Goodmorning 2 all new to this site:

Well Thursday I went to expresss care where they told me I had bronchitis gave me a few mes sent me home friday I couldnt breathe at all walking to my car I knew something was wrong so my fiance took me to local hospital where there said my oxygen was low gave me a breathing treatment and oxygen I am 37yrs old a was smoking everyday bout half pack well they scared me ordered Ekg it was normal everything was normal but they said my oxygen was low and one test was off so they ordered a CT scan of my chest they said to rule out a blood clot so me being scared 2 death I went to bathroom and put it in gods hands and asked him to please help me to feel better once I did the test about 20mins later they came in and said I had pneumonia in my right lung and the right side of my body boy I was relieved to know it wasnt a blood clot but scared because never had pneumonia so they gave me 3 prescribtions an antibiotic 500mg Levcon steriods 4mg 6day dose pack and an inhaler well I am on my 5th day of all meds seem like I have come a long way I am finally eating alittle bit where I Wasnt eating at all I have 2day take 2 pills and tomorrow 1 pill and steriods are gone my antibitioc is 14days today is 5days of that . I am wondering how long will it take me to recover also as OF friday I havent smoked not even a puff of a cig at all and today is wednesday yeah me ...

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  • I am so pleased your fiance ignored the first medical advice you had and took it further. I think most of us know when that is necessary as we know ourselves. With the right treatment you should get well soon. And many, many congratulations on giving up old Nic O'Teen!

  • Me too cause I have had some sicknesses but with this it was different I was struggling to catch my breathe but I take last steriod this morning then it is just 8more days of antibiotics I have 14day supply but seems as if each day is alittle better thank you so much for the surport I am so happy to be a part of a wonderful website. Tomorrow makes 1 entire week NO cigs and I dont even want one. I am so happy finally breaking a nasty habit..Look forward to talking again soon have a wonderful day.

  • Hi & welcome! I hope you're feeling better soon. The best possible thing you can do is stay off the ciggies. The antibiotics will get rid of the pneumonia but to keep as healthy as you can you must not smoke again. It's very hard but if you find you're having problems go to your GP who can prescribe help for you. Take care

  • thank you very much I am off the cigs and feeling so good about it I always wanted to stop just couldnt take that first step until now tomorrow will be 1 week and no cigs I dont even want one its great, I have 1 steriod left to take before breakfast this morning and they are done then just antibiotics for next 8days cause they gave me a 14day supply with 1 every 24hours. Thank you so much.

  • welcome to the site , well done on the smoking , glad to hear you are eating abit better think now the tablets are starting to work you should start to feel lot better over next few days make sure you get lots of fluids into you and rest take care

  • Thank you for having me as part of the site I love it and thanks for being so nice I love being a part such a big community I dont even want to smoke I think this is exactly what I needed to take the first step to stopping today is Thursday almost 1 week and not one cig.. Thanks u again for such positive thoughts.

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