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Just had my pip assessment

Hi all, I've just had my assessment for PIP and took on board what a few had said on here for advice, the health professional that came out to me was lovely, she sat quite happily on my carpet taking her time with the questions and listening to what I had to say, most of the time I was talking to her through floods of tears through the depression I also have, but, thank god thats it over with, I will let you know the outcome of the decision DWP make, I am not sure how long it takes tho,

anyway, how is everyone today? beautiful weather is anyone doing anything special for the weekend?

How are you doing Alan? xxx

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I'm glad that is over for you. The waiting is horrible. My decision came within two weeks and so I hope that you get yours soon. xxx

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Hi stillstanding, thankyou for your reply, when you say you heard within 2 weeks was that good or bad news? the only part i found cheeky was some things she said were on my old paperwork when i put a claim in 2013, she said things like , when i used to watch my grandson play football on a sunday morning with the schools, do i still do that? well no that stopped well over a yr ago, but this is a fresh claim and they shouldn't be doing that, anyway hope you are well i can only but wait and see xx

yes that was very cheeky. I am sure that they do that to try to catch you out. Of course, the mobility aspect is supposed to help you continue to go to watch your grandson play football. I got lower personal award and enhanced mobility. This was what I wanted because my Blue Badge is my lifeline to life and now it will be renewed automatically. I hope that you get what you need.

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Hi stillstanding, I'm glad you got what you wanted it can make all the difference with that extra help in getting an award like that, take care and nice chatting to you ๐Ÿ˜Š

That will be a relief off your mind having your assessment all sorted. I'm sure you'll hear some good news soon.

It's very foggy here in Scotland but also sunny & warm! A strange combination, I know! We don't usually have weather like this, so it's different!

Hope you can relax now your meeting is over & just enjoy the rest of the week. ๐Ÿ˜€

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What part of Scotland are you in jessy? and thankyou for your reply xx

Hi I'm on the west coast of Scotland on Ayrshire

good luck hope you get it take care

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hi Kazz i'm glad that you have the out of the way it normally should take 3 to 4 weeks if your lucky, and i hope and prayer that you get it your the third person i've known this was going to say month but i mean in September and the other two have had theirs so i'm praying that you will get yours, as for me i'm back to my abnormal self must admit it was a close call if the doctor hadn't have came so quickly it would have been curtains for me i'm not sure whether i told you but i overdose on honey and sugar that much that would have been the end, i'm allergic to honey and sugar my daft fault should have checked the ingredients in the takeaway i had. that well teach me to have what i normally would have from the takeaway. take care Kazz speak to you soon please except a big hug from me to you kindest regards Alan xxxxxx


Good god Alan your a fruit cake lol what are we going to do with you? No more honey for you just be very careful , are you doing anything special at the weekend? Or will it just depend on the weather? Karen xxxx

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hi Karen good morning i know i'm mad as a march hare, i will check next time, as for weekend no i've got nothing special on just the usual i think just me, myself, and i will be here doing want anybodies guess have you got anything special going on this weekend, weather good or not take care my beautiful friend take care your friend Alan xxxxxx

Morning Alan, I'm hoping to hear the patter of tiny feet, my daughter was due her baby 2 weeks ago today, so she had to be in hospital for 8am this morning, i have my other grandchildren at home while we are wait, she has been on the phone saying the nurses have said she could ve another 24hrs with what there starting her off with , i will keep all updated , xxxx

Hi Alan,thought you were doing that bee keeping course this weekend lol. ๐Ÿ˜‹ D.

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hi there what bee keeping course are you on about another puzzled question 2nd one today could you explain what you mean i not with you on this one sorry is it me or what? take care Alan

Hi Alan, I'm wondering if it's to do with you being alergic to honey, ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

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Not meaning to be a harbinger of doom but once you've recorded the numbers you might want to delete or edit the posts...there are some very weird people out there!


hi there many thanks for the message Alan

hi Kazz just a piece of advice delete your number now from this site if you don't want anyone else getting your number take care your friend Alan xxxxx

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I have just filled my pip forms in posting out tomorrow, hope i have given enough info so I do not have to have a visit, fingers crossed all who apply actually get it without too much hassle ๐Ÿ˜„

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I wish you good luck, this is my 2nd time applying, last time I took them to a tribunal, still I got nowhere, so I'm hoping this time I get it, but good luck to you x

Hi Kazz,sorry to hear you ended up in tears but that might actually be in your favour.Hiding all your chairs is maybe a bit extreme though lol.I had to wait ages for my appointment but got the decision quite quickly.Give it two weeks and if not heard phone them up.You,ve done the really traumatic bit now so just cross your fingers and relax.Best of luck,regards D. ๐Ÿ’


Hope all goes well mine took 2weeks but a friend of mine only took a week so good luck x

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