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Aero spacer - storage?

Hi everybody

I have two aero spacers - one kept beside my bed and one in my handbag. I can go months without using the Ventolin, but when I do need it, I worry about the spacer, as it won't have been washed for months! I've been keeping the spacers in ziploc bags, thinking that would keep them the cleanest - but I read recently that you shouldn't store them in plastic bags, because it causes static to build up and thus causes the medication to stick to the sides of the spacer, rather than inhaled into your lungs. I washed my 'handbag' one last week and it's still sitting on a piece of kitchen towel on my kitchen counter! I have no idea what to do with it! Certainly I can't just put it in my handbag as it is or it'll get filled with fluff and sticky sweets! How do you carry yours around? In a paper bag? Cotton bag? Help!!

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sorry cant help but good question never thought about people keeping them clean who only use now and again I use my spacer at home but if im out I just take my inhaler and don't use a spacer im sure some one will have the answer take care


Thanks, mmzetor - I was afraid it might be a daft question! But I've looked around for an answer and the best I got was that you shouldn't store them in plastic bags. OK then - what should we store them in?! It's a pity there's not a little plug for the end the inhaler goes in - but I suppose that would mean no air got into the spacer and that might cause problems. Perhaps I'm overthinking this!



It's not a daft question at all. I have two. I don't often wash them although I've had a lecture from Flibberti so try to do it at least once a month.

A few weeks ago I switched to the 'clean' one which was loose in a drawer. A couple of weeks after that I'm staying with my daughter in London. She came out of the bathroom saying "mums, I've set the spider free from your spacer and cleaned out the web. Shame, it was a perfect web, how long did you have it"? I felt a total fool, I wear glasses for reading so hadn't noticed & had no idea how long it'd been there. 😩 I use it twice daily.


I expect the spider had nice clear lungs lol



As they come in plastic package, there should be no reason not to use one to keep it clean.

Static will disperse as soon as you handle the Aero Chamber.

There as always been residue that sticks to the side, that is the reason for the frequent cleaning and allowing to air dry.


Thanks, stone. I'll put it back into a plastic bag again! As I said to mm, I've probably been overthinking this. After all, when I do use it (despite it being stored in a plastic bag) it does seem to work!




I always loosely wrap my spacer for home use in a tea towel and have a small draw string cotton bag for my hand bag version. I do however use both regularly so they automatically get washed each week. Xris


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