I posted this by mistake to healthy eating. Or was it divine intervention?

I posted this by mistake to healthy eating. Or was it divine intervention?

I went to my bed wondering why no one responded to my ...sweet corn post...

I woke up in the early hours and reach for my mobile and to my horror still not one response ...It felt like there was an exacerbation coming on but quickly remembered that the people on this forum were far to kind and thoughtful to just ignore my chickens. ...so with that thought in mind I fell asleep.

Some hours later and on my second cup of tea. ..He he I realised what I done and deleted that forum....what kind of healthy eaters are they that they don't like sweet corn......

How about you guys...do you like sweet corn...

Nice to be back.


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  • Maybe they thought you were saying healthy eating is only for chickens!

  • I don't know what they were thinking eregendal. .. not one of them responded. Or maybe there are no healthy eaters and it's an empty forum. That's it I was talking to myself ...again.



  • Those chucks don't eat it covered in butter like I do I bet!

    My neighbour feeds hers on corn on the cob too...keeps the hens busy ...but a bit pricey in the winter.

    I grow sweet corn every year but this Autumn they are not good, a combination of a cold summer and no weeding by me.

    My grandmother gave her hens dried corn....no cobs in Wales then.

  • The love it so much they don't stop eating it all day.

    I bought 8 big ones cheap just 30 baht that's 60 pence to you and me. Normally you pay about one pound. ...and they grow all year round in Thailand. So lucky chickens. ..

    I love mine covered in butter to.


  • maybe they though you was fattening the chickens up to eat , bet they are loving that sweetcorn I use to grown a lot of it when I had the veggie garden some for us some for the chickens ,do they have pumpkins where you are as chickens like them too ,

  • Pumpkins are one of the cheapest veg and available all year round. ..can you believe I was going to give then this morning but it had gone bad in the fridge. ..something wrong with it...

    I'll try them on that tomorrow.


  • Hi Wedderburn

    I would never ignore your posts, as for sweetcorn.. I love it..on the cob with lots of butter, off the cob with tuna or chicken and mayo or just sprinkled on a salad.

    It also makes very good fishing bait and I have caught many large carp using it.

    Velvet xx

  • Ho velvet you are so kind really. .got a lump in my throat now and it's not the bronchiolitis.

    Kindest regards.


  • I am sure I have seen corn fed chickens for sale in the supermarket at a premium rate so must be good!

  • When I live in England that was the only chicken that went in my oven..

    But sadly these are for the eggs....luckily for them I still don't have an oven.


  • I'm the exact opposite from all you lovely people....... I absolutely hate the taste of sweet corn! I detest the taste & the texture of the horrible little yellow pip like things! I pick them out if I find any in a meal. They make me shudder to think about! So you all go ahead & enjoy. I'll stick to other veggies thanks

  • Sorry about that Jessy...how do feel about pumpkin. ..I going to try them on that tomorrow.

    I love potato pumpkin and carrot. ..mush together. ..butter. milk. Salt pepper. With what ever you fancy.


  • Hi I can eat pumpkin but it's not one of my favourites. I don't like baked beans either, my family says everyone likes them! Not me! I like broad beans, runner beans, carrots, swede, onions, cabbage, cauliflower, courgettes, peppers, peas, broccoli to name but a few. I'm not a fussy eater just a few things I don't enjoy! Now what will I have for lunch? Mmmm?

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