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This lady was left to bring up 5 children alone when her fiancee was killed by a drunk driver....she has been fighting to change the sentencing laws and instead of having support her sons school is taking her to court because he wasnt in school because he was traumatized over losing his dad

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  • :-D Amazed it knew I was from Australia.

  • Big brother :)

  • Hi Mandy please sign mine now, I have signed yours,lol Graham

  • done x

  • Knew I was from usa. Thats terrible how they're treating her.

    Like it isn't hard enough for her.


  • Ruby you are in the best place to live as our Country is inundated with Migrants these days 8.3 Million according to the Governments own figures, our own Government are far too busy to care what happens to anyone of us here in Britain as they are giving away Millions of pound every week to some Country or other,take care Graham

  • Don't know about that. Its looking like little Mexico here anymore! 😊 xx

  • You're letting your well cultivated nice person image slip there, my friend. Tad racist perhaps? Trust your wife is still well.

  • Hi she is very well, sorry if this came across as racist as it was not meant to be, I am pointing out our own Government keep telling us we have to suffer Austerity, what everyone is seeing is a massive amount of money pouring out of this Country everyday to look after Migrants which we have OPTED out off, while Pensioners are as always give a miserly sum to survive on, unless we make them realise we have had enough they will continue to treat us like second class citizens, take care of yourself, Graham.

  • Signed, and shared, disgusting, how can they treat someone like this.

  • I agree x

  • Signed and shared. Xx Sonia xx

  • Thanks sis x x x

  • No probs sis, this is why my kids were home schooled, sharnie got punished for being ill and off to often so I deregistered her, and didn't I relish the phone call they got when she got diagnosed with leukaemia, and Georgie my youngest is an agrophobic, so no choice with her..... Shame parents can't take the school to court for the amount of holidays they have especially the 6 weeks, but it's ok to dictate to parents with their own children when they can be off, disgusting . Xx Sonia xx

  • The little boys doctor said he had to take the time was his primary school and he is in the comp now yet they are still taking her to court.....

    Did you home school them yourself x

  • I did, I have a education lady come out every couple of months with tips on books and to see how we are getting on, but no I do it. It's great cuz when I'm bad we just sit on the bed and do it, no timetable, do it whenever we want.

    With or without the doctors note ( which should have been enough ) where's the compassion for this family, schools are like factories now trying to produce robots, can't wear this, don't wear ur hair like that, no feelings towards the outside world. I hope the court throws it out and punishes the school for the extra stress they've caused this poor family. Xx Sonia xx

  • Yeah thats a good idea to punish the school for wasting time and money on this court case its a shame David Cameron isnt involved in this as he is aware of her and met her when she was fighting for changes in the law on sentencing.

    The points you make about school is a good one and there was an article not long ago about a head teacher who sent home a young girl because she said the trousers she was wearing were too tight !!!.....main stream education dosnt work for all children thats without issues of bullying etc.

    I admire your decision to home teach it cant of been easy

  • " Morning Mandy... signed and shared too..x Megan"

  • Morning Megan...thank you x

  • signed this country is getting worse every day ,

  • Its a sad world when you get punished for grieving x

  • signed haven't a clue how to share lol

  • You need facebook to share Tam.............Did you get dressed to go out or did you have your teddy bear pjs on :) x

  • I have face book now but no one on it lol. yes I got dressed I was at work.

  • Shall i get a petition up for you tam x

  • Why do I need a petition

  • For people to message on facebook.................wake up Tam

  • I am awake not having a nap today lol

  • Signed Mandy, it beggars belief xx

  • Our system is a farce x

  • All done Mandy and is the school really that inhumane? You just couldn't make it up could you! Idiots! xxxx

  • How disgusting. The school needs to get a grip on reality and move into the real world.

  • Yeah especially as he dosnt even go there children have lost their dad and its a terrible thing to go through ...i just dont know where their compassion is

  • Have signed, Mandy. I wonder where common sense and compassion have gone. Kaye

  • Signed. Cannot believe that she is being treated so terribly. Let's hope that someone sees some sense xx

  • Have signed it its disgusting what the schools can fine you for now .I bet the driver that caused the accident is roaming the streets again I bet his custodial sentence wasn't very long that's if he got one.fingers crossed for this poor family

    Carole xx

  • The driver killed 2 cyclists so 2 families were grieving yet this woman is being taken to court ....its a disgrace

  • ABSOLUTELY stupid! I remember when the olympic torch went past and the whole primary school was trooped out in the pouring rain to wait for hours for a glimpse. The teacher told me that the littlest ones were crying with cold and had no idea why they were there so the school have no problem missing lessons when it suits them!

    I'm heartily sick of the school/army regime. Kids sent home cos their skirt is one inch too short, shoes clip fastened instead of laces, hair too long/too short. WHERE has the fun and enthusiasm/discovery gone from learning and growing up. I absolutely can't stand it anymore. Will sign the petition. There are other cases a bit like this but this one is going just too far. x piggi x

  • None of it makes any sense

  • Where I live most of secondary schools have failed the offstead these schools are new built ones it is so bad the council have decided not to publish the exam results yet the parents can't do anything like taking the council to court its a bloody joke this country makes me wonder why these foreigners are breaking the necks to get in the uk

  • I never thought of it that way

  • This country is no longer attractive free education, health care and the benefit system that does not work

  • Petition signed, this world is so unfair

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