Smoking in cars ban - a personal thanks

Hi everybody!

Today's the day that a law comes into effect that will protect hundreds of thousands of young lives. This couldn't have happened without all your hard work and support - so we want to say thank you!

Penny, our CEO, has written a personal thank you to everybody who got involved with our campaign. You can read it at -

"We’ve shown that together we can make change happen, against all the odds."

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  • Yeah!!!!!!! Hip, hip, hooray!!!!!! Well done BLF, a great step forwards! .

  • Excellent work! Congratulations, it's not before time this happened

  • I see the police have said this is a health matter,and they don't have the resources to police this law, WHAT,

  • Sorry to say this to you Redted, but is to a certain extent it is true. Any police officer if he has the time to enforce this law will do so, but they do have to make choices these days and if It comes an example Rape, murder, stabbings, burglary in progress and you were the victim, you would expect the police to be there immediately....I am not trying to belittle the importance of this wonderful law to protect our children's health, but please place the blame for this situation on the drastic cutbacks, not on our hard working police officers.

    There should be dedicated civilian staff to deal with this problem of enforcement

    .Velvet xx

  • Don't want to get into an argument about what the Police can & can't do but my daughter is in the Police & at the end of last year she was part of a team who had to find a way of saving £50million despite another team having had the same task two years ago so please don't be too critical. Proud Mum of a very hard working & dedicated Police Officer.

  • Hi Helen

    how I agree with you...both my son and daughter in law are experienced fast response police officers...Due to cut backs they only have time to respond to serious crimes which response time is vitally important...Lives and public safety depend on this.

    I really agree with the smoking ban when children are in the car, but I think the councils could have mobile dedicated wardens to enforce....Smoking in cars...and Mobile Phone use...We have them in our city and they prosecute people who throw litter and fag ends from their cars, so they could do the other two.

    Velvet xx

  • Thanks for that Velvet & I think Wedderburn is missing the point in his reply below. It's not that the Police can't or won't cooperate- they simply do not have the resources at their disposal to do it. As you say, the Councils should be more involved. And please don't anyone jump to any conclusions - I fully support the ban & have never smoked in my life & neither did my husband who passed away six weeks ago.

  • Good. Really annoys me to see parents puffing smoke in kids' faces. Blasted woman on bbc this morning said she'll carry on & her kids will have to put up with it! Selfish. Robin

  • That woman on BBC this morning was totally irresponsible! Imagine putting a cigarette before your children! It beggars belief!

  • I have friends and family in the police force. .. and cut backs or not they can not ignore this law....The ones I know will take great pleasure in prosecuting these very stupid people.

    I wish this law was around when I was a smoker. ..

  • Regrettably the councils are no better placed than the police to monitor this law and protect our children. They've been subjected to the same austerity cut-backs imposed by this uncaring government since 2010 and the national debt has still increased every year. They're having to choose between care homes, libraries, home help and a host of other much needed services which have been cut to the point of breaking. There has to be a better way.

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