Blood Fleck in Sputum

Hi all,

Just thought I would ask about this on here. A week or so ago I had a dry cough, generally after waking which made my throat quite sore. Once I was up and about my normal phlegmy cough came back. Maybe had this a couple or three days. When I coughed up phlegm on one of those days got a fleck of blood in my sputum. It was just one fleck and I put it down to the dry sore cough which made my throat sore. It never happened again until I woke early this morning. Had the dry cough again but not quite so sore this time. For once my phlegm was a brownish colour and then another lot had a blood fleck in it again. Is this the aspergillosis or again just the dry cough causing it? Funny I had been to my Doc yesterday and was given a sputum pot as I told her i had finished my antibiotics last Wednesday and the phlegm was again, as usual starting to colour up and my peak flow was falling. As I have my appointment at UHSM on Friday didn't want to go on any more antibiotics for the time being. She suggested we do a sputum test to see exactly what was happening after the antibiotics so will be taking that into the lab today when i go to my Breathe Easy Meeting. They are hoping the result will be back in time for me to take it to Manchester - or telephone for the results or get them to fax it to Manchester. This Doc in my GP surgery was really good. Shame I had chosen the head of the surgery as my main Doc, he is a bit of a plonker! Since choosing him I have seen two good Docs I had rarely seen before so had forgotten about them.

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Hi Sian the blood certainly could be just from the harshness of coughing. As I have said previously I cough blood quite regularly. Usually spots and brownish coloured sputum. If I have really done too much I get bright red blood sometimes for a couple of days, could certainly be your aspergillous flaring a bit cos if recent infection. Have you started any antifungal treatment yet?

Jan x

No not started any treatment as my consultant didn't send the biopsy slides up to UHSM for my last appointment and they wanted to see them first. Just found out yesterday morning that the clinic letter to my GP had ben returned saying I was not their patient? Don't know what has happened there and neither does the surgery but asked NAC to fax it to the surgery.

Have only had those two flecks of blood - one each time and although my throat wasn't sore this morning it is now so am inclined to think this is the cough causing it again as nothing since. Also only had that one blob of brownish sputum but it has now turned a lovely darker green so the HI bacteria has not left me yet. That is for sure.


Sorry not had this myself but hope you're ok. Mention it to your doc, he'll be the best person for advice.

Untreated aspergillosis causes a great deal of inflammation in the lungs so bleeding is common. I wouldn't worry, antifungals will sort it. I take itraconazole+ low-dose prednisone (started at 10mg, now 5). You should be able to see whoever you like at surgery. I never see gp I'm registered with, he's the only useless one there! I've built up trust with a couple of others & always see one of them. Robin

Sorry Sian to hear this. Hoping it is a little burst blood vessel. Hopefullly they will sort this out for you on Friday.

Good luck hun - please let us know how you get on.


Thanks cofdrop. My throat really sore now for a long way down by the feel of it. Taken colonial and sucked a sudafed as going to my breathe easy meeting in a minute and don't want to cough all the time I am there. Feel a little drowsy from all the cough medicine so glad I am not driving.

Talk later.



All I can say is that Pete sometimes gets flecks in sputum but has never been concerned about it Sian. You are wise to get things checked out though just to be sure. Hope all goes well for you. Lots of love, Carole xxxxx

Thanks Carole, I would think if it was something to worry about it would be happening all the time. Gargling with soluble paracetamol and taking covonia has calmed the cough and sore throat. I have uppped my inhalers and feel surprisingly OK this evening considering the running around i have had to do today. Glad about that because hopefully I will feel OK to share the driving to and from Manchester tomorrow and Saturday. It is a long way from here and the way I was feeling yesterday wondered if I could even make it there at all!

Hope all goes well for your trip Sian. Take care xxxxx

I wouldn't worry about a speck or two, it's not unusual to have blood-streaked sputum woth chronic lung conditions. Are your sputum samples still showing Aspergillis ?

Don't know as will get the results on Friday.

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