with me always.

Since then i have had another spirometry test APRIL 2015 and was still at mild stage so still just on blue top has and when inhaller and have only used about 2 bottles of them inhallers in a year.

I do sometimes get up in the mornings and feel wheezy but after walking about or sitting upright for say half hour i feel ok.

Last winter i did get 2 chest infections but only lasted about a week and still went to work.

If you look back at my past posts you can see what my lung test readings have been and what i really wanted to know was if anyone has just took there medication or seretide in the winter months only because like me they feel good in the summer has i was thinking if you could do that but would never do that without talking to my GP first has maybe it dont work that way.

So very confusing how we all feel diferant with this COPD and thank heavens for this BLF web site and the careing helpfull people on this site

Good luck


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Hi music it is up to you what meds you take and if you don't feel you need them then don't take them. I am on Spiriva but stopped taking it ages ago coz it made me more sob and I felt it didn't work. No doctor has queried it so I don't say anything.

I just put repeat prescriptions in my chemist so tailor your meds to suit yourself. x


It is great that you are doing so well Music and I agree with Cal2, you should tailor your medication to suit yourself. After all, you are the one who knows when things are good or not so good and if you could still manage to go to work with a chest infection then that is good for you. Wishing you well. xxxx


The whole point is as far as I understand it to be self managing , and keeping as fit as you can and breathing exercises is part of that . I have been on Seretide 250 for a number of years and tend to go from just once a day during the warm months, to twice a day in winter or when I am poorly. If needed I can up to twice for AM and PM. I always ask questions of my Nurse at my yearly check up as they tned to make more time for you to ask. Have you got your COPD passport from the BLF site as there are some good questions you should know on that.


Thanks for info fronkle i will get the COPD passport



What is cops passport please


Copd stupid phone


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