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Oxygen 24/7

Good Morning All, tried to post this yesterday but struggled. I am on Oxygen at 2 ltm, I went on this some 2 months ago, I felt that this is the beginning of the end, I'm 78 years old, whilst trawling through the various posts I came across one from a person who had been on 24/7 oxy for 10 years, this did surprise me. What I am asking is, have other people experience of long term oxy use ?

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I've been on oxygen for three years 8lpm when moving about.

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I've been on oxygen for 7 years, initially on 2lt/16hrs, recently increased to 3lt/24hr, at this rate I'll be on 8lt by the time I hit my 90's. Wouldn't be without it.


A neighbor who lived in the flat over the road from me used 02 for 24/7 for a lung complaint he used it until he died age 88yrs for 10yrs and the delivery chap that I have is the same. When I am feeling down about having to use oxygen for 24/7 I just think of him R I.P. Kolan . I'm 75.


I know someone who has been on oxygen 24/7 for 13 years and is still going out driving, shopping etc.


Hi, I'm on oxygen 24/7. Originally 16 hours then was upped to 24. Have been for about 8 years now. I get out and about in my car and on mobility scooter using portable O2. I won't give in to it. :-)


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Forgot to say, I'm 67.


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