I finally did it ,I have just come back from holiday in Rome,Its the first holiday I have had in almost 3 years since being diagnosed with COPD, been too scared to fly,used to doing long haul flights,and loved flying but now just so pleased to be able to get the courage up to fly short distance.just so anxious now with this COPD,thanks for being here

Regards Hummingbird

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  • That's marvellous! Hope you will share some of your experiences with us about your holiday! Where to next time? ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Well done you for going on your holiday. Hope all went well and you had a wonderful time. Take care xxxx

  • Well done ! I've been nervous about flying too since my lung problems have become serious. But so far so good, I haven't had any difficulties so far. Long haul is definitely out but hoping to be able to travel around Europe for some time yet.

  • Thank you all, I feel I can give myself a pat on the back LOL

    I don't want this illness to rule my life other wise it wins.

    I am somewhat concerned at the moment though as I have a slight hoarsness in my voice the last couple of days,hope I have not picked something up.

  • So pleased for you Hummingbird :), I was also scared to fly to Rhodes 4 & 1/2 hrs however I was ok. You may have picked something up, even before copd I usually always had a cold, sore throat or something after returning! Hope you recover quickly x

  • Well done for conquering you fear Hummingbird. Rome eh !!! I'm so jealous, walking the streets of Pompeii, is my dream. I'll get there someday. xx

  • Rome is somewhere I have wanted to go all my life,but did all the far away places while I was younger,turned out well really, now just short haul flights to places I wish to see,Casper99 you aim for Rome you won't be disappointed x

  • Did you need supplementary oxygen?

  • No I didn't need oxygen thank goodness.x

  • Hop0e you had a great time - well done - plan the next one now. xx

  • Well done Hummingbird and an inspiration for us all with COPD. What stage COPD are you out of interest?

    Did you ask for priority boarding? Did you manage to walk through the terminal to the gate?

    James :)

  • No I didn't ask for priority boarding,no problem going through terminal,just took it steady.

    I was diagnosed mild just over 2 half years ago x

  • Sounds like it wasn't too bad for you then. For any folks reading this who are not very mobile, BA for example will meet you on arrival to the terminal and help you get on board. They have ride on vehicles that will take you to the gate and if you do request priority boarding, they will get you on the plane first. You have to request help through their website. There is a lot of information there.

    I think probably all airlines will have similar services


  • Well done. My husband has copd and we are going to Tenerife in November.

    How difficult was it to get travel insurance?

    Arran Peek

  • All Clear in Romford Essex are specialist in cover for folk with pre existing medical conditions and premiums are not too bad. If you type travel insurance in the search box at the top of the page you will get many posts about travel insurance


  • Thanks sir james. The problem is that he has been in hospital a lot this year but I will have a look.

  • I already had travel insurance with my bank however I had to have the copd added along with arteriosclerosis of the aorta which cost us ยฃ304 extra

  • My husband was looking this am and the cheapest was ยฃ400 plus!

    He has been in hospital a lot this year-I have told him we will have to wait until he has a clear year!

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Good heavens I thought what we paid was bad enough,I think they just think of a number and then double it these companies,we live in a greedy society.

    You can almost get a last minute holiday for what they charge.hope your husband improves.

  • I have another question re emphysema. My husband regularly has what I would call thermostat failure. This afternoon he became cold and complained of tummy ache. Now he is hot and trying to get cool! Does anyone else have these symptoms?

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