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Hi just found this group. Hope to learn about copd. It was one year ago when I went to see doc poor as I was worried about my breathing. He booked me I. For breathing test. Which I did , then went back to see doc for results. All he t old me was I had the lungs if a 69 year old . But of advice . Stop smoking , which I had already done , exercise, . And that was that . Then. To my horror , a few days ago , I got a letter from doctors saying it was time for my COPD yearly review . Nobody had ever said copd to me or even put a name to my bab breathing. So first thing I did was go on net to look copd up. O my. God. I feel like iv just met my death. Stopped reading . Rang to make doctors appointment . Which is tomorrow . At moment I feel angry , at my self and at the doctor. Scared and a li little bit lost . Friends in the know needed

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  • Hi that's nothing to worry about that will just be with nurse and they just check your using any inhalers you have properly to make sure you are on correct ones.


  • I have no inhalers . No treatment , it was a year ago I had breathing test. And it's only last week I got this letter saying it's time for my yearly copd review. In this letter is the first time copd has been mention to me . This is why it's come as a shock

  • You might not need inhalers yet. They will check see. Do you get breathless

  • There are different of stages of copd do you take inhalers if you have copd you should be taking inhalers

  • No inhalers. No treatment at all. Like I said no one as ever said I have copd , until this letter, which has come 1 year after the breathing test. That's why it's a massive shock. I will see wot is said tomorrow at doctors

  • Hi birdi, yes it is a shock to find out we have copd, I found out only 3 months ago. But its not an ending, its a beginning or as someone said to me when I first came ( wish I could remember who) its a wake up call. Im assuming your reading last year wasn't bad enough to need to give you an inhaler. There are stages to copd, Im already on moderate, though after seeing a nurse 3 months after first diagnosed she reckons Ill be mild by my yearly check. The secret to copd is exercise, healthy eating, and a positive attitude. No need to tell you not to google, I did the same and cried for 24 hours, then found this place. The members are great, helping, advising, having a giggle and most important encouraging. Welcome to the site and ask anything, theres always someone very knowledgable.

    Jjude xx

  • Sorry Jjude but can't see how you can reverse this condition as it's progressive? I was told that you can slow it down and that's all

  • No the lung damage can't be reversed, but your breathing can improve with practice, and the lungs shouldn't progress too much if we exercise.


  • Sorry if seemed negative yesterday and I understand what you're saying so thanks

  • No problem xx

  • Warm welcome.

    There are several people on here who have improved their lung function with exercise, healthy diet, fighting infections, building immune system, taking supplements.

    Some have gone down a level.

    I have copd in my medical notes (I bought copies) but have recently been informed I do not.

    Good luck. P

  • I felt the same when I was first told, I was being treated for asthma. This was 13 years ago and I'm still doing most things ( albeit slower lol). Try not to be too scared as there are degrees of seriousness so please wait and see...it's very normal to feel angry and scared..I did too..hope it goes well at the doctors x

  • First of all . Let me thank you all for responding . It's bought tears to my eyes just being able to talk. I have a daughter, but have not told her , as she will start telling me everything I shouldn't do . And realy don't want to scare her . I think I only have it mild so far . Il know more tomorrow hopefully. Wish I'd found you lot before Google . Lols

  • hi welcome to the group good luck tomorrow , your not on your own when I was first diagnosed I was given a blue inhaler it didn't help much so told doctor she simply said well don't take it then good bye it wasn't till 2 years later when I went to hospital with a collapsed lung consultant asked what you on for your copd told him nothing , said well you must have inhalers of some sort no so he hit the roof about it hour later he came back with 2 preventers and a reliever

  • Mmzetor. When I had the breathing test done , thay tried me with some sort of inhale in the nurses room . But it had no affect . It's shameful , how the doctors aren't talking to the people there. Diagnosing

  • Hi birdi

    Please please stay away from Internet, can be very traumatising, sounds like you are very mild copd, I have a cousin diagnosed 14 years ago, still going strong and my friends mum is now 86, some 20 years on from being diagnosed, copd at best is an irritation at worse a real pain in the butt, it is not a death sentence, come on hear for info, and stay away from the web xxxxx

  • Hi Birdi. I have COPD too , not very advanced thank goodness. The best advice I could offer is have a look on the British Lung Foundation page on the internet .Check out your nearest Breathe Easy group and join them. You will get bags of information and its all free. If you don't have a group near enough to you contact blf they will be happy to send you information. The COPD passport is particularly useful. Keep to a healthy eating regime and get some excercise. Above all stay positive , and good luck.

  • I would not worry too much as you have not mentioned advanced stages of COPD attacks in fact you have not mentioned your age however it is now as you probably no quite a common illness that has been given another name.The good thing is you have quite smoking and it you exercise well you should be better than others.Good luck for your future & take care...

  • Thanks again for all responders . My age is 49 in just over a weeks time. I think my worst is the coughing fits I some times have . I cough so deeply , it's like my lungs are turning inside out. And I often am sick with the coughing. . This is about once a week

  • Hi Birdi

    I've been diagnosed since April, and was told to give up smoking, which I keep trying to do and will continue too, until I succeed, I had to look it up on the internet after being told as it was like being told I had a virus! Your message has at least informed me of an annual check, so thank you. I hope your check goes well, I believe if you live a healthy life you'll do ok.

  • Evening welcome to the forum.

    Everyone is right stop Googling, it's all nonsense. Ring the helpline here and get proper advice they are brilliant, don't get hung up on levels and stages we are all different.

    Good luck

    Kim xxx

  • Hi BirdI

    Think you'll do well on the test.

    Just wanted to welcome you to the site.

    Can't believe the Dr. didn't tell you! With lungs of a 69 yr. old, you should do pretty well on your test. What a scare tactic, that lung age thing is. I have moderate copd, with a fev1 of 60. I don't

    Use any inhalers yet.😊 I'm from USA and it's totally different here. They don't believe in you using them, till you need to. Same thing with antibiotics. Good luck to you.😊 Let us know how you make out

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Good luck today, Birdi. Hope you get the answers you need. M

  • Welcome to the site 😊

    Hugs, Catherine x

  • Hi every one . Thanks for your kind words. Rubyred777. The doc told me I had lungs of a 79 year old , sorry in my first post I put 69 , but it should be 79 . Anyway great news . Did realy well on test and now I have lungs of a 73 year old . Yipeeee. It's going down . Lol. Joking aside , the nurse did say I only have realy mild copd . And she explained thing much better to me . I came out feeling alive again , I'm going to live. My heart realy goes out to all that are liveing with this problem. I now know how scarey and worrying it's is. I had a realy bad night sleep last night worrying about test today. For those who are still smoking . Please try the Electric cigarettes , that's how I stopped . I used them for 2 years. I'm still using it . Iv just last week gone down to no nicotine , and will stop altogether in the next 2 weeks . Bless you all for your care

  • Well done on the ecig and getting to no nicotine. Im 18 months vaping but still on 16mg, I must find some liquids with a lower mg. Glad your feeling better about things and Im sure as time goes by you will feel even better.


  • Thanks jjude. I started on the highest which is 24 mg and just kept lowering it as I felt I could . At first I tried going to fast and had to go up again. But tyres again a little later and I was ok . At the moment , it is tempting to go back on the 6 mg which I had been on for about a year. But the nurse told me even on a low dose your still classed as a smoker cos of the nicotine . But now I'm off the nicotine I'm going to stay strong and keep off it . Good luck hope you make it lower soon

  • Hi, a warm welcome to you 😃

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