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A few weeks ago had a oxygen assessment my level was low so went today for another one. I have been very tachycardia anyway my oxygen level still low so now I am back on oxygen after two years of not having it. 4lt it is it was 2lt last Time and for 16 hours. Now it is for Twenty four hours . My tachycardia has slowed down and the nurse today said maybe after a while of being on it .it may slow down which would mean my hart won't have to work so hard trying to get enough oxygen around . I have walking oxygen so I won't be trapped in the house all told it's not very nice having oxygen again but the upside is it will give my hart a boost thanks for listening or reading!

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hope it does help you , take care

At least you'll be able to get out even although you're on oxygen. Take care

I know I will soon need oxygen but am very afraid I will become a recluse and my life would be over.

123098 and corsaking, oxygen to me meant a new lease of life, it enables me to lots of things I would not be able to do. It certainly does not mean my life is over, admittedly it can be a nuisance and people do look at you funny sometimes but it is worth it for what you can get out of it.

take care

polly xx

Hi Polly,it,s not the oxygen those folk are looking at it,s that extra big heart of yours that impresses them! D. X 💐

Well I have been there reclusive for the last 6 years.relying on my husband to take me out etc. I was working qualified nurse then running my business before these illnesses caught up with me which are too many to mention. I became a reclusive not wanting to go out unless I had to I then claimed pip and slowly I have now got many hobbies I vary them because it depends how ill I am on the different days. I gave up driving. But discovered I could get a mobility car automatic which is great for the arthritis I pick it up this week. I am hoping this will enable me to join some craft clubs and meet new people and start living again I have really missed my independence but this car has a hoist fitted for my scooter so I will be able to go out by myself. So please don't waste your life away like I did , it's awful having to have oxygen but you know I am so glad I can have it because it is a life saver and my little mobile oxygen is my best friend xxxxxxxx

My husband uses oxygen and you are right at least you know that it is helping you and you are not trapped inside. It is a damn nuisance but a necessary evil. Take good care of yourself xxxx

On the contrary, oxygen gives you the ability to get out of the house and live a semi normal life, within the constraints of your illness. Without it I would certainly be housebound. Most trips are an adventure, and if anything but routine, have to be planned with military precision but the rewards are great. Don't live in fear, with oxygen you can face the world and make the most of the rest of your life.

Just wanting to ask what the tachycardia is caused by. I got it from taking Spiriva and the doctor discontinued me. I am on oxygen too but it is due to emphysema and COPD.

Well it looks like my tacky has been caused by the lack of oxygen causing my heart to work harder trying to get enough oxygen through the old body which in turn has caused the left ventricle to become enlarged so now hopefully it will help to calm it down and let my heart return to ok normal working conditions I hope anyway. It is a bit of a drag having to take oxygen everywhere but I know without it I would be putting too much pressure on my heart yes some of the inhalers can cause tachycardia glad your doctor sorted it out xxxxx I have bronchectasis and over the last two years have had a lot chest infections so that is another reason for the lack of oxygen.

Quite often my oxygen levels are not massively low but if I don't use my oxygen my heart also beats very fast and puts a strain on my heart. Also I look like I am having a stroke - my eye droops and my face and mouth droop on one side.

I have Interstitial Lung Disease caused by hypoxaemia (low oxygen levels) which was left undiagnosed. Research shows that over 48% of people on the Liver Transplant list suffer with low oxygen levels. I was infected with Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion 43 years ago. I now have cirrhosis of the liver and it was around the same time when I developed the cirrhosis that I started to become really breathless. Had they treated me straight away I am certain my lungs would have not ended up scarred and thickened with irreversible lung damage.

O dear looks like we r in the same boat 're oxygen levels xxx

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