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Aids to help in home

I haver been reading lots of posts and replies about people buying equipment for the home, e.g., things to raise their head up in bed. In South Tyneside we have a STAR centre which is run by the NHS and supplies free of charge equipment to people who need it to make their life easier in the home. I was at a breathing rehabilitation exercise session and a representative from STAR paid us a visit and showed us many pieces of equipment that could help. Among this I remember was Bed Raisers. Its worth asking your GP is if you think you would benefit from any equipment. Im sure South Tyneside is not unique in this service.

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Yes I think you're right, we should be able to get many types of equipment to aid us free on the NHS. I know my occupational therapist will supply patients with aids they need to help make life easier. Sometimes I think people are not aware of this & go ahead & spend their own hard earned cash instead of asking for help through their GP.

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I think jessy is right a lot of people don't relies the help they can get ,others are to proud to ask for the help they are entitled to ,

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im in the lothians [near edinburgh ] have been given lots of aids [that didn't sound right did it :D ]

but given the bed raiser,

hand grabbers, best handiest things i have [ i have underlying illnesses apart from copd, my spine is fused ,, ank spond ]

rising toilet,

walker [handy to carry the oxygen ]

reclining chair.

trolley table

lots really, which i am very grateful for :)

my occupational therapist has been a great help,

so top marks for the NHS here :)

kindest regards jimmy



glad to see you are getting the things you need to help you jimmy , how is the little grand daughter doing ? Hope you are feeling better take care


One of the benefts of the pulmonary rehab course I went on was a session on aids and if you needed something you were given it - this is in Cornwall. I got an adjustable back rest as I have problems with keeping pillows in place - keep slipping down, wake up coughing etc. They also brought someone in who operated (for the NHS) a call system whereby someone living alone could be checked daily or call for help if they needed it; this too on the NHS.


I went on a PR course which was fantastic but they never told us about aids our trust is in a mess and funds are a thing of the past I'm having to wait till November for a appointment for the pain clinic so it will be January next year before I get a spine block


You are correct Kimmy22, in Coventry we have one called OPAL. Or the assisted living center, which supplies free home aids, but your needs have to be assessed by occupational therapy. You can request a needs assessment yourself but it is usually quicker if your GP or hospital back you.If you are registered disabled then in most areas you will be on a local computer base so are most elderly infirm. There are lots of gadgets now plus an alarm system if you live alone, have to say they have never offered me the alarm option possibly because they think I can afford my own, or because I haven't had a fall recently. It is always worth asking if you need minor aids at home rather than using your own money, which could be put to better use.


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