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Hi everyone, I use bipap at night and on oxygen 24/7 due to scoliosis disability. I also need to have a kidney stone removed but the doctors are reluctant use a general Anasthetic and so I might have to be awake (ouch)! I wondered if anyone else with breathing difficulties have been able to have a general Anasthetic and what their recovery was like. Thank you.

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Hi Mich

My husband is having a hip replacement next week, and they are giving him an epidural...He will be awake throughout...he is a smoker, so it is for his own safety, and he will not have the nasty side effects of the aesthetic to cope with afterwards.

It's for your own good, so although it sounds horrible, I am sure if you ask they will give you a " happy Jab " to relax an help you cope.

I wish you well

Velvet xx

Thanx velvet - unfortunately due to the odd shape of my spine I carnt have a epidural and have found other tests done under local haven't numbed the pain. Guess am just a wuss! x

Hi Mich

I also have had ops under local, and happily felt nothing.

Velvet xx

Wish I could say the same velvet - I shall have to ask for stronger dose of local! Hope your husbands hip operation goes well. x

I would avoid it if possible. They are very expert with local anaesthetcs and I have had several procedures whilst awake. Make sure that they talk you through it before you sign the papers.

Thank u still standing - I have had a lot of tests under local Anasthetic and didn't find it any help in numbing the pain but I guess going through more agonyising pain is better than the worry of 'will I wake up' after a general.

Dear Mich,

Please don't worry about a local anaesthetic! A general would be a bad idea for most of us on here, unless it was absolutely necessary. I have had things done under a local, including a hysterectomy. It is great....all the full anaesthetic people are trying to walk about like zombies, and the local people are quite chirpy!

As has been said, you will probably be given a valium-type sedation to help you relax...

Don't worry! x

Thanx lolly, I just hope they can give me something much stronger than when they inserted a tube drain my kidney off - wasn't supposed to hurt but I was screaming my head off! x

Make sure you tell them this. Are you on other regular pain relief. If you are this can affect the efficacy of other pain medication so make sure you tell them what you are taking and how much and for how long - tell everyone even if they don't need to know. LOL

It may be worth mentioning that you have problems with local anaesthetic not working well, both my daughters and their father have problems, they always have to have extra before it works properly.

I am sure they will look after you well.

take care

polly xx

Thank you Polly & yes am sure they will do what's best for me. x

Pete is always awake, if sedated, as he cannot be put under general anaesthesia because of breathing and heart problems. He even had the spinal cord stimulator fitted under light sedation and local anaesthetic and was fine. Hope all goes well for you whatever happens. xx

Thank you sassy - I hope so - all the waiting around doesn't help. x

I had nerve decompression done a few months ago and awake through the procedure it took about 45 minuets felt no pain and I was home eating a Chinese within two hours of coming out of theatre

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