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I am posting this as I think I have been mistaken for another June on this site. This petition appeared for the first time and I found I couldn't get through. Stilltruckin sent me a reply with a link which I then used. I got through to the petition with the link, signed and shared. This is the only correspondence I have posted with regard to this petition. It now appears that someone has posted remarks which are NOT attributable to me and I am now getting responses from people with answers to this other person's entries. I deliberately stuck to the petition, signing and sharing, as I realised the question of immigrants, benefits, etc, would crop up and although I DO have views on this whole question, I thought it better to rein in my own views. I hope this clears this question up and the June in question starts getting the replies to whatever questions she has posted. Thank you.

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  • Not sure I understand; what comments, and where?

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