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Travel Insurance and Oxygen abroad

Hi there,

I have recently had to start 15 hours of oxygen a day at home via a compressor. This will now be part of my daily life for ever.

Can I ask where I should be looking for Sensible Travel Insure as the quotes I have been given are more expensive than the holiday I book before I had the condition. Also has anyone ever had to organise hiring a compressor for their hotel abroad?

Again I am trying the find an average costing is possible.

Kind Regards

Joseph Rogan

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It depends on want liters you're on and if it is continuous flow or on demand the charge for portable concentrater varys I got one last year for 200 pounds for ten days that was continues flow now I am on demand which is cheaper I bought one on here for 500 pounds so I do not need to hire one now

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Thanks you for replying I am currently on 2Lts. I have one for home its just trying to arrange for one for a possible holiday abroad.



Hi Joseph,

If you type 'health insurance' in the search box top right of your screen, it will bring up many older threads on this subject. They are useful as they show clearly all the different things that can cause the insurers to increase their premium.

It depends so much on your current meds, where you are going, and when you were last in hospital - that's a big issue - I couldn't get insured for copd at all within 6 months of a hospital stay (I went without insurance, but it's not to be recommended!)

The BLF have lists of Insurance Companies who are prepared to quote for medical conditions. It's a pain, but I found it better to phone companies and speak to someone as ticking boxes on the internet never came up with a sensible quote.

I found the British Insurance Brokers Association to be very helpful. Someone recommended them to me and they got me insurance with Worldwide Travel at a much better price than anyone else came up with.

With regard to oxygen abroad, I can't help as like Jimmy, I've got my own concentrator, but the BLF also have fact sheets with advice on holidays abroad and how to organise your oxygen supplies.

Best of luck with this, Jan :-)

British Insurance Brokers Association -


Thank you so much jan, I will have a look also at the travel insurance enquiries.



I regret to say that you will find travel insurance very expensive. How do you intend to get to your hotel abroad? If going by air do you have your own portable concentrator. I ask this because if you need inflight oxygen you will have to arrange it well in advance with the Airline. And someone could probably advise about compressor hire if you tell us in which Country you will be taking the holiday!


Hi There,

Thanks for the reply. I will be flying to Turkey and Monarch Air will allow me to use inflight oxygen. Its just finding out about hiring/the cost of a compressor for my hotel room.

Thanks once again.


Look here:

I suspect that it will be expensive.


Try AllClear on 08452505350. Even Saga declined me as well as Staysure but these guys were great!


Try Just Travel

0800 2494 2969


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