A lovely few days

A lovely few days

Hi ,I've had a lovely few days with Lois last week ,as both her mummy and daddy were working away .not so sure about the 7 am ,,,,,,morning nanny did you sleep well , ,,,splash of cold water on face to wake me up ,,,,,,,then down to make breakfast and social chat over cornflakes and toast,,,,,7 /30 am ,,,,,,then nanny ,,,,could you just help me do the plait in my hair ,,,,,( eyes must open now ) ,,,,hair done ,,,,,school bag packed full of books and PE kit ,,,,.big hug at front door ,,,bye nanny love you all the world have a nice day,,,, ,I'll text you at lunch time to see if your ok ,,,,,she's 12 ,,,,and texting me to see if ,,,,,I'm ok !,,,,bless ,,,,,eyes begin to close as sit watching the breakfast news on TV ,,,,,,,then before I know it ,,,,,it's 11/30 am ,and I'm still in my dressing gown ,,,hahaha,,,,,, a quick dash upstairs dressed hair done ,face slap on .....then prepared evening meal ,,,,,,then text from Lois ,,,,,hope your ok nanny text me if you need me ......did the ironing daughter had kindly left for me to do ,,,,,then ,,,,,door bell rings ,,,,Jehovah witnesses ,,,,,sorry ,,,I haven't got time granddaughter is on her way home ,,,,door closes quickly ,,,,,then door bell again a peak through the window checking ,,,,,awwww its Lois ,,,,

Had a good day nanny ? ,,,,busy ,,,,I replied ,,,haha,,, after trying ,,,,,,yes I said trying to help with her home work,,,,Maths ,,,,Algebra,,,,Py ,,,,,what the ,,,,,,,,I'll get tea ready I said retreating from the den ,,,,,,,,then a nice meal and more chat about what ,Megan said to Ruby and what she said to Megan etc etc etc ,,,,,time for shower ,,,,,hot chocolate and a quiet hour with a box of maltesers and a cuddle on the sofa watching THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF .,,,,,,then ,,,,,the words ,,,,night night nanny love you all the world ,,,,,see you in the morning ,,,,,,,can I have scrambled egg on toast for breakfast please,,,,,,,and so it continues ,,,,,7 am ,,,,,,,again ,,,,,morning nanny ,,,,,,

The days that followed were much the same ,,,,,then my daughter came home from her work trip ,,,,and I came home,,,,,,,love My Lois with all my heart ,,,,,,but God it was lovely to be back in my own bed ,,,,,,

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  • That's so lovely you have got such a kind, caring grandaughter. Yes having a youngster around can be tiring but they are so worth it! I know I wouldn't be without my brood of grandaughters & grandsons! They keep you busy, up to date with life, smile & make you happy, are such caring little people. I love them all as much as I know they love me & the same goes for you & Lois. Roll on the next visit! X

  • We are very lucky aren't we ,,,,they keep us up to date with life ,,,and their little world ,,,,,where would we be without them ,,,,,I dread to think ,...

    A hectic few days ,very tiring ,, , but if I got a call asking if I was free next week ,,,,my answer would be ,,,,yes of course I am .

  • What a great Nanny you are and with such a lovely granddaughter too. It is great to be with the grandkids but nice when they go home, or in your case, you go home.

    Lovely photo by the way. xxxx

  • Thank you ,,,,your words brought to mind what my dear mother used to say to us her daughters ,,,,,,,yes of course you can come over ,,,,bring what you like best with you ,,,,,

    And another was ,,,,,nice to see you come ,,,,,,but bloody lovey to see you go ,,haha, ,,,( excuse language )

  • Language excused Nanny, no worries there at all. Liking the sound of your dear mum. Take care xxxxx

  • Haha thankyou sassy,,,,,she was like all mothers ,,,firm but fair that's how I have tried to be ,,,,( except where Lois is concerned of course ) hahahah ,spoil her rotten ,,,hahah

  • You are a lucky Nanny, little Lois obviously loves you very much.

    Your face is so familiar Nanny, do you live around the Eastbourne area? Robin

  • Hi ,thank you ,sadly not we live in the Midlands , but have been on holiday to Eastbourne a few times ,love it ,

  • You have a wonderful granddaughter. It must have been tiring but also really lively. Beautiful photo of you both xx

  • Thankyou Lyn ,,,,she is one wonderfully thoughtful child ,always

    asking,,," are you ok nanny ?",,,,and let me do that nanny ,,,etc ,,,,,couldn't ask for better ,I'm very lucky to have her in my life ,

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