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Lung Cancer (primary), Bone (secondary)


Dear all,

My father was diagnosed with lung cancer (primary) and secondary bone cancer on 21 September 2015, just last week. Everything is still raw and I have not been able to explain to him the full extent of the diagnosis/prognosis, doctors are due to do this next week and I should tell him more information to reduce the shock, maybe its better from the consultant, I'm unsure this is all new to me. He could have a matter of months to live although I do not accept this because he is only suffering from a bad back at present - I know lower back pain is cancer which is bad but his appetite is good and gained about 3kg in past 2 weeks. Shortness of breath has improved and he's walking around a lot more, albeit slowly.

I have been trying to locate solutions worldwide although very expensive and not asked the family yet.

Any advice or suggestions to prolong his life (not just live with it) would be massively appreciated, from anywhere in the world. Or if you know any super specialists who use remedies other than chemotherapy and radiation techniques.

Kind regards and good luck to all,


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So, so very sorry that your father has just had this diagnosis, and I appreciate your efforts to do all you can to help him.

If you are in the UK, the British Lung Foundation have a helpline that you can ring or email. There is a Health Unlocked site called the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

And the McMillan nurses are experts in the field and hopefully they could advise you.

Please consultant the experts first.

Take care

boydie45 in reply to knitter

Thank you knitter.

This is so new and raw to us, googling and asking questions does not always help because there is so much bad news out there (and plenty of good I have found).

Doctors have advised me not to google until we have the full facts and treatment plan has been decided - can't help it though. I have seen conflicting views about Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy and do not want to cause my father additional problems because he is quite ok at the moment and I want to make measured decisions without thinking about it for too long. How does someone decide what their father should be treated with and know they are making the best decision for one of life's great selfless men who cares and worries about everyone else, even now. Impossible situation.

I was just venting, and not expecting any answers and hoping I have not upset anyone because we are really a positive family with positive outlook. Honest!

knitter in reply to boydie45

It's a good place to vent your feelings at a difficult time.

I have some idea what you must be going through as my father had a stroke some years ago and difficult decisions had to be made about his treatment. A joint decision between the family and the medical profession was made as my father could not communicate well.

Your father will be aware of what is happening to him and that will be taken into consideration.

I know you would prefer not to ask questions but the McMillan nurses could help reassure you ...just someone to talk to may help.

Hi There, so sorry to hear about your dad I will keep him in my prayers.... Remember to always pray no matter what situation your in God is great ... Here is something I've bumped into while back not sure if it can be of a help but it's very interesting and I'm going to sign up with them just to see if tts true .... ...... At this time you can do some more research and find how true this is ... Take care and God Bless You And your family ...

boydie45 in reply to Spomales

Thank you so much.

Much welcome anytime ..... If you need to talk to someone you can always message me .. God Bless

Hello Boydie, welcome to the site. I am so sorry to hear about your father's diagnosis & well understand how anxios you muust feel. I am afraid I can' t add anything to kniitter's advice. Maybe you will be present when the consultant tells you father and ask then about the best way you can support him. Love Margaret x

Hello again,

Has anyone heard of the Cyberknife process, success rates and criteria for being considered.

Kind regards,


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